"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Jul 2011

Canvas 5

Its been a lovely day, I went to my friend's surprise 60th celebrations. We had afternoon tea at the big hotel down the road. It was all laid out beautifully on cake stands. The sandwiches were delicious and cakes were just divine... yummmmmm. My friend liked the card and painting I'd made for her.

This evening I've gone back to my She Art course and painted a representation of me when I was young. The dress was a design I remember from my childhood. I didn't get the proportions right this time, the body is too long and wide and the legs are too short but that's OK. I'll know to take more care next time.

I'm pleased with her hair, the background and the balloons so its not all bad!!

I'm itching to get back and do some scrap booking and fancy doing a layout of my children when they were young. I have a photo and design in mind so I might start that one next.

If you are interested in her tutorials there is more infor on her website called Scarlet Lime

There are some tutorials on utube too, here is one link:-

Hopefully I'll have a good night's sleep tonight. I'm the type of person who needs my 8 hours sleep a night. I might even turn the ringer on the phone off!!!

30 Jul 2011

weekend off

I've had a dodgy tummy the last few days so I haven't felt like doing much crafting. I have started doing the background for the next canvas but only got as far as sticking some paper onto the canvas. No photo I'm afraid.

I went  to the church where my daughter was being bridesmaid at her friends wedding. The bride looked absolutely lovely. The bridesmaids looked gorgeous too. My daughter is the one in the middle.

I tried to have an early night but was awoken by some wrong number wanting a taxi. I haven't been able to get back to sleep since. How annoying is that? grrrrrr.

28 Jul 2011

canvas 4

This is the next stage of my course where I have to layer my girls clothes. I added scrunched up paper to create a frill at the bottom of the skirt. Totally by accident I managed to get a net effect by the hat making it look like it was part of the hat. I doubt very much I'd have been able to do that if I'd tried to do it deliberately. That's the beauty of crafting mistakes can be turned to your advantage sometimes.

As I was developing the picture I visualised my friend so I've decided to give this one to my friend for her birthday instead of the other one I did.

I thought this painting was more age related to my friend... I'm sure she won't thank me for saying that lol!

I managed to do the whole thing today but in future I'll take it at a slower pace. I'm going to have a break from crafting tomorrow all this concentration has tired me out!!!

Girl 3

First I  must apologise for the quality of this photo. It's late and I'm dropping into sleep mode. My eyesight isn't the best when I'm tired. The light reflected off the finish to the painting and I can't be bothered to go back up to my craft room and take another picture lol. Maybe I'll retake the photo tomorrow.

In this painting I had to add more dimension to the girl by layering and adding texture to  her clothes and  accessories like her hair band. I think I made the dress a bit big and her legs are too thin but I'm not worried because its all a learning  experience. I might see if I can alter her legs tomorrow.

One last thing.......Yes......... I still look like a zebra!!!!

26 Jul 2011

background canvas 3

What a day its been.  There had been an accident on the M4 and as a result it had been closed in both directions.I got stuck in a major traffic jam. It took me  two and a half hours to travel 35 miles.  I had the roof down on my car and, because I was stuck going in the same direction for so long, I ended up with a tan on one side of my neck and chest. The other side has stayed white...... I look like a zebra!! At least the traffic had cleared by the time I came home.

Tonight I've started watching week 2 videos and then painted the background for the next picture. This canvas has added a kind of scene with a ground and a sky. The girl will eventually have more detail to her clothes.

As the picture shows, I've added more details to the ground and added some butterflies and larger flowers. I expect I'll add some more details once I've painted the girl.


25 Jul 2011

She Art canvas 2

Its been a very busy day crafting today.

I painted my second canvas and managed to finish it in one day. As with the other one it was a mixture of adding paper, paint and stamps. I made it different from the first one by adding a sun in the corner and flowers to the base. I was going to watch the next set of videos for the next stage but my daughter wanted some help to make a scrapbook of a hen party she went to on the week-end. She wants the album completed by Wednesday.
We spent  some time making a sunburst album then downloading her pictures.  It was late by the time we'd finished so I haven't had a chance to do anything else this evening!

It was very enjoyable doing things with my daughter.We don't have the opportunity often because she works a lot.

Lets hope I can watch the next set of videos tomorrow but its haircut time again!!

24 Jul 2011

She Art Canvas 1

 I'm feeling very virtuous... I've cleaned upstairs  that includes polishing the furniture. Now its the Loft to sort outnext. I did tidy my craft room yesterday but its full of bits again so I'll give it a quick vaccum tomorrow.

Oh boy! What fun I've had today.. I've been gluing sticking, stamping and painting and abracadabra I completed my first ever painting on canvas!!

