"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

10 Jun 2012

Bits and bobs

Sorry folks there aren't any photos to this post. I just haven't had time to do much crafting. As well as visiting my mother in hospital I've been, getting ready to go back to work, get the housework done as well as trying to weed the garden so its been a busy weekend.!!

 I've just finished off bits and bobs tonight on the crafting front. I finished the baby album and tidied my table.

I cut out a few vinyl labels with my address  to go on our new wheelie bins. We don't start using the bins until July and already my neighbour tried to pinch one of  mine  hence the labels!!!

I started my June tag for the 12 tags in 2012 . I haven' t done a lot. I just printed out the photo and coloured it and stamped the background. I'll finish it in a few days time.


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