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18 Mar 2012

Snowman 2

Happy Mother's Day for all you ladies in the UK. I hope you've had a lovely day.

 I've had a quiet one. Son gave me some chocolates and the other son forgot!! (typical!) my daughter has been away but she phones and we've arranged to meet up later in the week.

I had a relaxing afternoon doing some crafting. I made the second snowman. This time I adhered  a page with text to the background and coloured the base with blue acrylic ink. I added patterns and texture by stamping with acrylic paints using bubble wrap, sequin waste and edged the canvas with molding paste. This time I used smooth paste. I punched three circles of decreasing sizes and adhered them onto the canvas. I cut out the hat and scarf and adhered those to the picture too.

I coloured the edging with silver and metallic white acrylic paint.
Like the previous canvas I finished the picture by adding dots of white and black Ranger accents.

I haven't done any journaling in ages so maybe I'll do some this week.

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