"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Jan 2012


 I haven't had much time to do crafting tonight. I#m afraid work got in the way. I had to write out quite a few reports and plans for my pupils. I'd managed to get a quarter of them done so a few more evening working is on the cards.

Talking of cards, I did managed to remake the photo wallet tonight. I'd  made one the night before last and it was too big to fit in the pocket.  This time I measured it carefully and it fits perfectly.  Yahoo  what a relief !!!! I used double sided  paper from the Docrafts  Capsule collection for the outside (purple gingham) as well as the inside (pink floral). As before I cut the design on my Cameo.  I made a band from a strip of paper and adhered a chain look peel off around the middle. I finished it off with a sticker I bought from a shop called 'The Works'.
The wallet opens out to reveal a concertina fold photo mat. I cut a strip of paper to about 4 3/4  inch in height and folded the 'pages' to the same width.The last fold gave a piece about 2 inches wide. I used that to adhere the mats to the wallet.
I think |I made a much better job of it this time both with the choice of paper and the construction.

That's all I had time to do tonight but it all adds to the album.  hmmmm just another 5 tags/wallets to make then I can think about adding embellishments and adding the covers. Any of you have good suggestions for making more wallets... or point me i the right direction for some ideas???    ... please ???

30 Jan 2012

Back online

The computer in my craft room hasn't had any internet connection for some time so I haven't been able to update some of my software or use that computer much. Its an old computer but still works well.
Today Hubby kindly went out and bought a new wi fi card for it and mended it in 5 minutes. Its working  now.   It'll be so nice to be able to download future files without having the kerfuffle of loading them onto one computer, transferring them to a usb stick and  and reloading them onto the other one.
Thank you my gorgeous hubby. You did a great job!!Yay!!
I still have to transfer some of the ones on this computer to the other one but it won't take too long........ just hope those aren't famous last words!!

29 Jan 2012

What a blooper!

There I was thinking how well I was progressing tonight and bhamm!! how silly of me... yes I did a blooper!
I started the evening off very well. I cut a little photo mat to adhere to one of the small pockets, that went well. Then I covered one of the butterflies on another little pocket with crackle glaze and adhered a cage I'd cut from bronze mirri board using a Tim Holtz die. Once the crackle was dry I covered it with the cage. Next I cut out a butterfly  file from the Silhouette site and cut it with my cameo. I also cut just a solid butterfly, out of holographic mirri board, to go underneath the first one.  I matted the two pieces together and adhered them to the page. I made a little tag to go inside the butterfly.

Its all gone very well so far so I have an idea to make a photo wallet to go inside one of the pockets. Again I used a file from the Silhouette site on my Cameo. It was a square with decorated corners. The paper was a bit thin so I strengthened the intricate corners by layering some card unerneath it.
I then  cut out some purple card and folded it to create some pages. I adhered that to the centre of the wallet. I made a band from card and wrapped some ribbon around it,  a bow hid the join.  This slipped over the wallet to keep it closed.
The photo shows one side open with a page protruding. The band is slipped over the one page. The little tag on the side is the underside of the butterfly tag.

Great,  I say to myself,  that's another wallet completed.  I tried to slip it into one of the pockets on the album and.................arrggghhh ....BLOOPER .......its too big to fit into the pockets!!!
I hadn't  checked my measurements properly and the wallet was about 1/4 inch too big all the way around.

The design doesn't allow me to trim it without  spoiling it. I'm going to have to make another one. It took me ages to make that one. Ah well that'll teach me to check my measurments.

I'll use this one for something else, it wont go wasted.

My piece of advice to you crafters out there............ always double check you measurements and make sure its going to fit !!!!!


27 Jan 2012

Wow what a busy day its been. Today is hubby's birthday. First it was work until lunchtime then my usual visit to see Mam with a 200 miles of driving for the afternoon. When I got home it was a case of going out again to see Roger Davies at the Chepstow Acoustic Guitar club. He was brilliant, I would recommend you go listen to him if you get the chance. He was very good.

