"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Nov 2011

Girl 3

 I finally finished my third girl. I used a small 4x6 inch canvas.

She is a modern Christmas angel or if you prefer a winter fairy. Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick up the subtle colours in the background.  I stamped the background with red and yellow Stazon. I edged and stenciled the frame with white moulding paste and sprinkled on some course and fine glitter. Near the end I used  my new Ranger silver paint dauber to edge the frame. It came out thicker than I expected but I like the effect. I also adhered some stars around the canvas.

 Her skirt is similar to the SheArt 2 course and is made up of old Christmas cards. Her jacket is made from felt as is her "brooch". The collar is made up of small beads.  I had a bit of a problem with her collar... I was inpatient and touched them to see if the glue was dry and they ended up stuck to my fingers instead. They didn't go back as well as the original by hey ho......... or should it be ho, ho, ho?!!!

Her wings are a butterfly trimmed down to fit. I daubbed gold and silver paint to colour the wings and again I sprinkled some glitter on her wings. Her hair band is made up of yellow and green caviar beads. I was hoping it would give a halo effect but it didn't work out. Still, her hair looks fine. I'm not sure that I want to add a face to this one. I'm scared I'll spoil it and a lot of work has gone into this canvas. Hmmmmm ......I think I'll leave her face blank. Stop while the going is good is my motto for this one! LOL

The whole painting was spritzed with Ranger sunflower shimmer mist  which gives the background a gold sheen as you turn the canvas. I did try to add some rub ons but they wouldn't rub off the backing sheet for some reason.

The canvas should look a bit better when all the adhesives and seals are completely dry.


28 Nov 2011

Multi tasking

Its been a busy evening crafting. I started by preparing the canvas for my next girl. I simply adhered some background paper and left it to go and make a stencil to use on the background.
While I was at the computer I downloaded a file from Penny Duncan and started making a Christmas tree tag. I cut 2 sets of the pieces with my Cameo. I distressed the edges of each piece with Ranger inks. I chose alternate patterns and embossed each piece. with a polka dot folder. I  then mounted the pieces onto the base shapes using foam pads.  These were then adhered to the base card again with foam pads to give dimension. I tried to use white pigment ink to whiten the edges of the "leaves but it wasn't very successful so I went over them again with perfect pearls. I didn't use the same paper or embossing folder's as Penny, I just used what I had in my stash. You can see her tutorial here.
 You can download her cutting and PDF files on her blog which is listed on the blogs I follow.
After that was finished I went back to the canvas and just stamped a little bit of the background. I'll do the rest tomorrow.... or maybe not I have to go to my evening class after work so perhaps I'll do it Tuesday


26 Nov 2011

Girl 2

Its been a great day today. The best news was my son had an interview (one of many) for a job a few weeks ago and the company phoned him today offering him the job and asking him to start on Monday. He's been unemployed for almost three years so the news has delighted the whole family.
We rushed into town and bought him some new clothes so he's looking the part on Monday.
Today,  I painted and decorated my second girl. The background is as usual ... a mixture of paper, acrylic paint and stamping. Her hair is coloured with Pitt pens and I gave her copper highlights using a Quickie glue pen and some copper coloured glitter. The headband is rub ons and the flower is tiny beads adhered on using clear glue.
I was nervous drawing her face because I didn't want it to be out of proportion.I think her face is OK. I did make a mistake when I used rub ons. Some of the pattern adhered to her face and I couldn't get it all off.

I made her dress from patterned paper and gave the neck an asymmetrical design.  I enhanced the pattern by adhering micro beads, small beads and glitter over the flowers in the pattern.
 I filled in the centre of the flowers with glossy accents to add to the dimension. The glue and glossy accents are not dry yet but they will dry clear so that should improve the finished painting.

The butterfly was also covered with glitter and different shaped and coloured beads so there as more detail to the pattern.

The hardest part of doing this  girl was waiting for the glue to dry. I was very good and didn't give in to the temptation to carry on before the glitter was dry. I think having to go shopping while the glitter was drying helped!! I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to seal it all with Mod Podge.

