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3 Feb 2012

Pro Markers

 Woohooo... .... Happy crafting day .....I told you about my buying a fine line adapter for my Promarkers at my local store First stop Stationers so I thought I'd finally get around to adding the pictures.
On the left is my collection of Promarkers . I have a few more but not enough to fill another case..... yet. I buy a few every so often to build up my collection.

This is a close up of the usual tips that come with the Promarkers, chisel one end and bullet shape on the other. On the left you can see the adapter and  next to it  the adapter attached tot he marker. It definitely widens the range of things you can do with them. The adapeter was less than £2 for a pack of 3 so it  was very inexpensive. Now I've got to think of a project to use them on!!!


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