"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Aug 2011

Burnt spuds!!

Oh dear, Oops I decided to post this blog while I waited for my food to cook. Unfortunately I got carried away and have burned the potatoes! I've had to put some fresh ones on to cook. It makes a change from me burning the carrots!!
I've had so much fun crafting today. I did some more journaling. I used the canvas sketch book I'd started the other day. I coloured the background with acrylic inks. I used a bottle top to stamp the circles with Stazon(red). I coloured them in with Caran D`Ache Neocolor water-soluble pastels.

I cut the heart shape out with my craft Robo and adhered the hearts to the page. I wrote words inside some of the inner hearts then coloured them with acrylic inks(Pebeo). The words say "Love what you do". I just love using the acrylic inks. The colours are so vibrant.

Yesterday I bought a sketch book(A5) from The Range store and its perfect for what I need to do my journaling. For one thing I don't have to worry about filling a large canvas or page. If I feel like it I can make it bigger by doing a two page layout.
I expect I will start using that book tomorrow.


30 Aug 2011

journal page2

I had another go at journaling today. I limited the colours to blue. I made and used a block stencil to create a background design. The house is made from a printed bingo card and the roof from paper.That represents somewhere safe I added the tree as a way of stepping out of my comfort zone and nurture my skills.

I've decided the sketch book I'm using isn't the right one for journaling. Its a canvas page book. The paints and inks don't flow on it as I would like because the pages are not smooth enough. The pages are great for painting. Another reason to go shopping yay!!!

I'm learning how to make changes to my blog. I hope you like this new layout.


29 Aug 2011

three more tags

I decided t do a few more tags today.

I layered one tag with a lattice piece of patterned paper. The second tag was simply folded and the top edged with a Tim Holtz die. The third tag I simply adhered a strip of paper to the centre and stamped the sided with Versemark and embossed with claret embossing powder. I adhered two charms to the to, one on each side

I'll leave the rest until the weekend when I go to the Moxley crop with my friend.
I can finish off the album there. It should be fun. I enjoy going to this crop because they are so friendly.


27 Aug 2011


What awful rain we had yesterday. It was a bit scary driving home along the motorway. I had to concentrate so hard I had a headache by the time I got home.

Today I've had my first attempt at Art Journaling, in fact it's been a day of first attempts! I don't know that I've done it right but I guess its my journal so I can do it anyway I want! right? lol
I coloured the background using some water soluble wax pastels. This was my first go at using pastels.
I sprayed/spritzed some water over the page once I used the pastels but I used too much and the coloures leaked through to the page underneath. I changed to blending the colours using a paint brush and that was a lot more successful. It was a nice change from using  acrylic paints.

I tried to use a stencil and spritz some colour onto it but that was a disaster so I had to paint over it. I think I'm getting a lot better at disguising my mistakes hahaha!

I had some patterned tissue paper so I cut out the flower an adhered it to the page.
I used Promarkers to write the word explore and put the gold dots.

I then had a go at zen doodling around my flower. I haven't done doodling before and I was surprised how relaxing it is to do!

25 Aug 2011

Home art

I had a good time at my Thursday Crafty Friends group. We made shaker cards. I did a similar one to the birthday card I made my friend but used the glass to shape the front edge of the card. I used course glitter this time. The inside of the card was covered with polka dot paper and edged with peel offs.

This evening I played around with my acrylic paints and inks and instead of doing a girl I did a house/home. I started off using yellow paint but I thought it was too bright so I toned it down with some sepia arylic ink. I used some moulding paste mixed with inks to try and create some texture. I'm not sure if it looks OK, What do you think? Its the reddish bits

Before you say anything... Yes! the roof is  suppose to be lopside! LOL I put it at a jaunty angle to give it some interest. I am waiting for it to dry then I'll put some words  to finish it off.
I quite fancy trying some Art Journaling but I'm not sure how to do it and what is the best paper to use.
I guess I'm going to have to look for some tutorials online.
If you know of any good ones let me know.............

