"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Sep 2011

upside down

I'm not having a good week!! I did another blooper tonight!
I did a page of my journal. I covered the page with different pieces of tissue and  stenciled some acrylic paint to create swirls. I made two attempts at the wings because the first ones went very dark for some unknown reason. The second set was a bit better so I adhered them to the page. I stapled some wide staples to the page and decided to stick two pages together to create a pocket that I'll fill later. It was only after I'd stuck the two pages together that I realised that I'd adhered the cloud and wings on upside down so the pocket is also upside down !! arrgh!!!!! Too late to do anything about it. ....
hmmm...... I'll pretend I did  it on purpose  just to  add a quirky feel to the  finished journal. If I do some later pages upside down too this one won't look so odd! Creativity has many guises!!!!  lmao

This afternoon,I finally started making Christmas cards. I went to my usual Crafty Friends group and we had a go at making iris fold cards.  I cut thin paper into strips, folded them in half and layered them around the aperture fixing them with sticky tape. I edged the tree aperture with a green Promarker and the star with gold 3D glue. I added glitter glue as baubles to the tree and star confetti to the star card. I stamped the greeting on one and adhered an embellishment to the other.
I don't know that I'll make as many Christmas cards as I did last year, but I might make a few for the family.  I'll make some with my mother too but she tires very quickly so I guess we'll make a couple a week if she's up to it.


28 Sep 2011

No Pics

Sorry folks, there won't be any pictures tonight... guess who forgot to charge up the battery for her camera??? .... yep ..... me!! To be honest there hasn't been much to photograph today because work stuff has had to be done this evening.

All I've done is start preparing the background for another canvas and a journal page. I found a packet of patterned tissue papers I'd forgotten I'd had so I adhered the tissue onto the canvas and the white patterned paper onto the journal. I've run out of Mod Podge so I'm using a different make of matte medium. It's a lot thinner than Mod Podge and I'm not sure I like it. I'll just have to wait and see what it's like once it's dry.

I'm just about to put the battery on charge so hopefully there'll be photos for you tomorrow!

27 Sep 2011

Treasure the moment.

I started doing this canvas with a the aim of  giving the girl wings or putting some objects in the back ground.  Once I'd created the girl I decided that she didn't look like the type (what ever that type is!!) to have wings sprouting from her back.
I ended up stamping some watches and clocks into the background and suggesting she treasured every moment. I've used the dress paper before and this time a gave her a touch of lace at her hem. I also gave her some fish net tights..... very daring!
I got so engrossed in adding texture and bits and pieces I forgot all about using  the objects I'd intended to use! I'll save them for other canvases.  I've enrolled in the She Arts 2 online course which starts in November. Hopefully I'll be able to do more things with my girls after that.
I've had a twitch in my left eye all afternoon and evening. Its been so annoying! Nothing I do seems to get rid of it.... grrrrrr! lol perhaps a good nights sleep will cure it...................

26 Sep 2011


Another attempt at a journaling page tonight. It's even worse than last night's attempt! I think I tried too hard.
I used masking tape  spacing strips of it vertically across the paper. I sprayed it with paint then moved the tape horizontally, then diagonally, spraying with different coloured  paints each time. That was fine.
I then decided to create my fish using alcohol inks. I just used the blending tool and dabbed them onto glossy paper. That was ok too. Next I cut out the fish and that's when it all went a bit wrong. I didn't like the shape of the fish and the more I fiddled with it the worse it got!
 I should have left it at that stage and come back to it later but silly me plodded on. I tried rescuing the fish by using my Pitt markers... nope help that didn't either....it just made it worse.
I wrote my zodiac sign characteristics that matched my personality. As you can see I should have written it on a plain piece of paper that was easier to read. I guess I'll  do that and adhere it over the top of the writing when I try to rescue it tomorrow.
I've come to the conclusion I'm not so hot at journaling! Ah well, it is what it is and it's all part of the learning curve isn't it? lol


25 Sep 2011

I am

As I thought I would, I did a bit of journaling today.I covered the page with pages from a book then coloured it with acrylic inks. I used more inks to drizzle down the page. The picture doesn't show the colours very well.
I used Markal paint sticks to create the hearts. Once all that was dry I edged them with black pen and write the words inside the hearts.  I love the feel of the paint sticks.

