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14 Jul 2012

New album ( cutting file)

I went to our local Pink Scrapers crop today but I didn't have time to do much of my own stuff. I helped out a newcomer instead.

I did manage to cover  the pages of my new album. This one is of my own design. I dcided to make each page a different shape. I've made a flower, tab, circle and pointed square shapes. I've done two pages of each shape. The covers are simple square shapes. I cut the shapes out of cereal packets to keep the pages form. I used the Cameo so I could cut the papers to the exact shape and size making it easy to adhere the paper to the card.

 You can download the album  HERE

 I 'm keeping it a black, cream and red theme. I can't remember the name of the paper but I know its flocked. I'll post the name  at a later date when I go upstairs and work on it again.

I plan to bind it with my Bind it All. I haven't planed how I'm going to do the pockets that'll have to develop as I go along. I hope it turns out ok.

Its my son;s birthday tomorrow so I doubt I'll get any crafting done.. Can't believe he's 30!!


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