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23 Apr 2012

Confusion sorted

In my last post I forgot to acknowledge that the front panel of my card was from a cutting file I downloaded from Uk Scrappers. The cutting file was designed by Doreen at UKscrappers and is from a card she made. I send her my genuine apologies for not acknowledging her in my last posting. She is a very talented lady and I would recommend anyone to take a look at her work on UKscrappers
I have altered her cutting file and turned it into a secret message card with additional elements I'll show you later when I finish the card. That'll most probably be tomorrow.



  1. I don't have a website the link is to Tina Fitch's website.

  2. oops sorry! I took it off your signature on UKscrappers. I'll remove it. I'm not doing very well am I?? LOL

  3. N0t to worry, maybe Tina gained some orders LOL


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