"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

30 Oct 2011


I am still having back problems ...well ......it turns out to be my right hip and the pain travels across the small of my back. I can't sit still for long and I can't stand for long!! Hubby has been great rubbing liniment into my hip which has helped greatly. If it doesn't improve this week I'll pop over to see the doctor.
I sat quietly today and started drawing eyes into my journal with the intention of doing some more tomorrow. However I developed it and went up to my craft room and quickly added some colour with acrylic inks for the mask, Pitt pens for the eyes and paints and stamps for the background.  I finished it off with a few peel offs.  I deliberately only drew the eyes and not the rest of the face  because the link was with the eyes and mask. I was  surprised how much the eyes stand out
 I wrote a brief entry under the mask then sealed it with Mod Podge. It didn't take me long to colour the page.  It was so nice to get back to a little crafting after almost a week of doing very little.
I've got to complete the paper bag album this week so I hope my hip eases soon!

28 Oct 2011

bad back

A bad back has prevented me from crafting over the last few days so no blogging either. Its starting to feel a bit better so hopefully I'll be back soon.....

26 Oct 2011


Wow! I've finished the album!! I thought I was doing so well not doing any bloopers but as usual I almost came a cropper when I forgot to take out the baby tag before I fixed the eyelets to one page.... Yes,  the tag got stuck to the inside of the pocket ggggrrrrrr....... I had to carefully remove the eyelets and the "baby" then cut the sides of the tag to remove the damage. Then I had to redo the eyelets. Damage repaired!!!!
As you can see I added the title to the front and threaded some ribbon through some eyelets to form the handles.
I cut and adhered the mat behind the front cover then I punched 2 holes and fixed eyelets to each page. I then assembled the album by threading narrower ribbon through the eyelets and covers and tied the ends into bows to add to the decoration. If at a later date I want to add pages I'll be able to undo the bows and add them to the album.
There are one or two incidentals like embellishments I want to add. I still haven't bought the duck shaped button yet so little things like that will complete the album.
I think this has been one of the albums I've thoroughly enjoyed making. I've had so much fun making the shapes like the pram and bottle etc. The other album I enjoyed was the handbag album. I think its because I was cutting out  fun elements.  Guess I'm still a big kid at heart!


24 Oct 2011


A good session crafting, today I finished the cover for the album. I edged the inside with lace and then adhered a set of paper to the inside.

I ran out of tape in my ATG glue gun. I had a bit of a struggle with the refill tape. It's wider than the last tape and it kept sticking. I kept having to undo the casing and undo the tape because it tangled continuously on the reel. I eventually realised I had to remove one of the front reels to lower the tape.
Once I did that it worked perfectly. I definitely have problems with sticky things... if its not ATG its battling with Pinflair. I've already had to throw out 3 syringes because the glue has dried out inside the tube and the plunger has parted company with the rubber seal at the end of the plunger never to be dug out of the tube again!!
Back to the album......To hide the seam where the two sheets of paper are joined I covered the spine with another smaller piece of paper that has the ends cut with a Martha Stewart edge punch.

I'll cut out a shape and mat it and add lettering to the front cover.  Then it'll be time to fix the pages to the cover and make some handles.
I haven't been to the shops yet but the ribbon is next on my list. I'm visiting my mother tomorrow and I know there is a good  shop in the town that sells loads of ribbon so I'm looking forward to going to that shop!!

Almost finished

I pushed on with the baby album tonight. I made the last of the tags and made the last page.  The last page isn't a pocket. I just matted some card and adhered the hands to the sides so they can be opened up to reveal a picture of the baby.

I've also made a start on the cover. I cut the shape out of mount board using a craft knife. I covered the outside with two pieces of paper because the cover is too wide for a single 12x12 sheet. I need to hide the join on the spine so I'll cut a piece to cover the spine. I intend to use the paper under the album in  the photo.
I haven't completed the inside yet because I want to edge the cover with some lace but I don't have any that suits the album.  I'll have a look for a suitable lace in the shops tomorrow.......I have to have some excuse to go shopping.... maybe I don't lol!!!
I still haven't fully decided how I'm going to attach the pages to the cover but I have an idea but I'll have to try it on a spare piece of card first.........


22 Oct 2011


It's bathtime for my album!  I cut out the tub using my silhouette.. I didn't like the first one because the pattern was too similar in colour to the background paper so I cut out another one which I like better. I then used some bubble wrap as a stamp to create some bubble effects. I added some wording to finish it off. I'm going to look for a small duck button/sticker to adhere to the page too. I also went back to the cot/crib and added a teddy bear and rattle tag to go inside the cot.
I cut out some baby hands in preparation for the peek a boo page but I  haven't finished making that page yet.

