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13 May 2012

Box 2

I'm back!! Having had an operation a couple of years ago  to solve a tummy problem I was very surprised to have the problem reoccur this week. Lets hope it was a one off bout.  I'm better but my mother was taken into hospital yesterday so I spend the night with her. She has  improved a little today but is not yet out of danger... geesh it never rains but pours doesn't it?
 I've been having another attempt at altering  a box this evening. It came together much quicker than the last one. I decided to go for  a different look so I used some metallic acryllic paint to paint the box  in silver and distressed it with pewter. I embossed some metallic foil adhesive tape  and covered the lid and part of the base. I used pewter to age that as well.

 I covered the inside of the box with red animal  skin textured card.

I made some zip flowers by curing some old zips and gluing them with my new glue gun. I coated some small red flowers with UTEE and  let them cool. I adhered the flowers and some charms onto the box to decorate the top. I adhered some silver beads to the bottom to finish it off.

I treated myself to a small nozzle glue gun  and some new glue sticks from Amazon. Its great because the glue comes out  in much smaller flow so it easier to manage and better for gluing small pieces.
I don't know what I did wrong but I ordered two guns by mistake. I'll have to send one back. That's  soooooo annoying because I'll have to pay for the postage because it was my fault.  Ah well it could have been worse I could have ordered 4!


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