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23 Jun 2012

vinyl lettering

My crafting  journey seems to be taking me in all sorts of directions. First it was scrapbooking,then card making, next it was mixed media painting and now I've been playing with vinyl!

The vinyl I ordered on Thursday arrived on Friday and today I've had a chance to play with it. The vinyl is a better quality than the one I used to decorate my sweet jar. This time I watched a tutorial on how to layer vinyl via utube. I should have watched it before because it made it so much easier to layer the design. A simple thing like making registration marks to line up the layers gave such a better result.

This process was not without its disasters though. I tried layering several colours but my registration marks came off the base sheet so the layers didn't line up properly.

My second attempt was much better because I put some clear sticky tape over the registration marks to keep them in place.
I overlapped the letters  in my  Studio software and divided the lines. I weeded out the bits of letters that overlapped allowing the base colour to show through. 
I adhered the design onto my thermal mug I use to have coffee in work.

I made a similar one for my husband too but I'm not sure on what he is going to put his.

Going back to my mixed media painting I still have to finish my canvas. I admit I'm a bit stuck as to what to put in the front of the canvas. It needs something but I'm not sure what. I'll give it more attention tomorrow...


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