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10 Mar 2012

Vintage clockface

I've been playing with the Silhouette Software on my computer again and designed a vintage clock face.  I used the nodes option in the silhouette to make the smooth lines look a little more worn and old.  I haven't used the nodes before so I'm surprised how easy they were to use and change the look of the clock. I did need some patience as I had to go all the way around the clock to change all the shaped between the numbers  but I think it was worth it!
Now  got to think of how I'm going to post my cutting files...... anyone have any good ideas?  I'm don't know how to set up a web page so may be that's my next learning project??

I'm wondering if its possible to cut craft foam on the Cameo so I could make a stamp as well as a cutting file. I guess there is only one way to find out! All I can say is..........." watch this space!"

Part 2.
Sadly the foam didn't cut on the Cameo, it was too thick.  I cut the first version  ( the one on the left) onto card instead and it looked great. I did feel the numbers were a touch too narrow so I adjusted the design slightly. The second version is definitely better, that's the one on the right of the picture.

 I coloured both of them using H2O paints. They are water based paint mixed with mica. I bought three pots to try out last Thursday.....  and boy they are lovely!!  They give a good coverage and a lovely  pearlescent sheen when dry.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my comment box because I get plenty of visitors but very few comments. I'm feeling very lonely !!


  1. Oh, I LOVE the colors of the paints you used to paint these! WOW, they almost look like real metal.

    Here's a thought regarding making a stamp. Why not cut a bunch of layers out of heavier cardstock and put them all together, lined up. Then get a Magic Stamp (moldable foam) and heat it with your embossing heater, then 'stamp' the cut out stacked piece with the Magic Stamp. This is one way I've used my Magic Stamp. I also heated up my Magic Stamp and pressed in an embossing folder so I could stamp that image (wood grain) onto paper.

  2. Ooohh Thanks for that tip. I'll have to get some magic stamp and give this a try. Does the foam have the reversed image of the shape/pattern?

  3. Thanks for sharing the clock cut file, Sheridan! It's great! I used it for a card I made today!


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