"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Apr 2012

1st Anniversary!!!

Today is the first anniversary of my blog. I entered my first post exactly a year ago today, 285 posts later and I'm still here. Wow! Hasn't the time flown??? I would like to say a huge thank you to all those  who have come along and viewed my projects. I've been amazed how many hits I've had on my blog, far greater than I expected.

I can't believe I've written so much or achieved so much and had such fun along the way. I'm still learning new techniques and expanding my creative adventure, ad today is no different. At the start of a new year of blogging I'm going to attempt a new project. I'm going to try to alter a box. My first go at altering a tub failed miserably. So I hope this one will be more successful.

For Christmas my hubby received two boxes of Pringle socks and he saved the boxes for me. They've been in my craft room since then. I thought now would be a good time to do something with them. They are strong sturdy boxes with a magnetic catch at the front. The top has a clear acetate window. It is quite thick acetate so shouldn't be a problem to decorate....... I hope.... you know me and my famous last words!!
First step is to cover the actetate with masking tape to protect it from paint/glue during the altering process. Next I've covered the outside of the box with Gesso. I only have clear Gesso and I'm now wondering if it would be better to get some white or black Gesso as well?  Perhaps I'll buy some and use it for the next box.

That's all I'm going to do tonight. Unfortunately I have too much preparation to do for work for tomorrow.  

Once again A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to you all for making my first year blogging enjoyable. Do feel free to comment ......I do love comments!


28 Apr 2012

Finished baby Album

I didn't do a lot of crafting tonight. I just felt too tired to do much.
I finished the cover by  making some holes and inserting flower shaped eyelets in the cover and threaded some ribbon through the holes to make the handles. I secured the ribbon by threading a bead and tying a knot to stop it slipping through.
Next I made a catch for the top to close the album. I lined a piece of patterned paper with some duct tape to give it strength. I folded it in half length ways and adhered it together. I  cut the strip in half and rounded off the edges with my Corner Chomper. I cut a slit into the top of both strips so that they would slide into each other. Finally I adhered the two pieces to each cover.
I think should look nice with baby photos added to it. once the photos are added.

I think I'll celebrate finishing this project with a yummy bar of chocolate...!!!

27 Apr 2012

Back to baby album

 Tonight I made a start on the covers for the baby album. I cut out the shape from mount board and covered it with the paper that matched the album. I then tried the pages with the cover. I attached the cover pieces together with some strong clear duct tape ont he inside of the cover.  I covered the join on the outside with some paper lace.

The loops attached to the pages were too big so I cut them off and made holes in the pages with my Cropadile instead. I added eyelets to give the holes some strength. I've threaded some ribbon through the eyelets to bring it all together. I haven't decided how best to tie the ribbon to fix the pages yet. I need to try out a few options first.
Next I cut out the wording with my Cameo and also made a mat for the inside page. I used the Silhouette pens to 'write' the wording on the mat and then edged it with some light green pigment ink before adhering it to the page.
Tomorrow I hope to finish the cover by adding some handles and finishing off any odd bits.
Its been a busy week this week so I'm looking forward to a lie in in the morning!!

26 Apr 2012

hidden message version 2

I made another hidden message card today. This one is simpler than the last one. I know there will be a total beginner at the mini class so I want an easy one to make as well as being able to show the class  that it can be made  in a more advanced form.
I simply layered the card and added a flower with buttons at the centre. These flowers are from a goody bag I bought. The paper is from the same bag from Papermania.The buttons are from my stash.
For the inside of the card I used strips from the same collection. I cut out flowers from the paper and adhered them tot  the squares. I embossed the plain squares with a stamp I had free from a magazine ages ago. I used vanilla embossing powder. I love that powder because it smells like vanilla when you heat it up!
The hidden part I've kept very simple. I just cut out some more flowers from the paper and adhered them to the squares.
I finished the whole card off by drawing faux stitching with a white gel pen. Its a very simple, easy card to make but it has something about it that I like..... not sure what  though  LOL.
I want to make a brag book using the same theme but I'll leave that for a few days because I want to get back to the baby mini album..... Thats my project for the weekend... if  I get time after I've finished my reports for work.