24 Aug 2011

Washi Tape

I only made two tags tonight. I used my Craft Robo To cut out some intricate designs and adhered them to the corners of the tag. I used one of my home made flowers at the top. The other tag was simply cut with a scalloped top and a ribbon wrapped around it. I added some glitter glue to emhasise the pink bits of flowers in the paper pattern.

Then I had a play around trying to make some embellishments.

I made some flowers using some acetate shapes I cut out using the Tim Holtz tattered flowers die. I coloured them with cranberry and raisin alcohol inks.The smaller petals were coloured with pearl mixative.  I used a gold Promarker to colour the edge of the petals. I heated the acetate to soften them and shape the petals. I adhered the petals together with my hot glue gun. A gem in the centre finished it off.

I then had a go at making some home made washi tape. I was delighted with the results. I used masking tape but you could use micropore tape.

As you can see I tried colouring it and covering it with book paper. I wrapped the tape around some dolly pegs to store them. It's great because you can colour it to coordinate with your project!! I'll add a tutorial on how to make it in the tutorial section.....

22 Aug 2011

Even more tags!

Hmmm......... this album seems to have  never ending pockets for tags.  I made another 6 (or was it 7?) today and counting up I still have  about 9 more  to go!!

I matted and embossed some tags, distressed others and added embellishment like  the ribbon and some flowers.
I used my Craft Robo Silhouette to change the shapes of some of the tags to give some interest.

I also added some embellishments to the pages... just a few but I won't take the photos until its nearly finished.

My son want me to do a painting for him he gave me two ideas so I might start on the background for one of those soon. It's nice to change activities like this. It keeps the creative thoughts active!

20 Aug 2011


Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. Hubby is mad keen on Blues music and has learned to play the guitar so  I decided to make him an anniversary  present. I used the same techniques as I had for the She Art girls.  I also added some cut out music notes. I covered the guitar with glossy accents to give it a shine. I'm pleased with the finished canvas.

Now its time for a Chinese take away and some wine!!

19 Aug 2011

More Tags

Gosh it's been a busy week. There was so much going on I couldn't do it all. I missed a Stampin Up demo, my Thursday Craft group and the Mencap open evening ( my daughter works for Mencap). Never mind I had fun doing my other things like meeting friends and catching up on news, shopping with hubby and going with my daughter to visit my mum.

Tonight I managd to make some more tags for my album. I bought some dark red lace and I cut it up and adhered the pieces to my tags. The bow lace I used just on the corners of the tag. The thin tag was decorated with peel off butterflies. The reverse of the tags I used different bows and matted a centre  piece. I rounded the top of the tag and added a flower and button. The top of the butterfly tag is decorated with the charm I made yesterday.
I've got loads of tags to make so I might intermingle  that task with some more painting.

My corner chomper finally arrived today and guess what?? ........arghhh! they sent me the wrong one so I've had to send it back! That's two wrong orders in the last two online purchases. The orders were from different websites. Ah well  I'm not in a rush for the chomper. Its going to take me a while to finish all the tags so I can wait for the correct one to arrive.

17 Aug 2011


 Hmmm, apart from cutting my thumb trying to clean my scissors (grrrr!) this is turning into a really good week. Today involved more shopping.......Woohoooo!!.....I treated  myself to a table top easel, a new clear stamp and some pigment ink pens. I have to admit they were impulse buys  hehehe!!

This evening I made a few more tags for my napkin fold album. The paper doesn't totally match  because I had to buy new paper because I ran out of the other ones. The paper doesn't exactly match the album but by the time I've added some toppers and embellishments it shouldn't be too obvious ( I hope!!). I cut out a few different shapes  then matted and layered, edged with ribbon, stamped  distressed and added some embellishments and some crackle glaze to the bird on one of the tags and on an embellishment. They are still drying.

I also prepared  a canvas ready for when I feel like doing some painting.

I won't be crafting tomorrow. I'm going to Worcester to meet up with some friends for the day.  I better get an early night because It'll be a long day tomorrow.I'll be late when I get home.

