"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Feb 2012

February page

Its 29th February... this only happens every 4 years so a big "Happy Special Birthday!"  to anyone whose birthday is today.
I had a meeting with some other members of Chepstow Pink Scrappers and Crafters  this evening. We are trying to organise the start of the new crops. We've analysed the different venues and chosen one so we have just got to confirm dates  then we can get cracking on advertising it. Watch this space!...... or even better watch the Chepstow Pink Scrappers Facebook page on the link above.

Just a quick session crafting this evening. I just decorated the February page for my tag. I simply cut out two hearts using the Tim Holtz dies with my Bigshot, matted and adhered them to the page. I used my Cameo to cut out the word February and the mat to go with it. I also adhered those tot he page too. Its when I have to cut intricate or fragile designs that the Cameo comes into its own. I couldn't cut these with a craft knife or scissors.

I've got a busy day in work tomorrow so I better get an early night!!

28 Feb 2012

Catch Up

I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on the January tag for the 12 tags in 2012 so that's what I did this evening.
I coloured the tag with Dusty Concord and Blue denim distress inks.
 I stamped then stamped it using different media.The clock stamp is from the Papermania Portobello Road collection.  I used black Mimento for the clocks and silver pigment ink and clear embossing powder  for the  star shapes. The circles are from Banana Frog. The silver pigment ink didn't show up very well so I went over it with Silver acrylic paint. It was a Ranger dabber ink. I also edged the tag with it.
 I cut out some numbers (2012) from mirri card and embossed them with a Stampin Up/Sizzix embossing folder. I adhered them to the tag.
I rubbed over the numbers with some black acrylic paint to get the aged look.
I finished it off by wrapping some purple and silver cord around it.

I then decorated the pocket for the tag. I cut out a square of mirri card and embossed it with the same design as the stamp (from the same collection). I also cut out the word January and adhered it to some backing paper from my stash. Once the glue was dry I run it through the same embossing folder as the numbers. I edged the topper with Dusty Concord ink to match it all together.
I need to decorate the February page next and make some covers for the mini album. I'm so glad I decided to make the mini album. Its going to look so much better than the sketch book. What do you think of it so far???

26 Feb 2012

Scrap That!

Its been a good weekend. I watched the rugby Wales v England and was delighted to see Wales win!! yayyyy!!! 

I became a great aunt for the second time. A little girl. and I can't wait to see her! I made a congratulations card for my niece and her hubby this afternoon.  I used a template I got from UKscrappers. I cut out the shapes and adhered them to the card. I filled in the "special delivery" words , the booties and her name on the tag with some Matte Accents from Ranger. I added some ribbon to the booties to give some added dimension.  I used my Cameo to write and cut the words. I also wrote the greeting inside the card with my Cameo so the fonts all matched. I tied the tag with some pink gingham ribbon. The tag is loose so it moves about the card.I edged the card with some green pigment ink from  Dew Drop. The paper was from a pack labeled 'scrapbboking Decorative sheets.' I thik it came from a set.................. to  be honest I can't remember where I got it from LOL.I've already made a baby album last October. It is a Laura Denison design. and you can see what I did here.

I've been thinking about the Sir Tim 12 tags for 2012 and I decided to crap putting my tags into a sketch book. I've decided to make a mini scrapbook instead. I made the pages this evening. 
What do you need?
How much paper you need will depend on how many pages you want to make. I've made 6 pages so used  6 of 12x 12 double sided paper  sheets. The pages are very easy to make.  Each page will hold 2 or 3 tags depending on how you choose to adhere the centre page.
How did I do it? 
1. I cut each 12x12 paper  into 12 x 5 inch pieces.  Keep that  2 inch piece you trimmed off the end because you'll need it later.
2.Fold each piece in half. 
3.Next, slot one piece inside the other. I have cut a slanted piece out of the inside paper to give interest but this is optional. You can either have the folded edge facing either the outside or inside depending on  whether you want an open page in the middle or an additional pocket. You can see both options in the picture to the left.

4. Fold the top corner of the outside sheet toward the centre of the card. Glue the bottom and sides of the pages to create pockets as shown in the picture on the right.
5. Return to the 2inch strips you trimmed off the paper. Cut them into  approx 4inch lengths. Fold in half and make holes to attach your binding. I've used my Bind it All but holes for rings will work just as well.
6. Adhered these strips to one side of each page. I adhered them so the folded paper will adhere on top to give added strength.
7. Adhere the triangular shapes to the page. 
As you can see by the picture, I've done half of the pages as a pocket in the centre and the other half opens to give pages for journaling. 

