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8 Feb 2012

Storing clear stamps

 A friend of mine, Nikki, showed me how she has started storing her clear stamps. I thought it was such a great idea I started organising my stamps tonight.
I grouped the stamps into categories and stamped them onto sheets of A4 paper. I then laminated the papers and put the stamps on to the back them The stamps naturally cling to the laminate. I put a piece of clear laminate over the top so the stamps are sandwiched between the two laminated sheets.
I then inserted them into an A4 zipped wallet. Now they all lie flat and don't take up any where near the amount of space they did before. I've done 5 wallets so far but now I realise how many stamps I have. I think I might need to buy some more wallets!!
My hands are covered in ink. I hope it washes  off or I'm going to have to go to work with black and brown hands.  I think I'll wear gloves next time!


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