I don't think this page is very good, I didn't seem to have much imagination today!  I might go back to it later and add some stamps or rub ons.........

24 Sep 2011


Tonight I finished the swap project. It was a simple but nice project to do. I used two beer mats and covered them with wood effect card. I used peel off letters to form the word 'Notes'. I did want to put Memo but I didn't have enough 'm's. That the problem with using sticky back letters you never have enough letters in one set!
Anyway I adhered a border and cut out some leaves from some patterned paper. I cut 3/4 inch circles from the same paper and adhered them to the back of some clear buttons. I adhered the leaves and buttons on top of the border. I cut out some more flowers and adhered them to the inside of the cover.
I bound the two mats with my Bind It All and placed a pack of Post It notes inside the covers. Looking at the picture of it here I think it needs some ribbon attached to the ring bindings to finish it off. I'll do that later.
What to do next? I don't want to start a big project because I'll be doing another album at the next scrap booking crop.  I think I'll do a page of my journal tomorrow. I joined a journaling class and I haven't really done much of it so far.  Yep, that's what I'll do tomorrow.

22 Sep 2011


It's been a good evening crafting..... except I did a blooper! The cutting mat for my Silhouette SD needed to be resprayed with repositioning glue. Guess who sprayed the wrong side of the mat so it ended up sticky on both sides??!!!  Luckily I had some alcohol cleaner and manage to clean up both sides of the mat. I resprayed the correct side and its been working fine tonight. It just meant I spent a lot of my evening cleaning the darn mat!!

As you can see, I managed to carry on with my musician canvas.Tonight I did the figure by cutting  him out of different sheets patterned paper. I made a music notes stencil  with my Silhouette and stippled  them with black acrylic paint. The guitar was cut out of wood effect vinyl.  I added some rub ons and some doodles to finish him off.

This afternoon, at the Craft Friends Group, I started on a Sticky Note holder for a swap I'm taking part in at The scrappers Sanctuary. I haven't taken part in a swap before so I hope it will be alright. I'll finish that off tomorrow.
I only work half day tomorrow but I still have to get up early so I better get off to bed now... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz... LOL


21 Sep 2011

Background done!

It has been a good evening doing the background of my big canvas. It's twice the size that I normally do. The background was easier to do than I expected. I used larger sheet music tickets  and book pages to cover the base then coloured it with blue acrylic ink. As usual I used different textured objects and acrylic paint colours to give the canvas texture. I used music, writing and circle design rubber stamps with Stazon to add more interest.
I'm pleased I've managed to keep some of the background paper visible, I usually get carried away with the paint and by the time I've finished the paper is obscure. 
My next task will be to do the muscian and add finishing touches.

Tomorrow is the Crafty Friends group, we haven't decided on what to do during our session so  I'll have to have a think about what I'm going to do in the group tomorrow afternoon........


20 Sep 2011

Going for it!

I'm going to be a brave girl today, I'm going to attempt to do a large (for me) mixed media canvas. I usually work on canvases measuring 10 x12 inches but this one is much bigger. I'm going to make a bigger version of the musician for my hubby. I'll let you know how I get on. I'm just going to prepare the background by giving it a coat of Gesso first and maybe I'll start sticking some paper onto it.

I've enrolled on the Christy Tomlinson She Art 2 online course which starts in November. I thoroughly enjoyed the first course so I'm looking forward to learning some more skills. Now I'm off to tackle that larger canvas.... wish me luck!!!


19 Sep 2011

Tags are done.

At last I have done my tags. About time too, I hear you say!!!

I've left the backs blank so photos can be added. The fronts are decorated with cameos of women wearing different hats.  I cut them out with my Silhouette SD. The file I got free from UK Scrappers forum. I adhered the cutouts with glue micro dots and edged them with a sierra Pitt pen and that's it ... all done at last!!

The micro dots are wonderful for adhering intricate things. They are sheets of tiny tiny dots of glue that you press your card/paper shape onto. Lift it off and position where you want them. There is no mess at all.
 Stix 2 make them.