I think it needs just a few more tags then I'll be ready to do the covers. It's come together quicker than I thought it would. Thats good because I'll have to start thinking about getting back to the paper bag album I'll be finishing at the next Pink Scrappers crop in a few weeks time.
The She Art 2 course and been delayed a week so that will give me some  extra time to get the two albums finished.
Geee its all go isn't it?? lol I haven't even thought about making Christmas cards yet!!


20 Oct 2011


Today I carried on with my album. I decorated two pages with a milk bottle and cot. I am pleased with the milk bottle. The bottom of the bottle is a pocket and the top lifts up to reveal a tag. The cot is just cut out of white card and I've backed it with acetate so the "rails" don't get caught when tags are inserted. I haven't made the tags yet. I added a few embellishments to some of the pages. I think I've got another page to decorate with an object (possibly a baby bath) then I'll make the tags to go inside the cot and bath. A few embellishments and sayings will finish the rest of the other pages.


19 Oct 2011


 I've had another fun time carrying on with my baby album. I thought I'd done a lot today but when I went back to take the photos it doesn't look like much. I was having to design things and mat things so I guess I did spend a lot of time doing things... lol
What did I do?  Weeellllll.... I made a pram ( stroller) from card  that I edged with paper lace and added worded staples that said "sweet" and "precious". I punched out some holographic card for the wheels. I made  a home made rattle tag to slip inside the pram.
Next I made a romper suit by cutting out the shape on card and paper. I layered the paper onto card to give it strength. I decorated the suit with brads and some faux stitching.  
I made a "nappy" (diaper) to go under the romper.  Again I used the stapler to fix a staple that had a safety pin etched on it. That will have a tag in it eventually.
Next I added a few embellishments to some of the pockets. I bought a Papermania  (or was it Docrafts? darn I can't remember!!) decoupage kit and used the teddy bear from the kit on one of the pockets. I also added some embellishments and stickers on a couple of other pockets. They aren't finished by a long way but I'm not in any hurry to get it finished. I have plenty of time... the baby isn't due until February.
I have realised that I haven't planned how I'm going to fix/ bind the pages into an album yet. I won't be doing the same as the tutorial simply because I forgot to adhere the tabs to the inside of the sides before I glued all the pockets. No problem I'll think of another way. Famous last words hey? You can remind me of this when I mess things up!!

18 Oct 2011

Little faces

Oh what a lovely evening I've had! It's been so much fun bringing the little baby faces to life. I cut plain oblong tags out of card and rounded the corners. I drew the faces with some Stabilo fineline pens, then added some Spun Sugar distress ink dabbed onto their cheeks with my little finger. I also added some embellishments like the soother and a bow. I then adhered the faces to the tags. I strengthened the heads by adhering the blank heads to the back of the faces and tag to create a double layer.

I've started to decorate one of the pockets just to see how it looked. It was fine but I think I'm going to need to decorate both sides of the pockets and I need to get some baby style embellishments to adhere to the album.
I think the faces just bring the whole album alive.....I'm just  so chuffed with them!!!

17 Oct 2011


I only had a short time crafting tonight because of another late night working. I bought the 12 x12 paper pad at Dunelm, its called Animal Antics by First edition papers.The pad is a mixture of single and double sided paper. To make the pockets I cut 12 x 6 strips of paper and scored 1cm down the sides. I folded the paper in half with the fold being the bottom of the pocket. I cut along the scored line to the half way fold on both sides of the lower half of the page leaving side flaps on the upper half. I folded the flaps in and adhered the lower half to the upper half to form the pocket. I cut a slit on one side of the top of the pocket to form the "collar" of the blanket.

I made and cut out the baby's heads and tufts of hair on my Silhouette SD. I made plenty of extra heads and hair in case of errors later on when I draw their faces on (I know what I'm like with mistakes!!) I then adhered the tufts to the heads.
Next I want to make the baby's body which should just be squares /rectangles of card and decorate the pockets.


16 Oct 2011

Baby Album

Another day out in the garden clearing out my plant tubs and boxes. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm.... no mishaps this time lol.
This evening I couldn't resist starting the baby album inspired by Laura Denison of the Follow The Paper Trail site. I made 7 pockets and folded the tops to resemble a baby's blanket. I'm not sure how many pockets I'll make at this stage , I thought I'd make a few and then  see how they turn out before making any more.
As you can see, I haven't used pink or blue because we don't yet know what my niece is expecting so I've stuck to greens, yellows and neutral colours. I'm working late tomorrow so I hope I won't be too tired when I get home. I want to make a start on the tags or at least one tag to see how it looks before I start embellishing anything. I need to have another look at the video tutorial first........


last tags

What a day!
First I watched the rugby, the captain was controversially sent off, and Wales lost to France by 1 point. It was so disappointing considering how well they'd played all through the tournament and during the match with one less player.

