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12 Jun 2012

Lace' creations

Last night I looked up a lace' topper tutorial on UKscrappers. A lace'  design is where you create and cut half the object e.g. flower and once cut you fold the half over to create the full flower or object.
This tutorial was created by Joyce and you can download it from here. What a talented lady!!  This tutorial is for the Studio software for use with  the Cameo or Craft Robo machines.

The lace' design is the circular flowers going around the central flower. Once done I matted and layers the topper onto patterned paper from my stash. I made the centre flower using a similar techniques described in my earlier posts. I added some gems to finish it off.
 I didn't have any major disasters so I'm pleased with my first attempt!!

I decided to try and create my own design using the same directions as before this is what I created .  The circle of butterflies is the lace' design.The centre butterfly is a Marion die cut and the outer butterflies were from a Tonic punch. I added some glitter to them to give a bit of interest. I haven't mounted either topper onto a card yet. I just wanted to have a play first.

You can download the cutting file for the butterfly topper here.  Please note that the file is for the circular butterflies and not the butterfly embellishments.

Things are looking  more on the positive side regards to my mother. We think she might be out of hospital in the next few days. She is still fragile but at least we know the home she is in will do their best for her. They've been marvelous so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the good news...


  1. Here in the US (I'm in Arizona) they are calling these "Fold and Tuck" patterns. Patricia Zapata from "A Little Hut" submitted some to the Silhouette online store. I just ♥ this design!! I cannot wait to make your butterfly circle!

    Nice to read your mum is getting stronger day by day enough to go home soon. I find it easier to recover in my own home than in hospital as well...seems like you can never get good sleep there because so many people enter the room at all hours of the day and night!!

    I wonder if a "Do Not Disturb" sign would be too inappropriate the next time I have to go?! ha ha!

  2. Perhaps you can make a Do Not Disturb sign to take with you lol

  3. Your creations are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent!


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