"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

28 Mar 2012

Diddly Doodles

I've joined a free online workshop called Doodles Unleashed. Tonight I watched the first video and then had a go at my first attempt in my journal. My first attempt was absolute rubbish so I ripped it out of my book. I realised I'd put too much detail onto a small page! The colours weren't right either.

My second attempt was a bit better. I think the hardest part is knowing the right time to stop.
I used some masks and sprayed some Ranger Dylusions ink over the masks. After that I used some acrylic paints to draw/doodle some designs over the masks. I coloured them using acrylic paints and Oil paint sticks. I finished it off by adding some more doodles with some Pit and Stillio pens.

It's nothing like the instructions on the video but hey ho I enjoyed doing it. The video used much larger paper, but I don't feel confident enough to go that big yet!!

I've called this page diddly doodles because that's what came to mind as I finished it.
I think the next one I do will have a more textured background like the ones I did with the She Art canvases.


25 Mar 2012

Time goes so fast

I've been ding a lot of Spring cleaning this weekend. Its been lovely being able to open all the windows and let the warm fresh air inside.
I hope you all remembered the clocks went forward this weekend. We are now in British Summer time.
I am amazed how fast this year is going so to celebrate I used time as my theme for my next journal page.

I also tried out the word shapes as a test run for my plans for the full page layout I intend to do in the next Chepstow Pink scrappers crop in April. Its unusual for me to plan ahead so I hope it'll work out.
Anyway back to my page. I covered the page with a pink floral paper from Melody Ross and painted it with teal acrylic paint. When that was dry I stamped some clocks and wording on to the page with Stazon. Some of the stamps were from the Docrafts British collection.

I designed and cut out the words and distressed the edges of the square letters. I then adhered them to the page. I also adhered the clock face I made a few weeks ago.
I'm pleased with the final page.
I'm not quite sure what I want to do next. I want to keep the layout for the crop as well as the next Tim Holtz tag.  So maybe I'll do some more journaling... or maybe a painting? any ideas? ... anyone???

24 Mar 2012


Tonight I had a go at painting in my journal. I wanted to have another go at using molding paste. I used it to create the dandelion using a mask from Embellishment Village. I cut the journal page into a tag shape... ...no reason why... just felt like it!!
How did I do this picture?
First I adhered some green paper from a Melody Ross collection then painted the background with different shades of pink. You can't see the paper very well on the photo but it does show up more in real life.
Next I dripped some green acrylic inks down the page. I then I edged the page with pink Dabber paints from Ranger.
After that I used the mask and spread some molding paste thinly over the mask.
Once that was dry I painted the dandelion with a mixture of acrylic paints, oil pastels and Pitt pens to  try to give the flower some shading. I'm pleased with the leaves but the flowers are still not quite how I want them the different shades of yellow and orange I used don't show up much. ...... time to leave it and come back tomorrow with a fresh mind....

21 Mar 2012


My last post was about my welsh heritage. Tonight I started on my Belgian roots. I've created one page for my Belgian links in my journal so far.

The brown square background represents the scrumptious fresh waffles we used to have when we visited my grandmother. To get this effect I painted the background a light golden brown and then covered it with a grid mask and dabbed a darker brown over the top.
 I flicked white paint over that to represent the icing sugar we used to have over the warm waffles.... gosh my mouth is watering just thinking of them!!
I edged the page with the flag colours.

I then cut out the Atomium out of silver mirri card. We used to visit this building every time we went to Brussels. I loved it there.
Next I adhered the wording and the Belgian flag in the shape of a heart. I've written the family names  on the side of the page.
There is a touch of sadness doing this page because my grandmother, aunt and uncle and  my father are no longer with us. However I have lots of fond memories.


20 Mar 2012


Winter is over and today is the first day of Spring. I do love spring time, one reason being that my favourite flowers come out in March... the daffodil. They are a bright colour in the greyness of winter.

The daffodil is also one of  the national emblems of my country Wales. My journal has combined both of these things.
I have a strong sense of identity of being Welsh despite being half Belgian.
March 1st is St David's day... the equivalent to St Patrick's day in Ireland. Children dress up in our national costume and the schools hold concerts called Eisteddfod where they read poems and sing songs.

