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14 Jun 2012

Arrow head lace' card

Oh this was so much fun to create and make. This type of design I believe is also called a "fold and tuck" card. Here is the latest one I've designed and made.

I created the outer arrow head design then copied and pasted it into the inside by scaling  it down.

I just grabbed some paper from my stash and wasn't bothered whether they coordinated because I just wanted to see if the design worked but the  colours really give a 3D effect. That was a very very pleasant surprise!!

 You can download the cutting file for this card HERE

You can download the  single layered version of the arrow head card cutting file HERE.




  1. Beautiful lacé! This is such an effective design and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. =-))

  2. Oh, AWESOME! (imagine that in a sing-songy voice!)...your talent with this just AMAZES me!! Thank you for the free files!


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