Planet You

OOO yuck! I just took a tablet and it got stuck on the roof of my mouth and started to melt. It tasted awful. It took 4 swallows of water to shift it. It's left a bitter taste in my mouth ugh!!. Hmmm I need to have some chocolate to get rid of the taste ;-) hehehe!

Tonight did a little of my journal. I've subscribed to a journaling course called Planet you but I think I'm going to struggle writing about my inner self.
I adhered pieces of printed paper onto two of the pages. I then coloured it with acrylic inks. I used ordinary acrylic paint to add dimension by stamping with pieces of textured items. I used some loofah, sequin waste, a doily and bubble wrap.
I cut out my name from scrap paper and wrote a description of me inside each letter from my name. I found it quite hard to match my character with words beginning with some of the letters, "n' was the most difficult! I added some doodles and some rub ons to finish it off.

I'm not sure what crafting I want to do tomorrow. I suppose I should finish off those tags from the concertina album. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on this project because I thoroughly enjoyed making the album.  It won't take me long to finish it either........


17 Sep 2011


I just used my new painting station in my craft room and I loved it. I did a page in my journal. I don't know that I should call it a journal but they are random thoughts that come into my mind.
I layered some tissue paper and added some home made washi tape. I used a mask to create some silver dots in a trail. Then I stamped some designs with Stazon. I cut out some animal tracks and adhered them to page. I typed and printed out a saying " Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail' and adhered that to the page. Its all finished off with a thin coat of Mod Podge matte.

Now I'm going to take my aching body off for a hot bath and then bed!!


Revamped Craft room!

I am aching from head to toe today. I did a huge amount of housework... that'll teach me to leave it for a while lol. I gave my daughter's old room a clean and a tidy and then moved the spare bed and drawers from my craft room into her room.That left me space in my room.

We moved an old table from the garage up to my craft room. I spent a while rearranging my things so I now have a scrapping station and a painting station in my room! I covered the table with an old plastic tablecloth and some children's play paper on a roll. It looks great. Now I don't have to keep clearing my other table when I want to change activities. whoooo hooo!

Mind you it took ages to move things around.. the great thing was I found the chipboard I lost a couple of weeks ago!!
My craft room is the tidiest its ever been!! I don't know how long that will last though!

I might go and try some journaling .. then it'll be bath and bed for me!!!


16 Sep 2011


It feels as if my feet haven't touched the ground this week. Work has been busy busy busy. After work, I went to visit my Mum as usual on a Friday. I gave her a manicure and painted her nails with dark red nail polish. She loved it! She was pretty bright so we made a "New Home" card and a "Congratulations" card for my daughter and son. She enjoyed making them but it did tire her out. She had a little nap after that and then it was time for me to drive home. I don't feel like crafting tonight so its going to be a glass of wine and telly for me!...hic.....


15 Sep 2011

New Home

No crafting tonight. I've been helping my daughter move some of her belongings to her new home. Its a lovely house and I think she's going to be very happy there. Her fiance will be moving the furniture in tomorrow. This bring back such happy memories of when my hubby and I moved into our first home when we first got married.

We had so much fun furnishing and decorating it over the years. I'm sure my daughter and her fiance will do the same.


13 Sep 2011

Tea light and tags!

It's been a busy night. My daughter came over and wanted to know how to use the sewing machine I'd given her. She made a simple wallet and did very well for her first attempt.
I'd bought a Sizzix Sidekick and some second hand dies at the last crop and gave it to my daughter as well. We... errrmmmm weeeelll... I had a play with it!! She'll take it away when she moves to her new home at the end of the week.

I made another tea light holder but I'm a bit disappointed with it because its not as fine as my first one. The only thing I did differently was to use Versamark instead of Perfect Medium to stamp the centre of the glass. More embossing powder clung to it giving a thicker line to the design. I also added more alcohol inks to the glass which it gave a darker colour. The light of the candle didn't show through as brightly as you can see on the left hand candle holder. 
Did I have time to do any tags????  .... YES.....    I have finally started to make the tags!! I cut out 8 tags and edged them with Worn Lipstick and Shabby shutters TH Distress inks. The green distressed cards were edged again with green colour box pigment ink just to emphasise the green to match the green on the cover.
 I need to give some thought how I'm going to embellish the tags because I can't have anything that is too thick or the album won't be able to close.