16 Aug 2011

Afternoon Tea

Today, I took my mother in law shopping and then we went to a hotel for afternoon tea. It's suppose to be the best place in Wales for tea and..... boy, it certainly lived up to its reputation. The sandwiches were yummy. The scones were so light and melted in the mouth.. and the little cakes were heavenly!!! Hubby wasn't feeling well so he didn't come with us so the hotel very kindly gave us some cakes to bring home for him!! The picture isn't the best because it was taken with my phone and for some reason kept leaving a light bit on top of the picture. You get the idea of what we had for tea though!!

It was quite late when we got home so I haven't felt like crafting.

15 Aug 2011

The Cover

This evening I had fun making a few more flowers and leaves . I decided to adhere them to the cover tonight because I wanted to submit the cover to a challenge on The Scrapper Sanctuary website. I changed the centre of the flowers so I could add some beads from an old necklace. The challenge is  a recycling one and I wanted to use some jewellery.
I curled the leaves and added a string of beads from another  old necklace. I guess there's more recycled  things on the cover than I expected..... cool!!
I started to make  the tags but I've only made two so far one large and one small. The rest will take some time because there are loads of pockets in this album. It should keep me busy for a while!!!

14 Aug 2011

Napkin Fold Mini Album

Yesterday I watched a utube video on how to make some Prima-like flowers and had a go at making them this afternoon.
Although I used darkish paper scraps left over from making the album I am pleased with the results. They coordninate with my Album.

I cut them out using the Tim Holtz tatty flowers die then used a rounded end tool and rubbed the petals in a circular motion pressing gently in the centre until the petals curled. I did this with several layers of decreasing sized good quality patterned paper. I then adhered the layers. I cut some Tatty leaves and stamped them then used TH distress inks to colour them. I will bend the leaves slightly before I adhere them to my album.

 I've laid them on the album cover just to get a feel for what they'll look like.

I managed to rescue most of the mistakes I made on my album the other evening so I'm pleased I didn't have to start from scratch.
It's a long way from being finished but at least I have the basic album to work on. I used 12 x 12 double sided scrap book paper that is folded into thirds from one corner towards the centre  and overlapping.

The fold is created by scoring 1/8th inch from both sides of the centre "line" this creates a flat back fold to the centre of the page. The pages are then joined on the plain side  back to back by a strip of paper glued the the bottom and sides to create a pocket.

The flat back fold then becomes the back of the album. I covered the back of mine  to strengthen to album spine ( that's my excuse anyway really I did it to hide some mistakes !!)

 I'll round the top corner of the pages  with my corner chomper but I won't do that yet.  I'm waiting delivery of the deco corner chomper  I ordered last week.
If you'd like me to put a tutorial on how to make the flowers on my blog just let me know.

12 Aug 2011

Dippy me

Oh how dippy am I??? ..... major dippy day yesterday. We didn't do the card in the crafty Friends group so I made a start on my Napkin fold mini album. (Mistake 1)The folding went ok except I was  out of line a few times but I managed to rescue those.

(Mistake 2) I knew I shouldn't have started chatting as I started to stick the pages together I stuck two pages upside down and didn't notice until I got home!!  That ended up as another rescue job. Not so easy because the glue had dried so I've had to add a few decorative strips to the centre folds.

(Mistake 3)I bought some mount board to make the covers. I cut it up and covered two pieces only to find I'd covered one waste piece instead of the correct sized piece.
(Mistake4)I started covering the right piece only to find I've run out of that design paper grrrrrrrr! Now what do I do??? I left it in disgust at my silliness and had an early night instead!!

In the cold light of day I  think I can rescue the cover by using  a similar  colour and coordinating that with some tags to go inside the pockets. Its only the inside of the cover so its not so bad..... I hope.
Now its time for me to drive the 100 miles to go and visit my mum. If she is up to it I think I'll take her out shopping. I could do with some retail therapy!!

10 Aug 2011

Another girl

I've changed the background of my blog. I hope you like it.

One more canvas completed!! This time I used cotton fabric to make the dress with some ribbon to edge the wrap over effect. The finished girl is ok but I think I need more practice to adhere the fabric to the canvas because I didn't find it easy. I must research what's the best adhesive to use. If you know, please comment at the bottom of the  page.

I added coloured rub ons and stamped a fence and shaded it with white pen to give some dimension.
I feel the canvas needs something else added to it but I'm not sure what. have you got any ideas?