That's as much as I've done so far. I've got to decorate the second page for the February tags. I think I'll leave decorating the other pages until I'm ready to put in each tag of the month so I can coordinate them.  The glue is drying so I'll wait to do the February page. Ohhh I am being patient aren't I?? ....


23 Feb 2012

Tag 2

Good day Crafters!! Are you having a good crafting day? I have had a good one.
Its my usual Crafty friends group and Today I showed them how to make the hidden message card I'd made for Valentines. They did a great job too!
This evening I've been busy phoning around different places trying to find a reasonably inexpensive venue to hold the Chepstow Pink Scrappers group. Its amazing how much the price varies for similar halls. One venue sounds promising as far as cost is concerned but it is a little way out of town. I'll pass the info onto the rest of the committee ans see what they think. I hope we can start up again soon because time is moving on.

Last night I did the Tim Holtz 12 for 2012 tag and decided to do another one for February being as my birthday is in this month.
 I coloured the tag with Marmalade, Pine needles Distress inks. Next  I  clear embossed a dandelion ball into the card and then rubbed some Dusty concord over it to give and buffed it with a tissue to show the clear stamp giving a resist effect to the flower. I used gold dew drop ink and clear embossing powder to stamp the other dandelion balls. I cut out the wording and adhered then to the tag. I tied some raffia through the eyelet at the top to finish it off. Hmmmmm now you know how old I am!!!

I found  a sketch book in my storage and have decided to dedicate it to this project. I'll make pockets for each month and slot  the  tags inside. I've started the first pocket. I adhered two pages together and covered them with some Sassafrass paper.   I distressed it with some Red Brick and Marmarlade Distress ink. I used the Cameo to cut out the Month and adhered it to the pocket with a glue pen. The glue is still drying so I'll add some other embellies once its dry. The book was very inexpensive so I won;t mind tearing out any pages if I make any mistakes lol.... now is that me being pessimistic or realistic?? ..... answers on a post card please  .....    LMAO

21 Feb 2012


The king of crafting, Tim Holtz is doing '12 tags for 2012' on his blog. Decorating tags is something I haven't really done before  so I thought I'd have a go at the challenge. This is February's  tag.Of course its got to have a heart in it somewhere! How did I do it?
1. I rubbed Red Brick and Dusty Concord Distress ink around the edges of the tag. I used Marmalade to colour the centre.
2. I stamped the bottom of the card with Versamark and embossed it with gold embossing powder.
3. I stamped some hearts with gold pigment ink ( Dew Drop).
4. I cut out a heart shape and embossed it with  a tri-boss embossing folder. I don't know the make because I got it in a Goody bag. The the label just says Universal Embossing folder. I lightly rubbed over the heart with the gold pigment ink.
5. I cut out the heart swirl using my Cameo and embossed that too.
6. I cut  some hessian ribbon and adhered it to the back of the main heart. I then adhered the heart swirl to the top of the heart.
7. I finished it off with a strip of ribbon adhered across the width of the tag and through the hole at the top of the tag. A few charms and brads were also added. It doesn't look a bit like the one Tim did but I guess its OK to do my own design. I enjoyed doing it but I don't really know what I'd use it for... maybe on a layout??
 Offers of ideas are always welcome!!

20 Feb 2012

Score boards

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I decided to treat myself to something nice. Look what arrived today!!!! A Martha Stewart score board  Great timing!  Unfortunately I haven't had time to use it yet. I bought it because I wanted to have small division  score lines which the MS score board has.

I already have a Hougie Board, which I love,  I know the advantage of the Hougie board is that it has inches on one side and centimetres on the other. The disadvantage is that the inches side only have 1/2 inch score lines so limits the scoring you can measure. It is easy to keep to the score lines.
It'll be interesting to compare the two boards when I start using the MS one. 


19 Feb 2012


I had a flash of inspiration for the birthday card I mentioned in my last post. So,  I decided to do it now while the idea is in my head. I've kept it fairly simple. I found a Metallica sign and cut it out as a background and used my Cameo to design the hand shape. I adhered the hand to a spring so that it wobbles  when  you move the card.
I downloaded a Metallica font and cut out the Happy Birthday Letters and adhered them to the card.
I finished it off my edging the card with some Colourbox black pigment ink. I'm waiting for the glue and ink to dry before I rub out the guidelines I drew to get the lettering straight. The letters do look different sizes but that's how it appeared when I typed it out.
Looking at the  on my screen it looks orange but it is bright red in reality... honestly..... it is!!