25 Nov 2011

Girl 1

I had a great time doing my girl 1.  I used a small 4 x6 inch canvas.
I was pleased with her features  even though her eyes are out of proportion and I didn't get the shading  around the nose right. I tried to give dimension to her hair buy mixing the paint with moulding paste and spread it on using a stencil... I ended up with brown paste everywhere ... it was all over my hands, work sheet, everything I seemed to touch got the paste on it. I didn't know such a small amount of thick paint could spread so far!!!!! 
I'm way behind with the  course. This is the only girl I've done so far. I have watched some more videos so I must get on and do some more girls soon!

lil bags

Oh boy! what a week most of which has been spent in bed. I feel sorry for my son because it was his birthday on Monday and both myself and hubby were ill. Still we made up for it yesterday when the whole family came to the house and we ordered a take away. I couldn't eat much but he enjoyed it which was the main thing. I'm feeling a lot better and got back to crafting today.
I'm not going to bother with Christmas crackers this year. I decided to make little gift bags to put a little something in for the Christmas table.
I cut the templates out with my Cameo then glued the sides and bottom to make the bags. I used Kraft card stock for the bags. I then cut  2 1/2 inch squares of dark red paper from bits of scraps I had left over from another project and adhered them to the fronts of the bags.
Next I cut 2 inch squares out of gold mirri card and embossed teach one I adhered them diagonally on top of the red paper using foam pads to give them dimension. I stamped holly leaves onto more scraps of (green) patterned paper and cut the leaves out. I adhered the leaves to the mirri card with more foam pads. I punched out circles of red mirri card and adhered them to the top of the leaves with Pinflair (silicone gel). I tried using small red buttons but I preferred the card "berries". I finished the bags off with some raffia tied through the handles. I made 8 bags in total.Now I've got to find little things to go inside the bags. Thank goodness the bags are small so only little things will fit inside them!!

I watched the She ART 2 videos so I hope to make a start on that in the next few days too. I'll have to make some more cards too.  All of a sudden there's a lot of crafting to be done!!!!

For you non Brits I'll explain what are Christmas crackers. The crackers are a tube shaped object made from card and paper. Its a tradition in the UK to have them at  Christmas dinner. Two people pull the tube apart and the cracker gives a snap sound. Inside is a little gift, a paper hat and a joke. They are normally brightly  decorated.


23 Nov 2011


Unfortunately a bout of diverticulitis has prevented me from doing anything this week. I hope to be back soon.....

19 Nov 2011


A quiet day crafting today. I watched the She Art2 video for the girl's hair and had a go at practicing different hair styles. This was a lot easier than the noses and eyes! I quite enjoyed doing these lol.
I won't be doing anything more tonight.  My esophagus is inflamed ( I suffer from acid reflux)  and its difficult to eat.  I need some thing cold and smooth to calm it down ... I think its time for some ice cream yummmm!!


18 Nov 2011

DIY with the Cameo

I justified the buying of my Cameo by helping with a repair for the flushing mechanism of our toilet. A circular piece of plastic had broken causing the toilet to stop flushing. I took the plastic and scanned it into my computer and transferred it to the Cameo software programme. I copied the shape and holes and made a template. I cut out the shape from some acetate. I fitted it to the plumbing and it worked beautifully. Hubby was very impressed! He now thinks its the best thing since sliced bread! So if you have a Cameo/Silhouette don't limit it to just crafting!!!!


17 Nov 2011

Snowflake tree card

My crafty friends group was canceled this afternoon so I went to visit my mother instead of tomorrow.  I can have tomorrow afternoon at home for a change.

I've had a quite night crafting. I've only made one card but I'm very pleased with it. It's totally different from the other cards I've made for Christmas. I downloaded the file from the UKscrappers Silhouette forum and cut it out using my Cameo. I then cut two circles, one slightly larger than the other,  from dark red and pearlised cream card.
Next I folded some dark red card and layered the circles and topper onto the front cover using some foam pads. I cut a slit in the side of the card  and wrapped some cream organza ribbon and tied a bow. I wrapped some pearl strings around the knot of the bow and fixed it with a glue dot.  The card is finished off by rounding the corners of the card.  I'll add the message later.

I know I should have done some more She Art 2 practice but I was too tired. I'll have a go at drawing hair tomorrow!

16 Nov 2011


Its been another good night crafting. I didn't get around to doing the She Art course tonight because it took me longer than I expected to make some Christmas cards. Goodness knows why but I take ages to make just a few cards........ errr two in fact!
This is one of my favourite cards. The main one on the left  is designed by Vicky from Clips-n-cuts.
She has very kindly put  cutting file and  PDF file templates on her website so that you can download to make the card. She also has a video showing how the cad is made. You don't need a cutting machine to use the PDF template which you can download from  here.
I didn't use the same card as instructed, I just used what I had in my stash. I also enlarged the card to enable me to put them into C5 envelopes. As you can see I changed the decoration a bit for the right hand card.  The snowman stamps are from Hero Arts, I bought them last year but I think you can still get them.
I had to straighten the bottom of the card so it would stand up properly. I did cut out another topper for a card but its very intricate and I wanted to take my time pushing out some of the extra bits without ripping the design. I've made a start but I was getting impatient so I've left it until tomorrow.  Now its time for a cup of hot chocolate and then I'll be going to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

15 Nov 2011

nose and eyes

Day 2 of the he Art 2 course and I practised drawing the noses and eyes this evening. I notice that the noses are not my strong point! I thought they would be easier to draw but they are pretty hard especially the  shading. That's an area that needs more work. It took me a while to work out which colours to use as well. I used water colour pencils but they didn't work very well on the gesso 'd page. I'll have to try again on  an untreated page and see what happens.

