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28 Mar 2012

Diddly Doodles

I've joined a free online workshop called Doodles Unleashed. Tonight I watched the first video and then had a go at my first attempt in my journal. My first attempt was absolute rubbish so I ripped it out of my book. I realised I'd put too much detail onto a small page! The colours weren't right either.

My second attempt was a bit better. I think the hardest part is knowing the right time to stop.
I used some masks and sprayed some Ranger Dylusions ink over the masks. After that I used some acrylic paints to draw/doodle some designs over the masks. I coloured them using acrylic paints and Oil paint sticks. I finished it off by adding some more doodles with some Pit and Stillio pens.

It's nothing like the instructions on the video but hey ho I enjoyed doing it. The video used much larger paper, but I don't feel confident enough to go that big yet!!

I've called this page diddly doodles because that's what came to mind as I finished it.
I think the next one I do will have a more textured background like the ones I did with the She Art canvases.



  1. I love this! I wish I could doodle cute...mine look like elementary school kids did them...and NOT in a good way!

  2. I'm sure yours will look good. I thought mine looked like a 5 year old had done it too!!

  3. I really like the colours you used in this piece! Very nice work!


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