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1 Feb 2012

Two more

A few more reports were written tonight , I'm eating into the pile slowly. Each one takes so long to write.

Two more photo frames/mats tonight. The one on the left hand side is a simple shape that is matted and layered,  the under  side has a matching plain pink photo mat. I adhered some purple ribbon deliberately at an angle I might add.....and ......... no it wasn't a mistake!!
I topped off the photo mat with a chipboard flower from my stash.

The photo frame on the right is more intricate. I used my Cameo to cut out a frame  and backed the front  with some clear acetate to protect the lacy pattern. I folded the paper and adhered the bottom and one side. I left the top open so a photo can be inserted inside. I finished it off with some gems and some a paper flower which I glued a button on top.

That's 5 out of 8 tags finished. I still haven't finished decorating the fronts of the all the pages yet so I've got a fair way to go to complete it. Hmmm its likely to take me as long to complete this as it is for me to finish my reports.....sighs lol


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