"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

15 Feb 2012


Tonight I found some paint things that I'd forgotten I had. They must have been in the cupboard at least ten years! It was like Christmas day again.... full of surprises. I found a packet full of drawing pencils, a box of water colour paints, an easel, and another box of  acrylic paints. I haven't tried the paints yet... do you think they'd still be alright to use after such a long time???
Anyway, forget the pains for today.  I've got plenty of paint tubes on the go at the moment so the others can wait. I decided to have a play with the pencils and drew an apple and a bottle with a beaker. 

Considering I haven't sketched much in the lat ten ears I was pleased with the results. I still have to work on shading and shadows but I enjoyed my first few attempts at 
drawing. It's a nice change from scrapping and painting.

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