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9 Feb 2012

Spinner card and Video!!

Tonight I'm trying something new on my blog. I just hope it works..
 I thoroughly enjoyed doing a new card at the Crafty Friends group this afternoon. We made tumbling topper cards. It was very easy. All you needed was a card base. a background paper and co ordinating strip of paper, 1 or 2  pennies, some round foam pads, and double sided tape.

I adhered the background paper to the card base then cut a 1cm window in the middle of the strip of paper.You can edge punch the strip to give a more decorative finish to the strip if you wish.

Next I turned my attention to the rolling mechanism. I adhered a round  foam pad to the centre of the penny and placed them through in the middle of the cut window from the back. At the front of the strip I adhered the flower topper to the foam pad.
 It creates a sandwich of penny, foam pad, window and topper attached to the other side of the foam pad. If the topper doesn't roll you can add the second penny to the foam pad and then add the topper. I then adhered the strip tot he  card agin using foam pads making sure the pads didn't obstruct the penny as it rolled along the strip.
The card was finished off by running  fired brick distress ink along the edge of the card.You then tip the card from one side to the other to make the topper spin. I added another flower to the background later just to make more of a feature of the flowers. I tried to video the flower rolling using my ordinary camera. I had that in one hand and the card in the other. If the video works I'll try to do a better job next time.


I did start to make another card but when I saw the background I decided I liked it too much to add any thing else to it so I just edged the card with black soot Distress Ink and left it at that.

I'm  keeping my fingers crossed that you can see the video I just made.You'll know if it didn't work because I'll have taken it off this post!!

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