Somewhere in between I managed to complete a page for my album.
I simply shaped some pink card and made some mats for it.
I decorated the top with a butterfly shape cut with my Cameo. I finished it off with some glitter glue to complete the boy of the insect.
The middle photo mat was stamped with some Docraft stamps and Mimento ink and butterfly punched with a Xcut mini butterfly punch.,the bottom mat was simply stamped with Versafine ink.

I have to say I'm surprised I managed to get this finished given the other things I had to do.
 Tomorrow it's going to be housework and  a coffee with a friend. I'm trying to catch up with friends I haven't seen for a while so I'm looking forward to seeing this close friend.....


26 Jan 2012


Its been a good day crafting. I went to my crafty friends group this afternoon where we made a card with a tag on top.
Because I didn't go last week I wasn't sure what I needed to take and as usual I took the wrong things so I borrowed a friends stamp and  Promarkers. 
1. I cut and A4 piece of card in half vertically  and folded that in half horizontally. 
2. I then folded 3/4 inch on both sides back on itself so I had a 'w' fold in the centre. That created the bottom of the card.
3. I  cut a "T" shaped strip of card for the tag. Its up to you how wide you want it.
4. I  folded 1/4 inch on both the edges of the card  and adhered the together leaving a gap to slot the tag allowing it room to slide up and down.
I used a flower stamp and some Versafine to stamp the base of the card, the butterflies were stamped on a separate  card.

I distressed the edges with Ranger Distress ink, brown shades and coloured the butterflies with Promarkers. I cured the butterflies to give dimension and adhered them to the card using foam pads.
Considering I hadn't planned anything I am pleased with the result.

 This evening I did a little more of my album... not a lot but  every little goes towards completing!
I cut out a shape and mat and adhered them together. I used my Sizzix die and cut the little flourishes and adhered them  and the shape to the page using my ATG. I drew faux stitching around everything.

On the way home I stopped off  at my local Fist Stop Stationers shop and bought  some fine nib adapters for my Promarkers. Wow they are great!! They just clip onto the existing nib and give a very fine drawing line. They were very reasonably priced too  £1.79 for three.

That's all for now folks!! 

25 Jan 2012

Mobile phone

 Hi friends,
I've had a good day today. Work was great and I met  my friend for a coffee after work. Its great to catch up with  my friends because we haven't seen each other  since before Christmas.
I've also had a good night  working on some more of my album. Its going to be for my friend's teenage daughter so I want it to have a youngish feel to it.
I started off intending to decorate the pages  but ended up doing one page and then a tag. I mated some gingham paper and just added an embellishment. I cut out a border and fixed it tot he centre fold.
I cut out a flower shape and a mat for it. Next  I rubbed the folder with purple Colourbox pigment ink then inserted the flower and run it through my Bigshot. The ink transferred to the flower giving it added dimension. I dabbed pink ink to the tips of the petal.  I adhered it to the mat and drew faux stitching around it. I added heart shaped purple glitter to the centre of the flower. The glue isn't dry yet so the picture shows some white in the centre but it will dry clear. I added a couple of butterflies too.
 Next I started to decorate the smaller pocket. As I added the embellishment I had the idea to turn a tag, to go inside the pocket, into a mobile phone to match the embellishment.

To do this I cut out the base shape then the top layer with my Cameo. I also cut the LOL lettering. I adhered the two pieces using double sided tape. I then adhered  square gems into the keyboard spaces. I stamped the lettering with Versamark and heat embossed them with holographic embossing powder.  I punched a hole  and added a phone charm. Yje bottome of the "phone is for photographs. A couple of hearts on both sides of the phone finished it off. It slots beautifully into the little pocket.

Now it's time for bed! for me!!LOL  ZZZzzzzzzzzzz

24 Jan 2012

Mini album

 Helloooo peeps!!
 What are you crafting today???

I've started making a mini album  for a friend. Its going to be a paper bag album.   I'm using pink paper bags from my local party shop. The craft paper I'm using is a mixture of Papermania Capsule  and the Summer blossom collection. There might even be some odd pieces from a Melody Ross collection too.

The construction  is similar to the Laura Denison  paperbag tutorial except I kept the centre pieces open to create another pocket.I have seen other similar ones being demonstrated on YouTube but this seemed the easiest to do. I need something that's not to taxing because I'm up to my ears in assessments, data inputting  and two types of report writing over the next few weeks so my crafting time is going to be limited.......... sighs......