How did I do these pages?

I painted the background with a mixture of blue green and gold acrylic paints The gold colour represents welsh gold which is used for the royal family's wedding rings. I cut out the daffodils and wording using my Cameo. I adhered all the pieces using Mod Podge. I printed and cut out the flag and welsh lady and adhered them to the centre tag.
On the underside of the tag is a picture of a welsh lady. I should have taken a picture but I forgot!!
I added some black lace rub ons. They represent  coal  that was mined in the Welsh valleys.  The Music background on the mat represents Wales' tradition of singing. I am proud to be Welsh!!


18 Mar 2012

Snowman 2

Happy Mother's Day for all you ladies in the UK. I hope you've had a lovely day.

 I've had a quiet one. Son gave me some chocolates and the other son forgot!! (typical!) my daughter has been away but she phones and we've arranged to meet up later in the week.

I had a relaxing afternoon doing some crafting. I made the second snowman. This time I adhered  a page with text to the background and coloured the base with blue acrylic ink. I added patterns and texture by stamping with acrylic paints using bubble wrap, sequin waste and edged the canvas with molding paste. This time I used smooth paste. I punched three circles of decreasing sizes and adhered them onto the canvas. I cut out the hat and scarf and adhered those to the picture too.

I coloured the edging with silver and metallic white acrylic paint.
Like the previous canvas I finished the picture by adding dots of white and black Ranger accents.

I haven't done any journaling in ages so maybe I'll do some this week.

17 Mar 2012


I know, I know, Spring is here and all the snow has gone! So what am I doing making a snowman??

I was tidying up around the house today and I found a bag of old Christmas cards I was going to recycle. As I looked through the cards one stood out, as I looked at it I thought it would be good to recycle the card and use it in my mixed medi canvas... so thats what I did.
 I covered the canvas with blue tissue paper to get the crinkled effect. I rubbed over the crinkles with some metallic white acrylic paint.
Once that was dry I spread coarse molding paste around the edge of the canvas and painted that with the metallic white too once it had dried.
I  cut out the snowman body  out of the Christmas card and punched a circle for his head. I cut out the hat, nose and scarf from paper scraps and adhered them to the canvas using Mod Podge.
Once all of that was dry I used some white enamel accents (Ranger) and dotted snow all around the snowman. I used black enamel accents to create the eyes  mouth and buttons. Its not dry yet but the accents give a lovely 3D effect. I'll add some doodles later when the canvas is dry......... see...... I'm learning to be patient!!!

 I revisited the Christmas tree I did last month and added some white accents to the mistletoes pattern on that too. Its definitely made it look more interesting.

I'm going to make another snowman canvas so I have a pair. I think I'll make the next snowman a different shape.  Thats for another day... tomorrow most probably.
I'm trying to catch up on my housework. I did a lot today but there's still a lot to get through ....ugh!! I hate housework!!!


15 Mar 2012

Stamp sorting

I think I just burned myself out this week. Work just got the better of me.... it's been so busy. I just had to go to bed early last night so no crafting. Today I carried on sorting my stamps. This time I've sorted my unmounted rubber stamps. I've done the same thing as the acrylics. I stamped the patterns onto A4 paper, laminated the sheet and put the the stamps to the laminated sheet. I've stored the sheet inside a zip wallet. I cant do more tonight because I'm going out for a meal with some friends.

Boy I'm starving... time to go!!!


13 Mar 2012

Mothers Day Card

Another busy day at work. I'd got my filing all in a muddle and it took me hours to sort it out! At least its all been done now.

I took another look at the cards I'd made previously intending to finish them off for Mother's Day but I changed my mind. I didn't like the colours or patterns of the cards so I've made some different ones. I made the two cards identical so my mother and mother in law can have the same.
I used my Cameo to cut out the flowery mat. I got the file from UKscrappers.  I folded some A4 pearlised card and adhered the mat onto the card. I went back tot he Cameo and wrote out the wording and cut out the centre piece. I edged that with pink dew drop pigment ink and adhered it to the middle of the card. I edged the card with the same ink.  I finished it off with some cram ribbon and a bow.stow Pik Sc
I haven;t done any mixed media painting and I fancy doing that next. Then I want to do a full page layout. I might keep the layout for the Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop in April. I have an idea of what I want to do so I can get the photos ready for that.