I am more pleased with the eyes but they are something I did practice a while back.  I used the water soluble crayons rather than the water colour pencils for the eys and I think the shading is a lot better.

Oooooooo eerrrrrr !!!!!! I think the page of eyes looks pretty creepy!

Tomorrow I'm going to try doing different hair styles and do some more noses!


14 Nov 2011


The he Art2 course started today. I'm sooo looking forward to getting into this course. I don't have as much time to do it as the last course because I did it during my holiday. Never mind, I don't have to rush the course I can do it in my own time which is an advantage to me.
I watched some of the videos about noses and lips. I drew the lips in my journaling book and made it into a journaling page as well as practice doing the lips.
I haven't coloured the lips in properly because I wasn't using my paints and shading brushes. I simply used some Pitt pen brushes that I had to hand.
I had to go to my Welsh class this evening so  the noses will have to wait until tomorrow!

12 Nov 2011

Christmas ...

Christmas is creeping up  fast this year. I don't normally start thinking about Christmas until I get the November family birthdays over. As I've made my son's and mother's birthday cards I thought I'd start on the Christmas ones. Last year I made loads of individually designed cards where I was trying out new techniques. I'm not going to have time to do that this year so I made 6 cards of the same design and one of another similar themed design. I downloaded the cutting files from the UKscrappers CraftRobo Forum and cut them on my new Cameo.... ooooo I do love that machine!!!

I cut the candle and tree shaped cards then backed them with either plain card or patterned paper. I then adhered the lettering and added some ribbon. The tree has had some stickles glitter added to the garland and candles.

I'll do a few more trees and back them with patterned paper. The other candle cards I may  decorate in different ways... maybe add some peel offs or bows and buttons etc. I will make other designs but will have to give that a bit of thought.

I've started doing my Christmas shopping too. I started shopping online and its so much easier than trudging round the shops.  I can't say what I bought because some of my family check this blog out sometimes and I don't want to give away any secrets!!!

11 Nov 2011

Birthday Card 2

Its been a crafty day today. As usual I traveled along the motorway to see my mother. She was quite bright today so we started making some Christmas cards. I kept them simple so she could adhere the elements to the cards. She seemed to enjoy making them and it keeps her stimulated.We managed to make 6 cards before she tired.
This evening I made my son's birthday card. He is keen on Taekwondo so I made that the theme of the card.
I folded some navy blue card as the base. I dabbed some pearlised beige pigment ink onto  a brick embossing folder and run some grey card through my Bigshot. As you can see  the ink  added extra dimension to the card. I run a distressing tool around the edges to give a roughened appearance. That card was then matted onto the base.
I loaded  a free clipart on my Cameo software where I traced and cut two martial artists, one in black and one in white. I cut off the extremities on the white player and layered it onto the black one. I cut out a blue belt and adhered the pieces onto the card. I  again used the Cameo to tye and weld the the message and adhered them to the card. I finished the card by drawing faux stitches around the edge with a white gel pen.
The She Art 2 online class starts on Monday so it'll be great to get back to some painting. I'm realy looking forward to it....

10 Nov 2011

Birthday card 1

I had a little play on my new Cameo and was very pleased with the results. It cuts thicker card than the SD. I even used my pens to write the message inside the card.
I made a birthday card for my mother using a cutting file I downloaded from UKscrappers Craft Robo/cameo forum. I cut out the lattice aperture on the main card. I then cut pieces and layered them onto the main card. The top bows and other pieces I embossed with holographic embossing powder and adhered them tot he top with foam pads. I also adhered some ribbon, flowers and gems around the card to finish it off.
Although the picture makes the card look grey it is a rich purple  colour with lilac flowers and insert to the card.

Next I'll make a card for my son. His birthday is in less than two weeks time so I best make a start on that card too.....

First Cut!

Just a quickie for now. My first cut with my new Cameo
I'm very impressed with how clean the detailed cut was. I lurvvveee it!!
My next project is to make birthday cards for my son and mother whose birthdays are on the 21st and 26th of the month.........

