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24 Jan 2012

Mini album

 Helloooo peeps!!
 What are you crafting today???

I've started making a mini album  for a friend. Its going to be a paper bag album.   I'm using pink paper bags from my local party shop. The craft paper I'm using is a mixture of Papermania Capsule  and the Summer blossom collection. There might even be some odd pieces from a Melody Ross collection too.

The construction  is similar to the Laura Denison  paperbag tutorial except I kept the centre pieces open to create another pocket.I have seen other similar ones being demonstrated on YouTube but this seemed the easiest to do. I need something that's not to taxing because I'm up to my ears in assessments, data inputting  and two types of report writing over the next few weeks so my crafting time is going to be limited.......... sighs......

OK, back to crafting... what have I done?  weeellll.......

I folded the base  on all the bags and then adhered the folded section to the folded section of the other bag. I only glued around the edge of the section so the centre remains open to form a pocket. I kept the base of the bag on the outside of the "pocket" so the tags don't get caught on the side of the pocket.

I then adhered the sides of the two bags together.  This created two large pockets making  one "page" and the two smaller sections creating a smaller pocket in between the big pages. Take a look at Laura's video, she explains the construction much better than I can here!

Once the pages were constructed I started covering the pages. I cut paper into 6 3/4 x 5 1/4inch pieces for the larger pages  and 51/4 x 3 inches  for the smaller pieces.

I used warm lipstick and mulled lavender Distress ink to edge some of the pages before adhering them.

I haven't covered all the pages, it was getting late and I was getting tired so I thought it best to finish while the going was good................that's not strictly true.................. to be honest I nicked the side of the bag with my scissors and left a hole. I rescued it by gluing the sides together. No one would know the split is there now. I stopped working before I made any more mistakes!!



  1. Sheri.....this is a lovely book and it's coming along quite nicely! I've missed visiting your blog....sorry for not spending time here, I've been super busy with my Nana these days. *hugs*

  2. Hugs Michelle , I hope your Nana is ok.


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