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24 Apr 2012

Finished secret message card

I've finished the card at last. Hmmm....... well almost finished it. I have to trim  the card here and there so it opens more smoothly. It's sticking as I open the centre part. I'll do that when I'm less tired. I didn't sleep very well last night and its been a busy day and if I carry on crafting I'm sure to make some bloopers.

I cut two slits in the back of the card and inserted the two strips making sure they created alternate squares. I decorated each plain square with some lattice work and butterflies then adhered the wording to the other squares. I did the same with the inside of the hidden section with different wording.

The video shows how the centre of the card opens. Just ignore it sticking!!! LOL Next I've got to think of another way of making the card. I wonder if I could get it to open horizontally instead of vertically??? Only one way to find out I guess. Maybe I could combine it with a baby themed brag book?? hmmm lots of possibilities running through here......

 I've got 6 reports to write and another test to do tomorrow so I'll need my wits about me. Sooooo  its time for a early night.....ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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