8 Nov 2011

Another album finished!

 I only had a short session crafting tonight. I'm just too tired to do much. I finished and decorated the last mini wallet to fit inside the paper bag album. I simply scored and cut  4" squares from the  four corners. I then matted each remaining square. The squares are folded into the centre to create a wallet for photos or journaling.
The outside centre square was decorated with a flower and some  gold ribbon that  went across the wallet and tied with a bow on the reverse.
 My Cameo arrived today and all I've had time to do is unpack it and try cutting out one item.  It is so easy to set up and works beautifully.I love it. I'm looking forward to having a proper play with it tomorrow!!


7 Nov 2011


Am I an excited bunny or what?? Guess who ordered a new Silhouette Cameo cutting machine?? .....ME!!!! I know I have a Silhouette SD but the new machine can cut 12 inch widths and heavier card. I can't wait for it to arrive. It'll  open up some new possibilites for what I can cut.  I'll sell the SD to recoup some of the cost.

No crafting tonight............. I have to go to evening classes to learn welsh on Mondays from now on. At least the staff meeting has been postponed so I can have some tea before I go out again.

6 Nov 2011

Going Batty

My son came rushing in last night shouting there was something strange by his car. I went out to investigate and found a little long eared bat on the drive. It was tiny and pretty feisty but it was obvious it had hurt its wing. Awww... the poor little thing, I could see it's little heart beating through its fur. Next was deciding what to do with it? I was weary about handling it because bats can carry rabies and although it was small I could see it had sharp teeth. I used a lid and scooped it up into an old biscuit box and phoned the wildlife rescue people. They were very good they came out and took it away, he was optimistic about  helping it recover.
This evening I carried on making wallets for the paper bag album. The first was one I've made before and is on the left side of the The  photo wallet was made from one piece of folded 12 x 12 double sided paper. It holds six photos or tags. I reinforced a strip of paper and flower with clear duct tape, cut them out and adhered them to form a fastener.
The second ( right side of photo) was an envelope that opens like a box to hold a photo or object/sentiment. If you click on the words it will take you to the site for instructions on how to do them.
 After that I started to decorate the cover. I adhered some gems to the
 centre of the open flowers and covered the black flowers and with crackle accents. The stems and larger flowers were just edged with the glaze. They are still drying.
It wasn't until I finished applying the crackle that I realised I'd been decorating the back cover which I didn't want to use the crackle glaze. Ah well, once its dry I'll do the same to the front cover. One last wallet to make but I'm running out of ideas for that one so I might just ave to trawl through Utube for more ideas!

Mini Wallet

I  enjoyed the fireworks tonight (Guy Fawkes Night in UK). My location means I get to see most of the displays in town and there were some good ones. My local leisure centre put on a good show but it was smaller than last year.
I had a quiet night crafting. I made another wallet to go inside the album.I adhered 3 folded envelopes together to create a wallet.  I edged the pages with worn lipstick distress ink. I used my Silhouette to cut out some shapes and matted them to the "pages". I adhered some gold ribbon around the pages to create a little booklet.
After that I made three tags for one of the other mini wallets I'd made previously. I simply cut out shapes from pink pearlised card and cut the corners with my deco corner chomper. I then coated the edges with Versamark and gold embossing powder. I stamped the tags and the outside of the wallet with a butterfly stamp and again embossed with gold powder. I threaded some buttons with golden thread and adhered them to the strap that closes the front cover. I will have to make some tags to go in three other pockets and then finish off decorating the cover and it should be finished. After that it will be the start of the She Art 2 course. I haven't dine any painting for a while so I'm looking forward to it.

3 Nov 2011

Get well soon

It was Thursday's Crafty Friends group this afternoon and, as promised, Nikki showed me how to make the final wallet for my album. I practiced on some cheap envelopes and worked out my mistakes. I'll start making it for proper tomorrow. I had something else I wanted to do first.

This evening I made a "Get Well" card for one of my pupils who is in hospital after an accident. I used some bronze pearlised card as a base and matted some sage green polka dot paper (from Stash) onto it.
I cut out some sheep and bows from some paper I had in my stash. I cut a strip
of coordinating paper and adhered it all to the card. I used a double layer of bow to give it some dimension.
I used my Silhouette SD to write the message to finish the front of the card. I also used the Silhouette to write  sentiment  and cut a shape on cream pearlised paper to go inside the card.  I edged the shape with green pigment ink and adhered it to the inside.
I'm still learning to use things on my cutting machine and tonight was the first time I've used the pens to write messages. I'll certainly be doing that again because it was so easy to do!!