24 Apr 2012

Finished secret message card

I've finished the card at last. Hmmm....... well almost finished it. I have to trim  the card here and there so it opens more smoothly. It's sticking as I open the centre part. I'll do that when I'm less tired. I didn't sleep very well last night and its been a busy day and if I carry on crafting I'm sure to make some bloopers.

I cut two slits in the back of the card and inserted the two strips making sure they created alternate squares. I decorated each plain square with some lattice work and butterflies then adhered the wording to the other squares. I did the same with the inside of the hidden section with different wording.

The video shows how the centre of the card opens. Just ignore it sticking!!! LOL Next I've got to think of another way of making the card. I wonder if I could get it to open horizontally instead of vertically??? Only one way to find out I guess. Maybe I could combine it with a baby themed brag book?? hmmm lots of possibilities running through here......

 I've got 6 reports to write and another test to do tomorrow so I'll need my wits about me. Sooooo  its time for a early night.....ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

23 Apr 2012

Confusion sorted

In my last post I forgot to acknowledge that the front panel of my card was from a cutting file I downloaded from Uk Scrappers. The cutting file was designed by Doreen at UKscrappers and is from a card she made. I send her my genuine apologies for not acknowledging her in my last posting. She is a very talented lady and I would recommend anyone to take a look at her work on UKscrappers
I have altered her cutting file and turned it into a secret message card with additional elements I'll show you later when I finish the card. That'll most probably be tomorrow.


22 Apr 2012

Secret Message

Boy! was I tired  after the crop yesterday! I guess it was the adrenalin rush  trying to make sure it would all go OK. Which it did.  I'm going to do the demonstration/ mini class next month. I'm going to demonstrate how to make a secret message card. I realise I'm going to have to make several versions and styles of the card to show how you can vary the theme. This is going to challenge me because I'm not so good at thinking up different ideas.

I started making  the first card tonight.....

 I used my Cameo to design and cut out the card.  I backed the Lattice with some beige and gold dotted card. I cut out two butterflies and adhered them tot he front of the card. I added some gems to the butterflies.
 Next I cut two strips of double sided paper and inserted them into the middle section of the card.
 You can't see the inside yet because I need to decorate them. They're a bit boring to  see at the moment.
I used Bazzil card stock for the first time today and  wow what lovely card!! I just love it!!! 

 I know I've got a month to do these cards  but I have lots of things going on before then especially with work. I'll be hitting the ground running tomorrow..... .... gosh I feel tired just thinking about it!! LOL


21 Apr 2012

Scrap Crop Relaunch

Wow! Its been a busy day today. I was one of the organisers relaunching Chepstow Pink Scrappers. Its was a great success with quite a few people turning up. The Zentangle mini class was popular and the designs they created were stunning.

There was one hiccup where the venue  manager might have locked the door in the afternoon so  several ladies couldn't get into the building. We didn't know about this until after the event. It'll be something we can sort out for the next crop.

Despite the hiccup we had lots of new comers  who said they'll be coming again so that's encouraging.

I did a full page layout of my children growing up. I just mated the photos and added the shape for the wording. I adhered the cut letters and numbers and coloured them with some Promarkers to help them stand out. The embellishments are  crocheted flowers... bought ones.. I'm nt that patient to crochet them myself. LOL

It didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned  because the papers tended to bend into each other rather than stand out as I'd hoped. Never mind I still like the page. I might make another page, with a picture of them this year....... if I can get them altogether... which isn't as easy as it sounds. They're grown up and off doing their own things these days.

I also did a little bit on my baby album, just adhered a couple of embellishment. I think I'm at the stage that I need to make the cover for it so that'll be my next task....


19 Apr 2012

More pages

Thursday is always a great day for crafting. I went to the Crafty Friends group where we experimented with alcohol inks. Thank goodness we have such talented people there to learn from. Thank you Nikki for your help this afternoon.

