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16 Jul 2012

Honeycomb Candle (cutting file)

I've just had time to try out  a honeycomb design on my Cameo tonight. I'm not sure if honeycomb is the correct term for it but you'll know what I mean when you look at the picture.
You cut out the shaped then fold each one in half. The tear drop shapes are for the flame and the oblong shape is for the candle. I coloured the centre of each flame shape with some orange distress ink.

Glue one side of the half to the next folded shape and so on until all the pieces at stuck together. Open them out and you have the fan shape. Adhere the shapes to your card and decorate how you like.
It's a simple design but I hope someone will find it useful. You can download it from                   HERE

Hopefully I'll get back to my album tomorrow.......

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