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28 Apr 2012

Finished baby Album

I didn't do a lot of crafting tonight. I just felt too tired to do much.
I finished the cover by  making some holes and inserting flower shaped eyelets in the cover and threaded some ribbon through the holes to make the handles. I secured the ribbon by threading a bead and tying a knot to stop it slipping through.
Next I made a catch for the top to close the album. I lined a piece of patterned paper with some duct tape to give it strength. I folded it in half length ways and adhered it together. I  cut the strip in half and rounded off the edges with my Corner Chomper. I cut a slit into the top of both strips so that they would slide into each other. Finally I adhered the two pieces to each cover.
I think should look nice with baby photos added to it. once the photos are added.

I think I'll celebrate finishing this project with a yummy bar of chocolate...!!!

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