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5 Feb 2012

Almost finished..

Its been a busy day again today. I got all my ironing finished and dusted everywhere. I did some more of my reports, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with these reports.. phew I'll be glad when they're finished
I've got a lot done on the album tonight too. I covered some cardboard and made the covers for the album. I cut a piece of  paper and lined it with clear duct tape to strengthen the  spine
I adhered the covers and sine together with some double sided tape and adhered the last to small flaps to the cover. I was going to make them into pockets but decided to glue the while page to the cover to strengthen it. I cut out the girl's name, matted and layered it and adhered it to the cover. I added a few embellies too but  I think it's missing something so I'll come back to it later.
The rest of the evening was spent touching up things. I drew faux stitching or added a few more embellies and ribbon to some of the tags and wallets.
I'll come back to it tomorrow to see what needs adding to it to finish it off, maybe a few charms or something like that. What do you think????

 Wow I' can't believe I've completed this one much quicker than the others.

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