After that I went out into the garden to tidy up the borders. Gosh it was  amazing how much the clematis had covered everything. I did quite well clearing it away until I fell face first into a bush!! Apart from a few scratches I am fine.

This evening I've had a good time scrapping. I added a few extra embellishments to the tags and pages I've already made. I also made the last of the tags I need for the time being.
I matted some and added embellishments and labels. The one with the labels also has a cut out flower that I coated with glossy accents and adhered a dragonfly charm to finish it off.
I won't do any more to this album until the next Pink Scrappers crop in November when we'll be doing the covers and some mini folders to go inside the bag pockets.
Hmm ....... what to do next? I might make a start on the baby album or I might make another canvas... I'll decide tomorrow

13 Oct 2011


I was very tired yesterday so didn't do any crafting but I made up for it this afternoon. I carried on with my paper bag album. I decorated a few pages and made a few more tags. I used my Silhouette SD to cut out some shapes and my big shot for other shapes. I matted a couple of tags and adhered some shapes onto the pages. The green and pink shapes were edged with some white gel pen scribbles and  the others were distressed and had some embellishments added. I'm not normally into pink and "pretty" colours but I like these ones. I've got a few more tags to make then I'll be ready for the next class to finish it off.
Tonight I went out for a meal with some girl friends. We meet up once a month to get together and catch up on the gossip and try out the local restaurants...... any excuse to check out the dessert menu!! I missed the last gathering so it was nice to see them again.
Tomorrow I'll be wearing red. I live in Wales and we're supporting our National Rugby team who have reached the Saturday semi finals of the Rugby World Cup so as many people as possible have been asked to wear something red in support of the team....I can't wait for Saturday morning............ C'mon Wales!!!


10 Oct 2011


I can't believe how tidy my craft room is since I had my new furniture! I don't expect it will last though!!
Tonight I just made a few embellishments and two small tags. I cut them out using my Silhouette cutting machine, embossed the edges of the tags and rubbed some gold pigment ink on the edges of the others.  I layered the doilies and adhered  ready made butterflies, circles and gem in the centre and that's all I've done. I haven't decided where in the album I want to put them yet but I knew I wanted some plain ones to balance with the patterned paper.
It's been a busy day in work and I feel tired so I didn't want to make silly mistakes because of tiredness so I haven't done much.
 I did go to work in my son's jumper. I was quite chuffed when I realised my mistake. He's slim and I actually fitted his jumper beautifully!!

9 Oct 2011


Its been a busy day helping hubby to construct my new Expedit storage unit from IKEA. It fits perfectly against the wall in my craft room. I loaded it up with my craft things and it is great! I've still got some room for more too. The black squares are boxes that I keep loose items.

I spent a short time adding more embellishments to my paper bag album. I just added some glitter, a die cut from a Marianne butterfly die and some ribbon. The glue leaked through the ribbon but I hope they'll dry clear. I filled a charm butterfly with a piece of pink paper and filled the centre with some crackle glaze. That is still drying.

I will start doing some tags tomorrow.... ohhh no not more tags, I thought I'd finished them on the napkin fold album!!!............at least they'll be different to the others.

8 Oct 2011


I have been busy shopping today. Hubby and I went to IKEA to buy an Expedit bookcase for my craft room. The Bristol shop was sold out of the one I wanted so we dove to Cardiff and bought it there. I also bought a few boxes to go inside some of the cubes. We had lunch there and several coffees. I can recommend their warm cinnamon swirls it was just soooooo yummy!!
It was past 7pm by the time we arrived back home so I haven't done much crafting. I've had another go at trying out some eyes and faces.
  I definitely need to do a lot more work on faces.  I can't say I enjoyed doing these faces because I am finding it a challenge. They aren't the look I want. I will have to hunt around online to find a tutorial on the style I'm hunting for.
  I want something simpler and more suited to the she art girls. I think I need to be patient and wait for the next course that starts in November. That course says its going to do faces.
In the meantime if you know of any good sites to help me with this, feel free to let me know!!
I'm looking forward to constructing my bookcase and organising my craft "stuff'  tomorrow. It should be fun!!!