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20 Jun 2012

Sweet Jar

 Ohh!!  What fun it was doing the sweet jar!. I  cut the words out of Vinyl and adhered them to two sides of the jar.
On the other sides I tried some layering a design. I have a limited amount of vinyl so I used just what I had to make the  little "Kyoto Kuties". The Kuties are cutting files I bought from  Under the cherry tree.
I'm not sure whether I've layered them correctly but they are Ok for the jar. Only I'll ... ooops.... and my son ....will see them!!

 I don't eat the sweets very often,, just when Im a bit thirsty and can't be botherd to go and get a drink.  The sweets would normally last several months but they've been disappearing rapidly lately and I know who the culprit is!! I hope he gets the message!!
He isn't a kid either, he's in his 30's LOL. He woofed the last packet down in a day and I made him replace them.Cheeky boy!!!

Now for the next project.. another lace' topper.....


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