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10 Jan 2012

Coffee Mate

I had a go at altering a tin tonight but I wasn't very successful.
Using Mod Podge, I covered a Coffee Mate tin with strips of paper going vertically. When that was dry I wrapped some rose lace around the tin going horizontally. I dabbed some paint in between the lace. Once that was dry I dabbed some paint in the centre of the "rose" The copper looked OK but the eggplant colour died very dark so I dabbed some yellow and orange over the top.
I tried to adhere some pearl beads in the centre of each flower but they wouldn't stick so I put dabs of orange Distress Stickles. I tied some sage green lace in between the other laces and tied them into bows.
I really don't know why I continued with this project because the more I did the worse it looked. I think it looks awful!! Goodness knows what I can use it for...... any ideas??!!! lol


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