"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Jun 2012

Star Lace'

This is just a quick blog today. Its been such a busy day today which included additional work as well as my usual 200 mile round trip to see my mother. I really feel tired and I don't feel like doing anything practical.
Soooooo.... I've designed another lace topper using my Silhouette Studio software.

Its a simple star Lace' topper. I haven't made a card  or anything for it yet so I don't know how it will turn out.

You are more than welcome to download it and try it out for yourself.

You can download it from HERE


28 Jun 2012


 What fun we had at the Crafty Friends group today.
One of the ladies showed us how to make boxes. Now what she showed us looked pretty simple and it should have been an easy task.....but........ my measuring was totally off all afternoon!
It took me four attempts to make one box with a lid that fitted!! I kept making the same mistake each time causing me and the others a great deal of laughter! However I did eventually manage to make two boxes from the mistakes.....  it was just a shame that they didin't fit the card I'd made to put inside the box!

The card is the retirement card I made a few weeks ago. I decided to make a box for it because the envelope kept flattening the flower at the centre of the card.
Anyway, I solved the problem of the different sizes  by trimming the card just enough to fit inside the box.
I decorated the box by cutting out and decoupaging  some shaped pieces. I cut the butterfly using a Marianne die and adhered it to the centre piece. I coloured the edge of the lid with some antique linen distress ink.
I adhered some strips of mirri card around the sides of the box to strengthen it. I  added a diagonal strip across the top of the lid. I cut out some flowers from the scraps of paper that were left from making the card and adhered  them on the lid. I added the centre piece to complete the box.
It is nice to have the box coordinate with the card. It certainly saves the flower from being crushed.
I definitely need to pracitise making more boxes though...perhaps then I'll get the measurements right.....  just so funny!! hahah!


25 Jun 2012

Xmas tree Lace cutting file

What a busy day in work I've had, my head's been buzzing since I've come home.
It's been a good relaxer creating another lace (tuck and fold) topper.
I know its only June but I had an idea to do a Christmas tree topper.

Just like the other ones I used the Silhouette Studio software to design the shapes then cut it out using my Cameo.

Once you've cut out the half shapes you fold each piece back and glue to the paper to keep it flat.  This creates the full tree. You mat and layer  contrasting or coordinating paper underneath to show through the cut shape. In my case I used red paper to go under the topper. I also matted some glitter miri card to frame the design. I finished it off by dotting some Sprinkles ( glitter glue)  onto the tree and star.

You can download this file from here

Please note you are offered this file for personal use only.


24 Jun 2012


Hmmm........ Its been a nice day where I finally got around to finishing my mixed media canvas. With all this rain we've been having i the UK I wanted something to make me feel that summer will arrive soon!!  It hasn't turned out exactly how I wanted it but it'll do for now. Its one of those projects you need to leave it and come back to later. I know there are a few minor touches I need to do once the canvas is dry, like edge the umbrella and towel and maybe cover some of the dark patches in the sand.
I guess it does have a summery feel to it... I just wish summer would be here soon, I'm so fed up of the rain!!


23 Jun 2012

vinyl lettering

My crafting  journey seems to be taking me in all sorts of directions. First it was scrapbooking,then card making, next it was mixed media painting and now I've been playing with vinyl!

The vinyl I ordered on Thursday arrived on Friday and today I've had a chance to play with it. The vinyl is a better quality than the one I used to decorate my sweet jar. This time I watched a tutorial on how to layer vinyl via utube. I should have watched it before because it made it so much easier to layer the design. A simple thing like making registration marks to line up the layers gave such a better result.

This process was not without its disasters though. I tried layering several colours but my registration marks came off the base sheet so the layers didn't line up properly.

My second attempt was much better because I put some clear sticky tape over the registration marks to keep them in place.
I overlapped the letters  in my  Studio software and divided the lines. I weeded out the bits of letters that overlapped allowing the base colour to show through. 
I adhered the design onto my thermal mug I use to have coffee in work.

I made a similar one for my husband too but I'm not sure on what he is going to put his.

Going back to my mixed media painting I still have to finish my canvas. I admit I'm a bit stuck as to what to put in the front of the canvas. It needs something but I'm not sure what. I'll give it more attention tomorrow...