Next project is going to be my attempt at a "napkin fold" scrapbook.  I think we're being shown how to make a sliding card at the Crafting Friends group tomorrow.
I'll start the scrapbook tomorrow evening if that's the case.

9 Aug 2011

Christmas comes early

Ooooo it was Christmas come early today. All the things I'd ordered arrived at the same time this morning. I've been like a kiddy in a toy shop !!! This other pack of  rub ons was better than I expected and so was the pack of mini roller stamps. My set of acrylic inks  arrived and the colours are so vibrant! I can't wait to use them. I got them from the same place as the stamps. The site is well worth a visit. The resources seem good value for the money ( http://www.homecrafts.co.uk ).
The stamps are brilliant value, £9.99 for 24 stamps and 3 ink pads . I've used some stamps on my canvas already...... look for the stars, circles and swirls in the sky and the flowers and leaves in the grass. I used both Stazon and acrylic paints with the stamps. 

 I put several layers of paper strips on the lower half of the canvas and just two pieces for the top half. I used the various rollers ( home made and bought), sequin waste and bits of netting etc to add texture. I've added some rub ons as well. Next I have to decide how I'm going to do the figure. I'm not sure whether to do a male or female one for this canvas. I'll most probably use a girl because I want to use some fabric for her dress. Hmmm.......... I guess I've already made my mind up lol!! Thats a job for tomorrow...........

Oops I've just had another look at the photo and you can't see the paint swirls very clearly in the sky at the moment. The clear swirls are rub ons.

8 Aug 2011

Pink and black

I've done a lot today. I cleaned the downstairs of the house with polishing, washing floors and vacuuming. I opened all the windows and let the fresh air blow the cobwebs away. I then went shopping , I bought some gorgeous lace in both white and pink. The lace had flowers twirled on top of the base ribbon. I'm sure you'll be seeing it son on one of my craft projects.

After dinner I decided to crack on with the Scrapper Sanctuary colour challenge. I got way laid and added some more embellishments to the last layout. I adhered some gold ribbon between the picture of the ballerina and the journaling. I  added some gems on top of the ribbon ten some pearls across half of the top and half of the bottom of the picture/journaling block. I think it looks a lot better now.

Next I got back to the task in hand. I printed then cut out the girl design and adhered it to the paper. The design was part of  breast cancer awareness. I cut out the black border with my Big shot and Sizzix die and placed it across the paper. I added some ribbon with beads under the border. A journaling tag and flower finished the layout.

The rubons I ordered online arrived today. They are lovely. I fancy trying another canvas tomorrow and after that I am keen to try a mini album. I watched the tutorial on Ustream tonight so hopefully I'll remember how to do it.  The video kept stopping and starting so wasn't easy to watch but I think I got most of it. We'll soon find out if there is anything I missed.....

7 Aug 2011


Its been a pretty quiet day today. I've just been chilling out and doing a little bit more on my next layout. This one is a simple layout. I've just matted the photo and added a title, journal and some ribbon. I cut the swirl with my Craft Robo. The subject is my daughter dressed up as a ballerina. She used to love her ballet classes.

I haven't decided if I want to add some gems and embellishments to it yet. I kind of like like it as it is.
The butterfly embellishment is off an old  charm bracelet I've taken apart to use the items for crafting.
My next task is to submit another layout for the Scrapper Sanctuary challenge which is produce something dark pink and black..... better put my thinking cap on!!

Clowning around

Isn't it so nice looking back at photos of the children when they were young?  I'd forgotten some things they had done. My eldest took part in the scouts parade as well as bot the boys taking part in the Beavers fun day out. The boys were 4 and 6 years old. My daughter was only 5 months old and even she had clown frills on her baby grow  she was sooooo sweet! Its a shame I didn't take a photo of her.

On this layout I cut out and pieced together the circus tent, adhered the boys photos at a jaunty angle  and added a photo of one of the boys to the centre of the flower. I cut up triangles and fixed them to my home made bakers twine and made some bunting. I finished it off with some peel off balloons and some journalling.