OK, back to crafting... what have I done?  weeellll.......

I folded the base  on all the bags and then adhered the folded section to the folded section of the other bag. I only glued around the edge of the section so the centre remains open to form a pocket. I kept the base of the bag on the outside of the "pocket" so the tags don't get caught on the side of the pocket.

I then adhered the sides of the two bags together.  This created two large pockets making  one "page" and the two smaller sections creating a smaller pocket in between the big pages. Take a look at Laura's video, she explains the construction much better than I can here!

Once the pages were constructed I started covering the pages. I cut paper into 6 3/4 x 5 1/4inch pieces for the larger pages  and 51/4 x 3 inches  for the smaller pieces.

I used warm lipstick and mulled lavender Distress ink to edge some of the pages before adhering them.

I haven't covered all the pages, it was getting late and I was getting tired so I thought it best to finish while the going was good................that's not strictly true.................. to be honest I nicked the side of the bag with my scissors and left a hole. I rescued it by gluing the sides together. No one would know the split is there now. I stopped working before I made any more mistakes!!


21 Jan 2012

Christmas layout

 I finally got around to printing out this Christmas pictures and put them onto a layout. I added one photo to the layout I did at the last Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop. I posted that photo back in December. I'm sure you don't want to see it again... but if you do you can see it minus the photo here . The photo was just of  a close up of the food on this layout. My son did all the cooking for a family meal on Christmas Eve.

The next photo I added to a new layout. I matted and layered three sheets of patterned paper. Next I tied two different types of ribbon around the layout and tied a bow. The red ribbon is three different ribbons strung together. I added a third ribbon by tying it as a bow around the other bow. The tail end of that bow is threaded through the tag that holds the photo. The tag hangs lose and I've written the journal on the back of the tag.

I added a tree and a little topper.  I need to add a title but my brain has gone on strike and I can't think of an interesting one...... in fact I can't think of any one at the moment.... lol......


20 Jan 2012


I got my first award today from Alex who has a great blog called Cheeky Wee Brat. Its well worth a popping over to have a peek. Thank you so much for thinking of me Alex.

This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, in the hopes that it will bring many new friends/followers.
Leibster is German and means 'dearest' or 'beloved' but it can also mean 'favorite'. The idea of the Leibster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers. So, in the spirit of good fun I am passing this award on to five other bloggers. Please stop by and visit them.

The Rules are:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your five picks for the award and let them know.

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshare-other bloggers.

5. Finally and the best rule of all..........have fun and spread the love!

My favorites for this award are listed below. Click on over to their sites and take a look!

1. Patchwork apples

2. sandi-mybravesoul

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5. Purple Crafter

I had a good visit with my Mum today. She was bright enough to make some cards  for some approaching birthdays and birth of a baby. I bought a card making kit  ooohhh!!  ages ago and I used that to make cards with her. The twine is from a raffia band from her sun hat. We took it off , in the summer, and unraveled it  and use it for cards. We put  some ribbon on her hat to brighten it up.We made 4 cards in total and she really enjoyed doing it.
 Mam can't do the fiddly bits anymore but she managed to line toppers up and adhere them to the cards. It keeps her mind busy for a few hours.
 At 89 years old I think she did a pretty good job!!


18 Jan 2012


My feet don't seem to have hit the ground since Christmas, at the moment its work keeping me busy in the evenings. Its preparing for the annual reports of most of my pupils. Its  a tough time for them because they hate being tested but is so nice to see them make progress.
Tonight I took time of doing work and got on with a canvas. I was going to recycle my old Christmas  cards and make a Christmas tree canvas but once I'd started doing the background I changed my mind and decided to do another girl. I  let it develop as I went alongI used mainly inks,stamps, paints and  transfers on this canvas.

 I recently bought some of Dyan's Dylusions spray inks from Art from the Heart site so I was delighted to use them tonight to create the background. I used green, garnet and yellow. I just sprayed them randomly over the canvas.
I edged the canvas with some bronze paint dabber from Ranger and let it dry.

