"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

27 May 2012


 As you can see my vinyl has arrived and I've been having a play with it. I bought a couple of lunch boxes for myself and my son to use for work.

I used the Studio  software to write our names and select some decorative cutting files. The swirl is from Ukscrappers, I think. Apologies if I got that wrong ( I can't remember where I got it from). The pear and Wall-e shapes were created by me. You can download the pear cutting file from my earlier post. Just scroll a few posts down.

It took me  two attempts to do the shapes because I didn't have to correct cutting settings for the first ones so the background didn't peel away properly and I ended up with a sticky crumpled lump of vinyl!

 I adjusted the cutting settings and it cut like a dream. Transferring the vinyl to the plastic boxes was easier than I expected too.

I just hope it wasn't beginer's luck and I mess up the next project!
I'm going to write my name on my drinks bottle next. Te bottle is curved so that's going to be interesting to do!!
Wish me luck!!


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