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6 Feb 2012


I thought I ought to turn my attention to the up and coming St. Valentine's day.
I've started a card that has a secret section to put messages.I've use some paper left over from the album I just finished.

Fold some card in half  then fold those halves back towards the centre. The card should have four panels. Decorate the side two panels in what ever way you wish. I just adhered  some paper panels for now.
Open the side pieces and fold the centre fold. Cut three slits across the centre to the side fold. Do not cut the end panels. Next cut two strips of  double sided or plain paperand weave them through the slits so they card alternates.  I  stamped and embossed  the plain squares and cut 'Be Mine'  with my Cameo and adhered them to the card......

You'll have to wait for the rest of the intructions because I haven't finished the rest of the card!.................to be continued....!


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