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13 Feb 2012

Disaster! What a blooper!!

How silly am I?  I'd made a pop up card to go inside the mini album I thought I'd finished but when I went to check the album before I give it to my friend..... guess what I'd done???
I'd added some glitter glue to the flowers and. only  went and closed it up before the glue was dry.  It'd all stuck together and was ruined.... AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I was so disgusted with myself for making such a stupid mistake, I had to walk away from it all last night.
Anyway, looking on the bright side, I decided to remake the flower tonight and see if  I could make it  better than the previous one. I used different paper because I didn't have any of the other stuff left. I dabbed some Dusty Concord Distress ink on the tips of the flowers and added a mini flower to act as the flower centres. I;'ve added some faux stitching around the edge to continue a theme of some of the other tags.

I'm leaving this one open over night to make sure the glue is dry before I close it up this time!!
The idea for this pop up card came from the magazine Craft stampers.com but I can't find the project online so it must only be in the actual magazine.

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