Once the spray was dry I used my Stazon Inks and various stamps including  Fiskars continuous stamps and the Banana Frog  shapes in the photo. I just randomly stamped shapes and flowers over the canvas. I used blue, violet , red, green and yellow Stazon inks to create the patterns. To me the background reminded me of the sixties psychedelic look so that is how I made the girl.

The girl stage just involved cutting her out and making some clothes. I had some scraps from some Melody Ross papers I'd used in a scrap book project a while back. The top and skirt are the same papers. I just stamped over the skirt. I fringed the bottom of the top and skirt.
I coloured her hair with Pitt pens. A head band and flowers finished the canvas. Once it is totally dry I'll add some wording but I'll have to think what they'll be. Something about flower power or being a child of her era.I'm not sure yet. Have you got any ideas for a phrase for her?

14 Jan 2012

Mouldy Gesso

Today I finished the card I started on Thursday.  I cut out pentagons and adhered them to the card to create the background. Black pen drew the faux stitching. I then cut out a circle, an oval and a rectangle from paper and layered them to for the hot air balloon.
Next I adhered that to the background and edged the balloon with silver coloured peel offs. I also used the peel offs to create some cloud effects in the sky. I cut out some smaller balloons from some paper scraps  and added them. A Happy Birthday finished the card. Now I can look at the picture I've noticed the wording ids a bit jaunty!! Ahh well too late to do anything about it now lol.

After I'd finished the card I was going to start my Christmas tree canvas but....... disaster! ..........I opened my pot of Gesso only to discover it had gone mouldy!!
I had no idea it could do that. That put a stop to my plans for tonight... I'll have to with until Monday to get another pot. I can't go shopping tomorrow, I've got a visitor coming for the afternoon.

Instead I played with my Silhouette Cameo Studio software and created an ipod cutting file.   You can download it from here

Now I'm off to research Gesso!!

Up and away!

Just a little bit of journaling again today. I was inspired by a card I stated to make at the Craftyu Friends Thursday group. We were making cards using patchwork shapes. I did a sky and made a hot air balloon. I haven't finished the card yet I'll do that tomorrow.

Back to my journal,  I covered the page with cloud paper that came free with a card making magazine sealing it with Mod Podge.
Next  I cut out a circle and two ovals from my stash and layered them to make a balloon. A square piece made up the basket. I edged the whole page with some Ranger paint dabbers.  I added some rub ons in various places and added some 'birds' by drawing them with a pen.

Some of my sheets of rub ons stopped working and I couldn't rub off the designs. I discovered that I can rejuvenate my rub on transfers  that had lost their sticky background by lightly spraying the back of the sheet with some prepositional adhesive spray. Let the adhesive dry then use the rub on as usual. They worked  a dream. I'm leased because the sheet was almost full and I didn;t want to waste them. They are not cheap to buy!


11 Jan 2012

What makes a good crop?

No crafting tonight.
The committee that ran my local scrap booking crop have retired so the crop is in danger of closing. So, a few friends came over this evening to discuss how we can keep it going. We've volunteered to run it and have come up with a few ideas on how to attract new people in and when would be the best time to hold the crop.
We're going to make a few inquiries and then meet up again to organise it as best we can.

I would really welcome comments on what you think makes a good crop???


10 Jan 2012

Coffee Mate

I had a go at altering a tin tonight but I wasn't very successful.
Using Mod Podge, I covered a Coffee Mate tin with strips of paper going vertically. When that was dry I wrapped some rose lace around the tin going horizontally. I dabbed some paint in between the lace. Once that was dry I dabbed some paint in the centre of the "rose" The copper looked OK but the eggplant colour died very dark so I dabbed some yellow and orange over the top.
I tried to adhere some pearl beads in the centre of each flower but they wouldn't stick so I put dabs of orange Distress Stickles. I tied some sage green lace in between the other laces and tied them into bows.
I really don't know why I continued with this project because the more I did the worse it looked. I think it looks awful!! Goodness knows what I can use it for...... any ideas??!!! lol


8 Jan 2012


Its been a good day ... err well part of afternoon doing some crafting. I had a visitor and didn't think I'd have time to do anything but  an emergency meant my visitor had to go back home early. That left me with some spare time.  I decided to do a page of my journal. I'm not doing it as often as I should so it was good to add another page. This is what I've done.