12 Sep 2011

Tea Light Holder

I still haven't got  around to doing my tags tonight. Instead I did  The Scrapper Sanctuary  mixed media challenge for September. My order for memory glass arrived today so I thought I'd make my tea light instead of doing the tags.

 I used  5 x 2inch square pieces of Ranger memory glass and coloured the inside with alcohol inks.  I did manage to smudge the  inks but I don't think it's noticeable. I think I got more ink on my hands than on the glass!!
Next I stamped and embossed the outside with gold embossing powder. I adhered the sides with glossy accents and stuck all the pieces together holding them in place with  masking tape. Once the glue had dried I embossed the edges of the cube.

I couldn't find a real tea light candle to put in the holder so I used one of those battery ones just to take the picture.  I'm going to make another one  and give the pair to my daughter for her new home.

You can get the full instructions for making the tea lights from here Tea light instructions or from here tealight instructions

I plan to start my tags tomorrow...... .. lol

11 Sep 2011

Faux Patchwork

I had a great time at my great Niece's birthday party.Yes I had my jelly and blancmange!! My great niece looked so gorgeous!! I always enjoy meeting up with my niece and nephew. It was so lovely watching the grown up cousins teasing and chasing each other like they did as kids.

It's been a quiet day and I haven't done much crafting. I've had to focus on getting my school stuff ready for tomorrow.
Here is a card I made. Its an attempt at faux patchwork. I simply used a square pinch and out out several squares of different patterns onto a piece of scratch paper. I then write 'x's" along the seams. I used my Nestibilities to shape the whole card and create a larger piece that I matted and layered it onto my card stock. I drew some faux stitches around the edge and added some embellishments to finish it off.

I think tomorrow I'll make some tags for the concertina album..... mmm I think I've said that before?!!!


9 Sep 2011


I've finished my latest canvas at last.  I gave her wings although they don't show up well in the photo. Sorry the photo is not very clear. I can't take another one yet because the batery on my cam is being charged.

I used a stencil and paint sticks to make the red, yellow and orange flowers. I added rub ons  here and there as well as a few doodles. This time I adhered some 3D butterflies to the picture.
The wording says she wants to spread her wings.

I think the skirt part of her dress is a bit big but its all a learning experience right?

This painting reminds me of my daughter who is spreading her wings and moving into  her own home next week.

I'm off to my great niece's birthday party so there won't be time to do any crafting. Yummm I hope there's jelly and blancmange!!!


8 Sep 2011

1st Birthday

Work stopped me from crafting with my Crafty Friends group today but I did manage to meet them for a coffee. I did get some done when I got home. It's my great niece's first birthday on Saturday and the whole family are meeting up for a party.
 Tonight I made two cards ready for the party. I made one for my mum to give to her great grand daughter and one from my family. I had to make mum's card for her because I won't have time to make it with her. It's not quite finished yet. I matted some patterned paper (free from a magazine) onto purple card stock. I adhered some ribbon onto the bottom half. I then adhered these little dolls across the page.
I will add a topper saying  happy birthday later

The other card is different as you can see. I cut the patterned paper out using my Craft Robo. I matted that onto some plain pink card so it would show the lattice work. I then cut out a teddy bear from mirri card. I adhered some gems for it's eyes, added a yellow bow fixing it to the bear with a brad, I used a fine embossing tool to mark the rest of it's face and paws. I finished it off by defining an edge with peel offs.

 I'll try and finish off my canvas tomorrow and maybe make a few tags to go into the concertina  album.  I do like to finish projects so I have plenty to do for a while!

I'm really looking forward to the party. It'll be lovely to catch up with the family. Living so far away I get get to see them as often as I would like.

I don't know why but my followers list doesn't always show on my blog page...they only show when I refresh the page.... I must investigate why......


