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20 Mar 2012


Winter is over and today is the first day of Spring. I do love spring time, one reason being that my favourite flowers come out in March... the daffodil. They are a bright colour in the greyness of winter.

The daffodil is also one of  the national emblems of my country Wales. My journal has combined both of these things.
I have a strong sense of identity of being Welsh despite being half Belgian.
March 1st is St David's day... the equivalent to St Patrick's day in Ireland. Children dress up in our national costume and the schools hold concerts called Eisteddfod where they read poems and sing songs.

How did I do these pages?

I painted the background with a mixture of blue green and gold acrylic paints The gold colour represents welsh gold which is used for the royal family's wedding rings. I cut out the daffodils and wording using my Cameo. I adhered all the pieces using Mod Podge. I printed and cut out the flag and welsh lady and adhered them to the centre tag.
On the underside of the tag is a picture of a welsh lady. I should have taken a picture but I forgot!!
I added some black lace rub ons. They represent  coal  that was mined in the Welsh valleys.  The Music background on the mat represents Wales' tradition of singing. I am proud to be Welsh!!



  1. Beautiful pages!
    I'm sat here thinking "what a combination!" Welsh and Belgian... wowsers! Bet your dinners are amazing :)

    My great grandfather was born in Devon, but the closest parish church and registry was in Wales, so on his birth certificate, he's Welsh... and darn proud of it he was too :)

  2. Hey Bubbles! Its so lovely to see you back... I missed your comments :-).
    Yes life was very interesting when I was growing up. Things like freshly ground coffee was normal for us but still a novelty for others in those days. We ate things like mayonnaise with chips etc, and french style salads. The best ever was the freshly made Belgian waffles... yummm oh so many lovely memories..


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.