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9 Jul 2012

Car cutting file

Oh boy who said teachers wind down towards the end of term? I must be doing something wrong because its been non stop the past few weeks and its just as busy this and next week. Roll on the holidays is all I can say!!

I've bought a cutting file from Tina Fitch's Web shop for a wedding card for a friend's daughter's wedding later this month.  Boy is this lady talented or what? her designs are just amazing! I'm going to start doing this card tonight. I doubt very much I'll get it finished today because it looks very complicated.  I just hope I don't make too many bloopers!!

 I thought I'd leave you a cutting file I made. Its of the car that I used for my son's card. This file has been changed to make the card in the shape of the car. Ignore the red line down the right hand side. It's there because this computer isn't hooked up to my Cameo. You an add your own car logo as well as the name on the number plate to personalise it.

You can download it from HERE


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