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24 Jun 2012


Hmmm........ Its been a nice day where I finally got around to finishing my mixed media canvas. With all this rain we've been having i the UK I wanted something to make me feel that summer will arrive soon!!  It hasn't turned out exactly how I wanted it but it'll do for now. Its one of those projects you need to leave it and come back to later. I know there are a few minor touches I need to do once the canvas is dry, like edge the umbrella and towel and maybe cover some of the dark patches in the sand.
I guess it does have a summery feel to it... I just wish summer would be here soon, I'm so fed up of the rain!!



  1. I'll be MORE than happy to send you our summer heat. Yesterday it went up to 111° F. Of course, I'd want to swap you for some rain...because we've had VERY little this year. It officially became "summer Monsoon" season (June 15 until September 15) but so far, nothing but some blowing dust. DRY as a bone out there!

    Love the picture!! What did you use for it? Acrylics? Oil?

  2. You can have our rain with pleasure! I use acrylic paint and ink, Stazon inks and acrylic stamps and various rub ons. I don;t get on with oils so I stay clear of those LOL


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