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8 Mar 2012

Craft Friends

Its been a good afternoon with the Crafty Friends group. We did a Mothers Day or Easter card theme. I started making two Mothers day cards. Both are made from the same design but with different card stock.  One was from Melody Ross Collection ( Red)and the other Dessert Bloom Collection(brown).
I used the Studio software to design the back page but the rest I used from the crossover card file at UKscrappers. I just enlarged the file.

The cards aren't finished yet. I want to put some ribbon around the card and put a flower inside the one and a poem inside the other.   I need to look around for a nice verse for the brown card. I'll do that over the weekend.

One mistake I realise I've made is I don't think they're going to fit into a normal sized envelope!!  I'll have to see if they fit an A4 envelope  if that doesn't fit I'm going to have to make an envelope.... not one of my strong points!!

Any suggestions to a good site for verses would be very welcome!!


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