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11 Apr 2012

Anniversary Card

We've been invited to a 60th Wedding anniversary party so today I made a card and gift tag for the occasion. Wow 60 years married... what an achievement. I've been married 35 years this year and I wonder if we'll get to 60?  I'll be 83 by then if I live that long. LOL.

Anyway back to the card. I used  a sheet of glittery WDVC linen closet card stack. I designed the  card, which is made up of just words on the front and back, on my Studio software and welded the words together to form the card. I flipped the first set horizontally before welding so that it made up the back of the card. I then cut the card using my Cameo which only took a few minutes.It would have taken me hours if I'd used a craft knife.
I added some gems so it looked liked the card was studded with diamonds (diamond wedding anniversary).
I then turned my attention to the sentiment. I couldn't write or stamp a sentiment inside the card because it is full of holes so I cut out a intricate heart  front the same glitter card and backed it with red holographic mirri card and adhered them together. I didn't create the heart design but I can't remember where I downloaded it from.Apologies tot he creator for not acknowledging them.  The glitter card is fairly firm so it doesn't need a backing to help it to stand.

Oh I almost forgot....... I used my gel pens and a pen holder in my Cameo to write a sentiment on the back of the tag and tied it tot he card with some silver thread.
 I made a larger version of the heart tag for a matching gift tag.


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