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14 Apr 2012

Baby Album

My friend's son has just had a baby boy so I'm going to make a baby album for them. I've made this album before but it such a fun one I'm loving making it. Its the Special Delivery Album by Laura Denison of the Follow The Paper Trail website. I'm using the same paper as last time. Its Animal Antics by First Edition Paper.

I've made a good start this evening. I cut the 12x 6 inch squares and folded them into pockets. I cut a slit top centre of the pocket and folded the card back to form the folds of the baby blanket (pocket). I've attached loops of ribbon on the sides to use when constructing the actual album later.

Next I use the Studio Software to make the baby heads and tufts of hair which I cut with my Cameo. I adhered the hair and thats all I did for now.

I've also tried to make a stamp to use on my doodling class. I've glued some rubber bands to some craft foam. In this picture it shows that I  didn't use enough glue and they started to come away from the foam.  I've now coated them with a liberal coat of PVA. I'm going to leave it to dry thoroughly over night and I'll let you know if it works tomorrow!!... keeping my fingers crossed!!

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