This evening I've carried on with my baby album. I've printed cut and adhered a whole load of toppers and embellishments.
I'm mastering the print and cut  option on my Cameo. I printed and cut out the Jack in The Box and the Teddy. The teddy is a picture of the identical teddy my son had as a baby. In fact I think we still have it ... just a bit worse for wear as you'd expect any loved teddy bear!
You can't see it very well on the photo but  I've decoupaged the Jack.
 I'm pleased with the bath, I cut out loads of circles and edged them with distress ink (before I took them off the cutting mat. and adhered them to the bath. The duck is actually a tag also topped with circles. You don't see the tag until you pull up the duck.
I've added the hands and the lettering to the Peek a Boo page but I still have to add some details and edge the lettering  with a pen. I'll sit with hubby and do that while we watch TV.

I've bought some Graphic 45 paper to do the next baby album... can't wait to use those!!


18 Apr 2012

Metallica version 2

Don't you just hate it when you've made something  like a birthday card for someone and you can't find it when its time to post it??``Guess what? thats what I've done. I made a card for my future son in law and blow me down I can't find it anywhere. I know I've put it somewhere safe. Too safe obviously!! I've hunted high and low for it gggrrrrr Soooo frustrating!!

Well, I'm sure you can guess what I've been doing tonight..... yes making another card

I cut out the Metallica shape and  also the mirri card back ground. I adhered them to the card. I drew the hand and cut it out using the Cameo. I have a pen holder attachment that allows me to draw with the machine. I coloured the red and black at the wrist with Promarkers.

I attached the hand to the card using a spring. I then typed out the letters using Metallica font and adhered them to the card. He is a huge Metallica fan hence the hand sign.
This card is similar to the last one except I added the  mirri card back ground and used a darker red textured card.
I have no idea why there is a blue line running through this video. Just pretend its not there!!
I guess the other one will turn up eventually. Not that I'll be able to use it again because I've put his name on it... can't really give him the same designed card again  next year can I?  Ooohhh what a hoot. Needless to say I haven't done anything on my baby album, but theres no rush.

17 Apr 2012

toppers 1

The sewage leak and the hot water have been sorted but it looks like its going to be costly to repair our boiler for the heating. Just got to fix the freezer door the garbage disposal and the door bell and we'll be all sorted LOL At least some things have improved. Whooopeeee I can wash my hair now I have hot water... ooooo  blissss.
I've had another great time scrapping this evening. I've started to make some of the toppers and embellishments for the Baby album
Thank goodness I'd kept many of the cutting files I'd made from the last album.  I used them to cut out the pram(stroller), the cot, bottle and romper suit (onesie). Under the romper is a nappy (diaper) pocket. The rattle and teddy bear were cut out from paper in my stash.. well from my scrap box. I have a wide decorative stapler and used that to put safety pins on the nappy and an embellishment on the pram. I'll post a photo of the nappy another time. I punched out two circles from holographic mirri card for the wheels of the pram and drew in the details with some Promarkers. I also use Promarkers to detail the bottle and colour the duck beaks. I traced them and cut them out of yellow card. I think they are very cute!!
Oh I'm so glad I've got the Cameo!  Its been working flat out this evening. I wouldn't have been able to cut all of this out so accurately or quickly. I'm useless at cutting out. I cant cut a straight line to save my life!!

Chepstow Pink Scrappers

I'm really looking forward to this event on Saturday. Would love it if you could join us!!!


16 Apr 2012

Baby Faces

Its been one of those days when everything goes wrong. My garbage disposal stopped working, the handle came off the freezer. The boiler is broken so there's no hot water and finally the drain in our garden started overflowing with raw sewage. Hubby has rung the plumber and the water board have arrived to inspect the damage. Hopefully its all going to be sorted out soon.
Anyway its been a fun night crafting. I think this part of the album is my favourite. I just love drawing the faces on the babies' heads.
First I made the tags by cutting 41/2 X 5 1/4 inch tags and rounded the corners with my 1/2 inch corner chomper by Crop-a-dile. Next I used some left over paper, card doilies and paper lace for some detail to the tags. I then drew the faces onto the heads and adhered them to the tags. I think I'll add a little more detail like buttons and bows later. Its surprising how long it took me to do those tags. I'm definitely not one of those fast crafters! LOL

Oh I tried that rubber stamp I made and I wasn't impressed at all so its back to the drawing board for me.
I think the bands weren't the same thickness and didnt stamp well. I'm going to try it with some string next time.
Thats all for tonight crafters. Hope you had a good day crafting too!