18 Feb 2012

Christmas tree in February

Christmas has come early this year! Hmmm not really, once a year is great but I don't fancy it more than that.. too much work!
 I found a bag with the Christmas cards I received this year so I decided to make use of them. I've made a canvas with a Christmas tree using an old card.

I sprayed the background with some Dylusions ink spray. I think they are now under the Ranger label. I used Teal and Royal blue inks. I used a variety of stamps and just stamped the canvas with different stars using gold acrylic paint.
 I then added texture by stippling gold paint through some punchonella. I cut out and adhered a tree shape to the canvas with Mod Podge. I added a few rub ons and drew around the edge of the tree with a pen. I'm not sure I've finished it yet. I need to come back to it and take a look at it.
I'll have to think about making a birthday card for my daughter's fiancé. He's into heavy metal music so I'd like to try a card with that theme. His Birthday isn't until April so I have plenty of time to think of an idea for it.

16 Feb 2012

More sketching

I haven't done much today. I went with my daughter to walk the dog. Its amazing how fast they grow. It was lovely walking the dog....... made me miss my own. Its hard to believe its a year since she passed.
Crafting involved a little more sketching.

I sketched this house. It's the most detailed object I've sketched. It's quite relaxing if things go right but it can be frustrating when you have to keep rubbing out things. I did have a go at sketching a bird but couldn't get the shape right so I gave it up for another day......
I think I might do a bit of journaling soon. I haven't done any for a while so it'll be nice to get back tot that. I guess that's the beauty of crafting you can do something different and still be creative.......

15 Feb 2012


Tonight I found some paint things that I'd forgotten I had. They must have been in the cupboard at least ten years! It was like Christmas day again.... full of surprises. I found a packet full of drawing pencils, a box of water colour paints, an easel, and another box of  acrylic paints. I haven't tried the paints yet... do you think they'd still be alright to use after such a long time???
Anyway, forget the pains for today.  I've got plenty of paint tubes on the go at the moment so the others can wait. I decided to have a play with the pencils and drew an apple and a bottle with a beaker. 

Considering I haven't sketched much in the lat ten ears I was pleased with the results. I still have to work on shading and shadows but I enjoyed my first few attempts at 
drawing. It's a nice change from scrapping and painting.

13 Feb 2012

Disaster! What a blooper!!

How silly am I?  I'd made a pop up card to go inside the mini album I thought I'd finished but when I went to check the album before I give it to my friend..... guess what I'd done???
I'd added some glitter glue to the flowers and. only  went and closed it up before the glue was dry.  It'd all stuck together and was ruined.... AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I was so disgusted with myself for making such a stupid mistake, I had to walk away from it all last night.
Anyway, looking on the bright side, I decided to remake the flower tonight and see if  I could make it  better than the previous one. I used different paper because I didn't have any of the other stuff left. I dabbed some Dusty Concord Distress ink on the tips of the flowers and added a mini flower to act as the flower centres. I;'ve added some faux stitching around the edge to continue a theme of some of the other tags.

I'm leaving this one open over night to make sure the glue is dry before I close it up this time!!
The idea for this pop up card came from the magazine Craft stampers.com but I can't find the project online so it must only be in the actual magazine.

11 Feb 2012

Cross over card

I've had a very, very lazy day today. I've just chilled and watched TV most of the day. I eventually dragged myself out of the chair and came to do some crafting.Recently I downloaded a beautiful cutting file, from the UKscrappers site, for card designed by Silvia Fernie. I thought I'd try and make it tonight. I cut all the pieces using my Cameo.

I used 'The Linen Closet Cardstock' by DCWV. For the main part of the card I used  pearlised blue and blue glitter card for the centre section. I used white glitter card to cut the flowers and the base for the butterfly. All I needed to do was adhere the flowers to the circle and adhere it to the centre of the card, below the lettering. I also added flowers to the front panels whihc were fixed to the side of the card. I finished it off by addding the butterfly. Boy the card looks lovely in real life. I have to thank Silvya for designing such a lovely card!!
Now I have to think of someone  I can give it to......?Photobucket

9 Feb 2012

Spinner card and Video!!

Tonight I'm trying something new on my blog. I just hope it works..
 I thoroughly enjoyed doing a new card at the Crafty Friends group this afternoon. We made tumbling topper cards. It was very easy. All you needed was a card base. a background paper and co ordinating strip of paper, 1 or 2  pennies, some round foam pads, and double sided tape.

