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7 Jun 2012

Baby Album 2

I thought it was time to finish the baby album I started a while back. It's the second one of three I intend to make. These are albums designed by Laura Denison of Follow the Papertrail. I have three children and I'm doing an album for each of them. They are grown up now but as I've only been crafting for  less than two years I am doing some things retrospectively.

This album is not complete yet but I'm almost there. I just have to add some embellishments on the cover and a few journaling tags to go inside. 
I've used Graphic45 paper for this one and I've chosen the colours to suit a boy ( I have 2 boys). I have some paper left over which will be fabulous for the next album that will be for  a girl.

I'm not going to make that album for a while.  I need a break from doing another similar one so close to doing the boy's albums. Although it is a fun album to make it gets a bit samey doing them back to back, if you know what I mean.

I'm learning how to use vinyl in my Came and I had a bit of luck today. The shop where I bought my original Silhouette has stopped selling craft stuff. By chance I went into the shop and asked if they still had any vinyl and I had the last two rolls for over half price..... Oooooooo I do love a bargain!!

Now I have three colours to work with.... m vinyl stash is growing... slowly LOL


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