14 Apr 2012

Baby Album

My friend's son has just had a baby boy so I'm going to make a baby album for them. I've made this album before but it such a fun one I'm loving making it. Its the Special Delivery Album by Laura Denison of the Follow The Paper Trail website. I'm using the same paper as last time. Its Animal Antics by First Edition Paper.

I've made a good start this evening. I cut the 12x 6 inch squares and folded them into pockets. I cut a slit top centre of the pocket and folded the card back to form the folds of the baby blanket (pocket). I've attached loops of ribbon on the sides to use when constructing the actual album later.

Next I use the Studio Software to make the baby heads and tufts of hair which I cut with my Cameo. I adhered the hair and thats all I did for now.

I've also tried to make a stamp to use on my doodling class. I've glued some rubber bands to some craft foam. In this picture it shows that I  didn't use enough glue and they started to come away from the foam.  I've now coated them with a liberal coat of PVA. I'm going to leave it to dry thoroughly over night and I'll let you know if it works tomorrow!!... keeping my fingers crossed!!

12 Apr 2012

Teacup cutting file

   I've been playing with my software and made these cups. You can download this cutting file from here


Roller Coaster

Its been an up and down type of week so I thought I'd reflect that in my journal.
I covered the page with some paper from my stash and designed the roller coaster with my Studio software, cut it then  adhered it to page. I wrote the words and edged the roller coaster with black pen. I finished it off with some peel off's I bought at the Range store.

If you'd like the roller coaster file you can download it from here


11 Apr 2012

Anniversary Card

We've been invited to a 60th Wedding anniversary party so today I made a card and gift tag for the occasion. Wow 60 years married... what an achievement. I've been married 35 years this year and I wonder if we'll get to 60?  I'll be 83 by then if I live that long. LOL.

Anyway back to the card. I used  a sheet of glittery WDVC linen closet card stack. I designed the  card, which is made up of just words on the front and back, on my Studio software and welded the words together to form the card. I flipped the first set horizontally before welding so that it made up the back of the card. I then cut the card using my Cameo which only took a few minutes.It would have taken me hours if I'd used a craft knife.
I added some gems so it looked liked the card was studded with diamonds (diamond wedding anniversary).
I then turned my attention to the sentiment. I couldn't write or stamp a sentiment inside the card because it is full of holes so I cut out a intricate heart  front the same glitter card and backed it with red holographic mirri card and adhered them together. I didn't create the heart design but I can't remember where I downloaded it from.Apologies tot he creator for not acknowledging them.  The glitter card is fairly firm so it doesn't need a backing to help it to stand.

Oh I almost forgot....... I used my gel pens and a pen holder in my Cameo to write a sentiment on the back of the tag and tied it tot he card with some silver thread.
 I made a larger version of the heart tag for a matching gift tag.


10 Apr 2012

Another circle page

Today I decorated the back of the circle page I created yesterday. I wasn't in the mood for positive thinking. Its just life throwing one of its wobblies at me.

I used scraps of paper to create  background. I adhered them to the page using Mod Podge. I cut out a doll paper chain and adhered those tot he centre of the circle.

Some words  describe  what we hope for in the future and  the others describe what some of us seem to be getting. I think the dark colour I used for the edge of the page give a clue to which words are what I'm feeling right now LOL.


9 Apr 2012

I have been a busy crafting bee today! As well as the cutting files I completed a page in my journal. I decided to cut the page into a circular shape.  I used my fingers and made a sort of colour wheel called pointillism. If you squint your eyes the the dots with the mixed colours are suppose to show the secondary colour of the mixed two e.g. the blue and yellow dots are combined and are suppose to look green.... the red and blue dots look purple and red and yellow look orange... I'm not sure it works . I think I did the dots too big.
Ahh! well it was fun to do.

More cutting files

 Yes I've been playing again with my cutting files. Here are a few you can download from the links along side the pictures.


Artist equipment

cooking utensils

I hope you find them useful.


8 Apr 2012

Cutting files

I'm trying to work out how to public my cutting files on my blog. This is the first attempt. Its of the vintage clock, cogs and wheels and a green house  I designed a few weeks ago.... so here goes!!  You can download  the . studio files  directly from the links below

Vintage clock face


Does it work?