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11 Jan 2012

What makes a good crop?

No crafting tonight.
The committee that ran my local scrap booking crop have retired so the crop is in danger of closing. So, a few friends came over this evening to discuss how we can keep it going. We've volunteered to run it and have come up with a few ideas on how to attract new people in and when would be the best time to hold the crop.
We're going to make a few inquiries and then meet up again to organise it as best we can.

I would really welcome comments on what you think makes a good crop???



  1. The best crops are stress free! That means no distractions, whether it be kids, spouses, constantly ringing cell phones, you get the idea. Instead of the hostess trying to get snacks ready, (she has already cleaned the house in prep for the crop) I suggest that the guests bring the munchies, giving her more time to prepare other things. Date planning WELL in advance, so that you don't have to hurry up and gather your crop items when the date/time changes. Die cut machine, and punches available for members, so that they don't have to worry about hauling those heavy objects to and fro. Sometimes a themed crop works out well and gives guests a starting point, for example a summer themed crop would mean everyone would bring their pool/beach, etc. photos and work on those layouts. A swap box, or yard sale box full of cast off scrap goodies. Small prizes, good music, but most ohttp://scrap-aholic.blogspot.com/f all no stress! Love Penny

  2. Thanks for your reply. your comments are very useful. we're hoping to hire a hall and keep refreshments to coffee/tea and biscuits.
    A themed crop sounds very good!!. You're giving us good ideas.


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