12 Mar 2012


No crafting today. Its been a manic day. I didn't even manage to have my dinner until 10pm.I am just sooooo tired!

Anyway I just wanted to post the link to my vintage clock file. I loaded it here   and here so it can be downloaded for free. You might have to join those forums to be able to download the file but registration is free.
Now its time for bed, boy am I looking forward to sleep!! yawnnnnzzzzzzzzz


10 Mar 2012

Vintage clockface

I've been playing with the Silhouette Software on my computer again and designed a vintage clock face.  I used the nodes option in the silhouette to make the smooth lines look a little more worn and old.  I haven't used the nodes before so I'm surprised how easy they were to use and change the look of the clock. I did need some patience as I had to go all the way around the clock to change all the shaped between the numbers  but I think it was worth it!
Now  got to think of how I'm going to post my cutting files...... anyone have any good ideas?  I'm don't know how to set up a web page so may be that's my next learning project??

I'm wondering if its possible to cut craft foam on the Cameo so I could make a stamp as well as a cutting file. I guess there is only one way to find out! All I can say is..........." watch this space!"

Part 2.
Sadly the foam didn't cut on the Cameo, it was too thick.  I cut the first version  ( the one on the left) onto card instead and it looked great. I did feel the numbers were a touch too narrow so I adjusted the design slightly. The second version is definitely better, that's the one on the right of the picture.

 I coloured both of them using H2O paints. They are water based paint mixed with mica. I bought three pots to try out last Thursday.....  and boy they are lovely!!  They give a good coverage and a lovely  pearlescent sheen when dry.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my comment box because I get plenty of visitors but very few comments. I'm feeling very lonely !!

8 Mar 2012

Craft Friends

Its been a good afternoon with the Crafty Friends group. We did a Mothers Day or Easter card theme. I started making two Mothers day cards. Both are made from the same design but with different card stock.  One was from Melody Ross Collection ( Red)and the other Dessert Bloom Collection(brown).
I used the Studio software to design the back page but the rest I used from the crossover card file at UKscrappers. I just enlarged the file.

The cards aren't finished yet. I want to put some ribbon around the card and put a flower inside the one and a poem inside the other.   I need to look around for a nice verse for the brown card. I'll do that over the weekend.

One mistake I realise I've made is I don't think they're going to fit into a normal sized envelope!!  I'll have to see if they fit an A4 envelope  if that doesn't fit I'm going to have to make an envelope.... not one of my strong points!!

Any suggestions to a good site for verses would be very welcome!!


7 Mar 2012

March Tag

A bad bout of diverticulitis has set me back a few days as far as crafting is concerned. Not much has been done at all. I have managed to finish the March Tag. It turned out better than I expected.
I didn't have any wood effect stamps or paper so I used some printed paper, I distressed  around the edges.
 I cut out the butterfly and decorated it in the same way as described by Tim on his blog.

I printed out a saying on pearlised paper and ripped and distressed the edges. I adhered the butterfly tot he paper and the paper onto the tag. I finished it off with a couple of brads from my stash.


3 Mar 2012

The cover

I've been making the covers for my mini alum that will hold the tags for the 12 tags for 2012 project.Its not finished yet.
A friend gave me some paper from the V&A collection. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be great for the covers. The different animals in each square  reminded me of the Chinese years of the animals.
I used the paper to cover some pieces of mount board. I used my Bind-it-All to punch holes on all four sides of the boards. I want to thread some raffia or bakers twine through the holes. I haven't decided which one to use yet. I might leave that until I've made some more tags so that the thread/raffia/ribbon coordinates with the tags.
I used my Cameo to cut out the numbers and tags. I edged the numbers with brick distress ink.  I also used the pen attachment to create the outline for the words inside the tags. I coloured the inside of the lettering with burgundy Promarkers. I want to edge the words with some peels off too but that'll have to wait for another day.
 I assembled the album and bound it with the wire from the BIA.
I'm pleased with it so far. I must have a look at the March tag and see how I can make that. I don't want to buy Ranger things just to use on one tag so I'll just use what I have. That's half the fun... adapting a design and putting your own twist on it, don't you think?