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22 Apr 2012

Secret Message

Boy! was I tired  after the crop yesterday! I guess it was the adrenalin rush  trying to make sure it would all go OK. Which it did.  I'm going to do the demonstration/ mini class next month. I'm going to demonstrate how to make a secret message card. I realise I'm going to have to make several versions and styles of the card to show how you can vary the theme. This is going to challenge me because I'm not so good at thinking up different ideas.

I started making  the first card tonight.....

 I used my Cameo to design and cut out the card.  I backed the Lattice with some beige and gold dotted card. I cut out two butterflies and adhered them tot he front of the card. I added some gems to the butterflies.
 Next I cut two strips of double sided paper and inserted them into the middle section of the card.
 You can't see the inside yet because I need to decorate them. They're a bit boring to  see at the moment.
I used Bazzil card stock for the first time today and  wow what lovely card!! I just love it!!! 

 I know I've got a month to do these cards  but I have lots of things going on before then especially with work. I'll be hitting the ground running tomorrow..... .... gosh I feel tired just thinking about it!! LOL



  1. I made a card very much like this one in 2009 even down to the butterflies, you can see it here http://www.ukscrappers.co.uk/boards/showpost.php?p=5628936&postcount=30

  2. Yes thats where I got the idea from. The inside is totally different to the one on UKscrappers.

  3. So the design is the one I uploaded to UKS with an insert and some gems added?

  4. Yes, it is one of your cutting files. I downloaded it from ukscrappers ages ago. I have adapted it to turn it into a secret message card which I'll show in more detail when I finish the card.I do apologise for not acknowledging you as the creator of the file in my post. I usually acknowledge the file creators or the website from which I get them from. This was a genuine omission on my part. I have corrected this in an additional post.

  5. Apology accepted thank you


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