7 Sep 2011

Pink Scrappers

We had a great time at Pink Scrappers crop tonight. We had a class on making a concertina  mini album.
As usual I made a mess of the cutting........ my rectangle shaped piece looked more like a parallelogram! A few adjustments and I managed to hide the mistakes... I'm getting good at that!! lol
The pockets are made from small envelopes (dinner money ones). I haven't done the tags yet. I ran out of time.

The cover is made from two large and two smaller pieces of chipboard covered inside and out. The album is fastened with magnets.

Its was fairly easy to make and I think its pretty cute! It would make a lovely stocking filler for Christmas so I might make a few more.

I still haven"t found the chipboard I lost..... grrrr....  Luckily the woman doing the class had some spare ones I could have.


6 Sep 2011


Don't you just hate it when you put something away to keep it safe and then you can't find it when you need it? I bought some chipboard ready for the Pink Scrapper class tomorrow and now I can't find it. I've hunted high and low and they've just disappeared! It's soooo frustrating because my local craft shop doesn't sell it and I won't have time to order any more online. I wonder it I can use mount board instead? I think the board is used to stiffen an album we're making. I'll have to have a look for some thick cardboard somewhere.........................
This evening I started on my painting. I used strips of green patterned paper on the lower half and mustard and yellow patterned paper on the upper half. One piece has a circular pattern on it that resembles the sun so I only lightly covered it with paint.

I stippled some white paint over a butterfly mask and used the usual things like sequin waste, loofah and open weave fabric to add texture. I tried out my new paint sticks to create the red and yellow flowers by rubbing them over a stencil. The paint sticks were lovely to rub over the stencil...  I wasn't sure how long the y took to dry and I did smudge one or two but I don't think its noticeable... that'll teach me to be impatient  hehehe!

I cut out my girl and adhered her onto the canvas.   I might give this one wings. I  need to add do some shading, give her hair, finish her dress, add some stamps and rub ons. I'll finish her another time.  It won't be tomorrow because I'm going to the scrapbook crop.

If you find my chipboard let me know!! lolol

5 Sep 2011


The first day  of term went well. I am tired now having only had about 3 hours sleep. I don't know why but I always find it hard to sleep at the start of each term. Perhaps my mind is full of things I need to do.
I haven't done any crafting tonight because I've been doing thinks like my timetable, recording info on my new pupils etc.
 I thought I'd show you the bit of doodling I did over the past  few days.
I sat with hubby, watching telly and doodling. I didn't realise how relaxing it is do.

I started off  doodling with a black pen. Once I'd covered the page I decided to colour it in. I used my Pitt pens and some Promarkers. I had to use the Promarkers because I only have a few Pitt pens and needed a wider range of colours.  Of course I forgot Promarkers will seep through to the other side of the paper. Never mind I'll cover it with some tissue paper and paint over it!!

I think I'll go and prepare a canvas by giving it a coat of gesso and I can start it tomorrow ofter work.


4 Sep 2011

Weekend Crop

 Its been a busy but enjoyable weekend with my friend. We did a bit of shopping in Bristol and then I drove us up to Lichfield where she lives. We spent Saturday at the Moxley crop and I did a lot of work on my album and ..... wooohooo!! I've finally finished it.
I'm still waiting for my deco/stub corner chomper to arrive  so I can shape the tips of the pages. I must be patient and not try doing it with scissors or knowing me I'll make a hash of the job!!

I borrowed one of the crop member's Tim Holtz house edger to shape one of the tags I think it looks pretty cool. I'll have to put that die on my wish list!!

I  need to go back over it and adhere the odd bit here and there where the embellishments have come loose but that won't take more than a few minutes.

This album seems to have taken ages to complete but I've enjoyed doing it. I haven't counted yet but this album must have at least 25 tags!!  I used my Craft Robo SD to shape some of the tags below. It added interest to the tags .

 Do let me know what you think of it, good and bad but do be gentle with me!! I value your feed back.

Next week Is my local Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop and we're having a class on making a concertina album which should be interesting. In the meantime I might do another girl art. If I have time. I'll have a lot of work on in the next few weeks so I expect my crafting will have to be put on the back burner. We'll have to see how fast I can get my work done .............