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17 Mar 2012


I know, I know, Spring is here and all the snow has gone! So what am I doing making a snowman??

I was tidying up around the house today and I found a bag of old Christmas cards I was going to recycle. As I looked through the cards one stood out, as I looked at it I thought it would be good to recycle the card and use it in my mixed medi canvas... so thats what I did.
 I covered the canvas with blue tissue paper to get the crinkled effect. I rubbed over the crinkles with some metallic white acrylic paint.
Once that was dry I spread coarse molding paste around the edge of the canvas and painted that with the metallic white too once it had dried.
I  cut out the snowman body  out of the Christmas card and punched a circle for his head. I cut out the hat, nose and scarf from paper scraps and adhered them to the canvas using Mod Podge.
Once all of that was dry I used some white enamel accents (Ranger) and dotted snow all around the snowman. I used black enamel accents to create the eyes  mouth and buttons. Its not dry yet but the accents give a lovely 3D effect. I'll add some doodles later when the canvas is dry......... see...... I'm learning to be patient!!!

 I revisited the Christmas tree I did last month and added some white accents to the mistletoes pattern on that too. Its definitely made it look more interesting.

I'm going to make another snowman canvas so I have a pair. I think I'll make the next snowman a different shape.  Thats for another day... tomorrow most probably.
I'm trying to catch up on my housework. I did a lot today but there's still a lot to get through ....ugh!! I hate housework!!!


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