I adhered the background paper to the card base then cut a 1cm window in the middle of the strip of paper.You can edge punch the strip to give a more decorative finish to the strip if you wish.

Next I turned my attention to the rolling mechanism. I adhered a round  foam pad to the centre of the penny and placed them through in the middle of the cut window from the back. At the front of the strip I adhered the flower topper to the foam pad.
 It creates a sandwich of penny, foam pad, window and topper attached to the other side of the foam pad. If the topper doesn't roll you can add the second penny to the foam pad and then add the topper. I then adhered the strip tot he  card agin using foam pads making sure the pads didn't obstruct the penny as it rolled along the strip.
The card was finished off by running  fired brick distress ink along the edge of the card.You then tip the card from one side to the other to make the topper spin. I added another flower to the background later just to make more of a feature of the flowers. I tried to video the flower rolling using my ordinary camera. I had that in one hand and the card in the other. If the video works I'll try to do a better job next time.


I did start to make another card but when I saw the background I decided I liked it too much to add any thing else to it so I just edged the card with black soot Distress Ink and left it at that.

I'm  keeping my fingers crossed that you can see the video I just made.You'll know if it didn't work because I'll have taken it off this post!!

Cameo files

I had a play using the Studio Software for my Cameo. I created a few files. One was for a sewing theme. Some of the files I designed when I did a mini album last year. Tonight I added a thimble and scissors. If you would like to download the file you can find it here.

The next ones I designed are  an artist theme file with the artist pallet, brushes and easel. You can download this file from here

I haven't done this for a while so it was nice doing something different.


8 Feb 2012

Storing clear stamps

 A friend of mine, Nikki, showed me how she has started storing her clear stamps. I thought it was such a great idea I started organising my stamps tonight.
I grouped the stamps into categories and stamped them onto sheets of A4 paper. I then laminated the papers and put the stamps on to the back them The stamps naturally cling to the laminate. I put a piece of clear laminate over the top so the stamps are sandwiched between the two laminated sheets.
I then inserted them into an A4 zipped wallet. Now they all lie flat and don't take up any where near the amount of space they did before. I've done 5 wallets so far but now I realise how many stamps I have. I think I might need to buy some more wallets!!
My hands are covered in ink. I hope it washes  off or I'm going to have to go to work with black and brown hands.  I think I'll wear gloves next time!


Crafty Friends

Its the Chepstow Crafty Friends meeting tomorrow. Chepstow Methodist Church Hall 1-3 pm. We are a small group of ladies just chillin, chatting and paper crafting... Join us if you can.... New comers Very Welcome. If you can't make it join us on Facebook!!


7 Feb 2012

Valentine Part 2

The St. Valentine card was continued this evening. Once the two pieces of paper have been woven through the slits it creates a hidden page. To find the hidden page  open the card and fold the centre panels away from you. Open up the centre folds and you find the hidden panel. Simply pull the sides of the card apart to close the centre panels and hide your message!
As you can see I've added a hidden message for my Hubby. I distressed the edges of the square sections with Worn Lipstick Ranger distress ink. I drew some squiggles and faux stitching around the edges.
Next I designed 3 hearts on the Cameo Studio software, inserted some words into each heart and cut them out and adhered them to the card.
I cut out another heart and adhered it tot he fron t of the card as a closure for the card.
If you want to watch a video tutorial of how to make this card you can see a similar version demonstrated  Here. Its not me doing this video and I just folded an A4 card and made sure the width of my strips were just slightly smaller than the width of the panel.
I haven't got as far as figuring out how to do a video. that might be something I might consider in the future...... way into the future!!!

6 Feb 2012


I thought I ought to turn my attention to the up and coming St. Valentine's day.
I've started a card that has a secret section to put messages.I've use some paper left over from the album I just finished.

Fold some card in half  then fold those halves back towards the centre. The card should have four panels. Decorate the side two panels in what ever way you wish. I just adhered  some paper panels for now.
Open the side pieces and fold the centre fold. Cut three slits across the centre to the side fold. Do not cut the end panels. Next cut two strips of  double sided or plain paperand weave them through the slits so they card alternates.  I  stamped and embossed  the plain squares and cut 'Be Mine'  with my Cameo and adhered them to the card......

You'll have to wait for the rest of the intructions because I haven't finished the rest of the card!.................to be continued....!