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26 Feb 2012

Scrap That!

Its been a good weekend. I watched the rugby Wales v England and was delighted to see Wales win!! yayyyy!!! 

I became a great aunt for the second time. A little girl. and I can't wait to see her! I made a congratulations card for my niece and her hubby this afternoon.  I used a template I got from UKscrappers. I cut out the shapes and adhered them to the card. I filled in the "special delivery" words , the booties and her name on the tag with some Matte Accents from Ranger. I added some ribbon to the booties to give some added dimension.  I used my Cameo to write and cut the words. I also wrote the greeting inside the card with my Cameo so the fonts all matched. I tied the tag with some pink gingham ribbon. The tag is loose so it moves about the card.I edged the card with some green pigment ink from  Dew Drop. The paper was from a pack labeled 'scrapbboking Decorative sheets.' I thik it came from a set.................. to  be honest I can't remember where I got it from LOL.I've already made a baby album last October. It is a Laura Denison design. and you can see what I did here.

I've been thinking about the Sir Tim 12 tags for 2012 and I decided to crap putting my tags into a sketch book. I've decided to make a mini scrapbook instead. I made the pages this evening. 
What do you need?
How much paper you need will depend on how many pages you want to make. I've made 6 pages so used  6 of 12x 12 double sided paper  sheets. The pages are very easy to make.  Each page will hold 2 or 3 tags depending on how you choose to adhere the centre page.
How did I do it? 
1. I cut each 12x12 paper  into 12 x 5 inch pieces.  Keep that  2 inch piece you trimmed off the end because you'll need it later.
2.Fold each piece in half. 
3.Next, slot one piece inside the other. I have cut a slanted piece out of the inside paper to give interest but this is optional. You can either have the folded edge facing either the outside or inside depending on  whether you want an open page in the middle or an additional pocket. You can see both options in the picture to the left.

4. Fold the top corner of the outside sheet toward the centre of the card. Glue the bottom and sides of the pages to create pockets as shown in the picture on the right.
5. Return to the 2inch strips you trimmed off the paper. Cut them into  approx 4inch lengths. Fold in half and make holes to attach your binding. I've used my Bind it All but holes for rings will work just as well.
6. Adhered these strips to one side of each page. I adhered them so the folded paper will adhere on top to give added strength.
7. Adhere the triangular shapes to the page. 
As you can see by the picture, I've done half of the pages as a pocket in the centre and the other half opens to give pages for journaling. 

That's as much as I've done so far. I've got to decorate the second page for the February tags. I think I'll leave decorating the other pages until I'm ready to put in each tag of the month so I can coordinate them.  The glue is drying so I'll wait to do the February page. Ohhh I am being patient aren't I?? ....


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