I adhered a piece from a map and book to the page of the journal.  The map was of Brussels, where my father was from, so that had some good memories attached to the places on the map.

I spritzed some meadow distress ink onto the background and used bubble wrap to add yellow and white texture. I edged the page with mushroom and lettuce paint dabbers.

I used my Sizzix Townscape die cut to cut out three layers of the die. The main piece was a scrap that had the lower edge already punched. Sorry I can't remember the name of the punch.

 I backed the main piece with the black layer to give shadow to the houses. I then  cut out the houses from last sheet and adhered the odd house over the main pieces. I adhered the left over houses  to the lower parts of the page as part of the background.

I made two tags  and  I added  smaller mats to them. I edged the tags with pine distress ink. I adhered some black card keys on top. I wrote on the back of the tags and then tied them to the  top houses with some gold thread. The tags hang loosely below the houses.

Oh it is so nice to get back to challenging the brain to create something lol.


7 Jan 2012

Hubby's card

I have to admit I'm struggling to get in the crafting mood this last week. Not surprising I guess given the upset  with hubby being ill. I have managed to make his birthday card. He is a keen rugby fan so I made that the theme of his card.
I cut pentagons  from my card stash and adhered them to look like patchwork. I used a black pen to add faux stitching. I used some peel offs to edge the card.
I then cut out the rugby player silhouette using my Cameo and adhered that to the card using foam pads to give dimension. I did the same with the wording. I added more stitching using a white pen to finish it off.

I don't know what project to do next. I quite fancy doing another canvas  and making a Christmas tree using the cards I received this Christmas. I thought it would be a nice way of keeping cards I might have sentimental value to..... nothing like starting early  for the next season. lol

As promised her is a clearer photo of my last fairy. Its still not a brilliant photo but it is better than the originals.


2 Jan 2012

Fairy 2

Over the last few nights I've been doing a little bit of  my fairy number 2. I have almost finished my fairy. I have run out of rub ons so I need to order some new ones to finish off the painting. I apologise for the quality of the photo. I just couldn't seem to get in in focus. I'll have another try tomorrow when I've got my right specs on lol.

I used a mixture of paper and paint and stamps to create the background. I edged the painting with Ranger paint dabbers of pink, white and copper colours.
I cut out a heart and used that as her bodice. Pink and white feathers made her skirt. Cutting a butterfly embellishment in half  and painted the halves purple  created her wings.

I made her hair by piping some Anita's 3D gold paint. I streaked some Pitt pen across her hair to add some dimension.
The painting was finished with some 3D butterfly embellishments. I prefer this fairy to the first one I did.

I messed up the first fairy  by trying to alter her hair and face. The more I fiddled with it the worse it got so sadly she has been assigned to the bin!
Hey ho you win some and you lose some!!

1 Jan 2012

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!! I hope you had a good New Years Eve and that 2012 will be a good one for you. My New years eve was a quiet one. Hubby rang me from hospital just before midnight. It's the first time we've been apart on NYE in 35 years. It was lovely being on the phone together. It was the next best thing to being together.

Now my daughter has received her card I can post it here at last!
I folded purple some linen textured card in half.  I rubbed  pink pigment ink over the inside of a Sizzix embossing folder ( I can't remember the name sorry) and run some pink card inside the folder  through my Bigshot. The ink transferred to the card leaving a textured mat. I adhered the mat to the card and edged the base with faux stitching with my white Sigma pen. 
I cut out pieces of paper and adhered them onto a card to make them look like patch work. I then cut out the handbag (purse) shape plus the flap. I drew faux stitching over the edges of the "patches.  I edged the flap with pink pigment ink (dew drop inks)  and added a brad with her initial. I adhered that to the bag with foam pads to give it some dimension.
I cut out the "Happy Birthday" with my Cameo and again added some faux stitching and adhered that on the top of the page. I used the Cameo to write Happy Birthday, and her name, with a purple  pen using the pen holder attachment on the  the insert . That finished the card!!

I've started to do another canvas with a fairy. I really don't like the last one I did and I'm keen to one that is much nicer.  Picture to follow when I've finished it....