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21 Jun 2012

Tulip Lace topper

Woohooo!! here is  another lace' topper I've made. This one is  a tulip design. As with the arrow head design I've done a double layered design. As you can see there is a smaller circle of tulips inside the larger one which is cut out from the same paper. The "stems" in the centre can wither be cut out  of the centre of the paper or cut separately and adhered tot he centre. I did the latter simply because the stems were an after thought and I'd already cut out the topper.

I cut out a circle shaped card and layered the tulip topper to the card. I finished the card ff by drawing some faux stitching around the card and inside the tulips.

 You can download this .studio cutting file here.

Kindly respect that the cutting file is for personal use only.

I hope you find it useful.


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