21 Jun 2012

Tulip Lace topper

Woohooo!! here is  another lace' topper I've made. This one is  a tulip design. As with the arrow head design I've done a double layered design. As you can see there is a smaller circle of tulips inside the larger one which is cut out from the same paper. The "stems" in the centre can wither be cut out  of the centre of the paper or cut separately and adhered tot he centre. I did the latter simply because the stems were an after thought and I'd already cut out the topper.

I cut out a circle shaped card and layered the tulip topper to the card. I finished the card ff by drawing some faux stitching around the card and inside the tulips.

 You can download this .studio cutting file here.

Kindly respect that the cutting file is for personal use only.

I hope you find it useful.


20 Jun 2012

Sweet Jar

 Ohh!!  What fun it was doing the sweet jar!. I  cut the words out of Vinyl and adhered them to two sides of the jar.
On the other sides I tried some layering a design. I have a limited amount of vinyl so I used just what I had to make the  little "Kyoto Kuties". The Kuties are cutting files I bought from  Under the cherry tree.
I'm not sure whether I've layered them correctly but they are Ok for the jar. Only I'll ... ooops.... and my son ....will see them!!

 I don't eat the sweets very often,, just when Im a bit thirsty and can't be botherd to go and get a drink.  The sweets would normally last several months but they've been disappearing rapidly lately and I know who the culprit is!! I hope he gets the message!!
He isn't a kid either, he's in his 30's LOL. He woofed the last packet down in a day and I made him replace them.Cheeky boy!!!

Now for the next project.. another lace' topper.....


19 Jun 2012


Gosh these few weeks are manic in work and I haven't had a great time to craft. On Saturday I went to the Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop and finally got around to celebrating the Queen's diamond Jubilee. I made a full page layout as well as start a flip flap book.

This is the layout. I used the Papermania Portabello Road collection. I cut strips of paper and layed them side by side to form a mat. I cut out a postage stamp shaped card and a silhouette of the queen's head. I embossed the head and distressed the stamp with some Fired brick ink. That was adhered to the page. I then cut the die strip and adhered it across the base of the mat. I also added spme paper lace above  the stip. I printed and cut out the crown and embossed that too. I cut out the dates and the number 60 from glitter paper and adhered those to the page.

I finished it off with the flowers I'd made before and decorated it all with a few gems and bows.

I haven't finished the flip flap card. I'm going to finish that on Thursday at the crafty friends group.
I want to have a go at another lace' / fold and tuck topper. I have an idea of what I want to do. I also want to carry on with the canvas I started a few days ago.

I also want to decorate the sweet (candy)  jar I keep in my craft room that I dip into occasionally. My son keeps sneaking in and emptying the jar so I need to put a warning on it!! It'll give me a chance to practise with some vinyl again.

From struggling to know what to do next I seem to have switched to having so many things I want to complete! I just need a few extra hours in the day to get them done now!!!


14 Jun 2012

Arrow head lace' card

Oh this was so much fun to create and make. This type of design I believe is also called a "fold and tuck" card. Here is the latest one I've designed and made.

I created the outer arrow head design then copied and pasted it into the inside by scaling  it down.

I just grabbed some paper from my stash and wasn't bothered whether they coordinated because I just wanted to see if the design worked but the  colours really give a 3D effect. That was a very very pleasant surprise!!

 You can download the cutting file for this card HERE

You can download the  single layered version of the arrow head card cutting file HERE.



13 Jun 2012

June Tag

Today I thought I'd better make a stat on the June tag for 12 Tags in 2012. I didn;t use one of my own photo's I used the one Tim Holtz offered.

I coloured the tag and stamped it with distress inks. I then coloured the photo and stamped some wording along the side. I mated it onto some printed patterned paper that I ripped around the edges. I adhered some fabric flowers I took off some ribbo. I had some ribbon that was multi threaded with one thread strung with beads and wooden shapes so I used that t wrap around the bottom of the tag. I added some charms I had in my stash and stapled some wide staples to finish it off.

It was interesting to see how Distress inks worked on photo paper. It didn't run like I expected it to and it gave a much deeper colour than I expected. I I wasn't fussed on the original design if I'm honest, but it was an interesting tag to d.
I'm in the mood to do some mixed media next so I'll have to start thinking about what I want to do.

Good news, my mother is being discharged from hospital tomorrow.. Yay!!