Its been lovely getting back to full page scrapping. I'm going to do  another one. Its going to be one of my daughter  when she was about 5. I'm going to combine two tasks one being the layout of my daughter and the other to follow a sketch as part of a challenge on The Scrappers Sanctuary forum. I have another layout in mind for one of the other challenges on the site too so I'll be busy in the next few days.

5 Aug 2011

making rollers

I've had a lovely night's sleep at last, even had a lie in this morning. I feel so much better for it. afternoon painting, making tools and scrapping. I finished the canvas I had started yesterday.

As I was touching up the background I figured a way to make some textured rollers to use on my backgrounds. I've made a tutorial on how to make these and that is now in the tutorial section. They didn't cost much to make either which is a bonus. The rollers only cost me £1.84 each and I already had  the material. The spare material was used to stipple onto my background giving a different effect..

I added some rub ons, peel offs and texture to the background. I then finished the representation of me as an adult. The hair was hard to do because of trying to shade the grey hair.  My hair isn't that thick and bouncy except when its just blown dry. It doesn't stay like that for long though lol.

Since I took the photo I have added some words to the canvas. They say "she let her inner artist explore " which is true recently. I've thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and would recommend everyone to do it.

I decided to start the background for my layout even though I'd lost the photos. They are bound to turn up eventually. I just layered three pieces of paper and then made a circus tent and some bunting.

Bless my hubby, he helped me search through some more photo's and ...good news he found them yahooo!!! Now I'm off to scan them into my computer.

4 Aug 2011

disappearing photos

How frustrating today has been. Why is it I always loose things just when I need them???? I can't find the pictures I wanted to print off for my layout.... grrrr... I've spent ages looking for them. Goodness knows where they've gone. I gave up in the end. I don't think I'm meant to do this layout... sighs.

I went back to my painting instead. I haven't done much. I started on my girl, I just need to add the details to her  and finish the panting. I haven't taken a photo because my camera battery has run out. I'll include it tomorrow.

The one good thing that happened to day was I managed to repair my daylight lamp. The bulb had blown so I bought some new bulbs today but the lamp still didn't work. I changed the fuse in the plug  and  ... a big relief it worked!!

I had a sleepless night so I'm going to have an early night. I don't know why my sleep pattern has changed but I'm finding it hard to get to sleep. Hopefully tonight will be better now its cooler.

3 Aug 2011

Multi tasking

What a funny crafting time I've had this evening... I started getting the papers and cutting out shapes for my full page layout. At the same time I started messing with my craft robo and trying to cut out some stencils. I also adhered the papers onto my canvas for my next painting task... talk about multi tasking!!!
As it turned out  I couldn't print out the scanned photos I wanted, for my scrapbook page, because my printer ink had run out. That project will have to wait until I've bought some new cartridges.... aren't they so expensive these days?? I guess the manufacturers realised that there was more profit in people replacing the inks more often than the printers.

Ah well,  I had plenty of other things to do. The stencils didn't come out as well as I hoped because I used the wrong type of acetates. The first  was too brittle and the next was too pliable so I gave up on that too!!

I was successful in starting the background for my canvas. This one is going to represent me as an adult. As with the others its a mixture of acrylic paint, patterned paper and stamping. The letters of the alphabet are there for a reason. I specialise in teaching children with dyslexia so a lot of my work with them involves letters and words.

I'll do my figure tomorrow. I have to figure out how to paint my hair ... its kind of patches of grey, then the rest is what they call salt and pepper... blonde, grey and brown mixed up. .... hmmm maybe I'll do a younger adult me... before I went grey?? lol

1 Aug 2011

Craft Robo

I didn't get around to starting my layout. I started laying with my Craft Robo Silhouette software. I wanted to make some stencils/ templates that I can cut out of acetate. I want to use them to spray/ paint patterns onto my paper and canvases.

 I was quite productive and made about 6 or 7 templates. I haven't cut them out yet ...... that'll be a job for tomorrow.

I ordered some special colouring pens and some fabric scraps. I'm looking forward to playing with them when they arrive!!

Before I knew it it was 11.45 pm... too late to get started with paper etc.