12 Jun 2012

Lace' creations

Last night I looked up a lace' topper tutorial on UKscrappers. A lace'  design is where you create and cut half the object e.g. flower and once cut you fold the half over to create the full flower or object.
This tutorial was created by Joyce and you can download it from here. What a talented lady!!  This tutorial is for the Studio software for use with  the Cameo or Craft Robo machines.

The lace' design is the circular flowers going around the central flower. Once done I matted and layers the topper onto patterned paper from my stash. I made the centre flower using a similar techniques described in my earlier posts. I added some gems to finish it off.
 I didn't have any major disasters so I'm pleased with my first attempt!!

I decided to try and create my own design using the same directions as before this is what I created .  The circle of butterflies is the lace' design.The centre butterfly is a Marion die cut and the outer butterflies were from a Tonic punch. I added some glitter to them to give a bit of interest. I haven't mounted either topper onto a card yet. I just wanted to have a play first.

You can download the cutting file for the butterfly topper here.  Please note that the file is for the circular butterflies and not the butterfly embellishments.

Things are looking  more on the positive side regards to my mother. We think she might be out of hospital in the next few days. She is still fragile but at least we know the home she is in will do their best for her. They've been marvelous so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the good news...

10 Jun 2012

Bits and bobs

Sorry folks there aren't any photos to this post. I just haven't had time to do much crafting. As well as visiting my mother in hospital I've been, getting ready to go back to work, get the housework done as well as trying to weed the garden so its been a busy weekend.!!

 I've just finished off bits and bobs tonight on the crafting front. I finished the baby album and tidied my table.

I cut out a few vinyl labels with my address  to go on our new wheelie bins. We don't start using the bins until July and already my neighbour tried to pinch one of  mine  hence the labels!!!

I started my June tag for the 12 tags in 2012 . I haven' t done a lot. I just printed out the photo and coloured it and stamped the background. I'll finish it in a few days time.


7 Jun 2012

Baby Album 2

I thought it was time to finish the baby album I started a while back. It's the second one of three I intend to make. These are albums designed by Laura Denison of Follow the Papertrail. I have three children and I'm doing an album for each of them. They are grown up now but as I've only been crafting for  less than two years I am doing some things retrospectively.

This album is not complete yet but I'm almost there. I just have to add some embellishments on the cover and a few journaling tags to go inside. 
I've used Graphic45 paper for this one and I've chosen the colours to suit a boy ( I have 2 boys). I have some paper left over which will be fabulous for the next album that will be for  a girl.

I'm not going to make that album for a while.  I need a break from doing another similar one so close to doing the boy's albums. Although it is a fun album to make it gets a bit samey doing them back to back, if you know what I mean.

I'm learning how to use vinyl in my Came and I had a bit of luck today. The shop where I bought my original Silhouette has stopped selling craft stuff. By chance I went into the shop and asked if they still had any vinyl and I had the last two rolls for over half price..... Oooooooo I do love a bargain!!

Now I have three colours to work with.... m vinyl stash is growing... slowly LOL


5 Jun 2012

Retirement card

Hellooo crafters. I hope you've been enjoying the diamond Jubilee celebrations.. I have.
I haven't done any jubilee crafting yet. A colleague is retiring from work next month and Ive been commissioned to make a card for her so that's what I've been doing today.

I used a file from Doreen at UKscrappers as the base card. I cut it out from pink card and adhered patterned paper on top of the base card. I placed pink mirri card behind it and adhered some peel offs around the edge. I made the flower in the same way as the ones in my previous post . I cut out three butterflies and adhered those to the card. I printed out the wording and coloured the leaf with shabby shutters distress ink. I drew some line with a glue pen and sprinkled some glitter on top. I typed out a verse and adhered it as a liner to the inside of the card.

I hope she likes it.


3 Jun 2012

Nesties again

 I've not really been in the mood for crafting this week. I think I've lost my mojo a bit. I have several things that I want to get done but I just can't get the energy to do them at the moment.Perhaps a few early nights will get it back!!
Anyway I have been playing with my Studio software and I've created a few more nested shapes for you to have.  I have seen similar ones on other sites but I have used a font to help me make some of these so they are not clones or copies of other people's files.

flag nestie

Four point square

Flower 3 

Notched square

11point star

I hope you find them useful!!