Even my hubby said he liked it so it can't be bad... I knew it wouldn't be his style but he was very complimentary.

I've even had my first commission to paint another one. My daughter saw it and asked if I could do one for her friend. Her friend is getting married next week and is moving away. I'll do that as part of the  She Art course. I certainly recommend anyone do the course. if I can do it anyone can!!

23 Jul 2011

Background 1

 Oh goodness am I ashamed of the dust covering my furniture today or what??  I hadn't done any dusting for several weeks for one reason or another and its amazing how much collects in such a short time! I feel a lot better now the downstairs looks clean and tidy again. I'll have t do upstairs tomorrow.

 I did make a start on my canvas this afternoon. I've had so much fun creating the background! I think I was a bit heavy handed with the painting resulting in me blocking out most the patterns of the paper underneath but that's ok I still like the final results.

I watched the videos for the next stage tonight and I'm really looking forward to  making the figure tomorrow........

22 Jul 2011

She Art Part 1

I've had a good day visiting my Mum. The rain held off while I took her into town to do a bit of shopping. She was bright as a button today and she chose and bought two jumpers. As I pushed her, in her wheelchair, through Marks and Spencer's she decided she wasn't going to buy  any make up in the store today. It was cute  because M&S don't sell makeup and she never wears it anyway. So we went for a for a coffee instead!
Gosh, I had to drive through torrential rain on the way home. I could hardly see in front of me.
It was a good excuse to stop off at Hobbycraft  and buy some indian ink pens for the eworkshop I'm starting.

My "She Art Workshop" was available tonight so I've spent the evening watching some of the videos for week 1 classes. Christy Tomlinson makes it look so easy. I hope I'll be able to make a decent job of doing the background tomorrow.

I really feel outside of my comfort zone but feel excited and itching to start at the same time. I'm up for the challenge!

I better get a good night's sleep so I can be up early to do the housework ( Ugh!!) before I start painting my canvas.......

21 Jul 2011

She Art

This afternoon I started decorating some tags for the sunburst album but I now realise that the roses I stuck on the top of the tags are too thick to have back to back so I'll have to change those and put something flatter on the back.
I used two embossing folders to give the white tags some texture. I covered the one folder with pigment ink so when it went through the Bigshot the colour transferred to the card. The second card was coloured by rubbing the distress ink over the card after I'd embossed it. The one red tag was textured by running it through my crimper.
The bigger flowers are Prima ones. The blue and pink flowers were made by stamping a flower design on patterned paper then layered to make the flower. The other red tag has simply got a matted layer on one side. I've got t decorate it with some peel off or embellishments later.

Oooo I've been very brave today. I've signed up for an e-workshop on mixed media with Christy Tomlinson. It will mean I'll be working on canvas which I haven't done before. I've bought some paint, rub ons and canvas so I'm all ready to go. I'm just waiting for the payment to go through and get the info. It's silly but I feel quite nervous about it haha! Wish me luck!!!

20 Jul 2011

Tidy up!

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as school work is concerned. Only a few things left to do tomorrow. The rest I can do over the summer break. Only half a day left before we break up yahoooo!

No major crafting today. I'm going to the staff leavers dinner  this evening. The staff are leaving a school I used to work at and I know the ladies well. Its going to be great to catch up on the news. I think 7 of the staff are pregnant! Well, it was a cold hard winter this year "winks!"

I did get round to sorting out my A4  paper drawer. I sorted them into colours and put them into these A4 plastic holders you can get at the Poundland shops. These boxes are ideal for keeping papers, clear stamps and elements. It was well worth the effort because I managed to free up a drawer which I promptly filled with other bits and bobs!

What else did I do? I cut out some pink and white tabs for the starburst album I started at the last scrapbook crop. I replaced the paper lace from the 'E' as I didn't like the embossed writing on it.I wrote their birthdays along side their picture instead.  It looks much better now.

Finally I finished off my brother's birthday card by adding an insert and giving the note a coating of Glossy Accents. I  made the easel card by folding the top page again and adhering the waistcoat I'd stamped and coloured with Promarkers. I put the slippers on foam pads to stop the card slipping. I then popped it in an envelope to post.

He is sooooooooo not the slippers and waistcoat type. He's more your mountain walking and cycling enthusiast, but now he's officially getting his old age pension its time he got out his slippers lolol

19 Jul 2011


 The last page of my home album was completed this evening!! Yay!!!
I matted a picture of the view from my garden. I then adhered some paper lace from top to bottom of the page.

I used a stamp with some Memento ink and stamped the page. I also stamped a heart I'd cut out with my Silhouette. I added a label in the centre and edged it with worn lipstick distress ink and stamped with the same stamp that was on the background page.
I finished the album with ribbon, lace and charms attached to the book rings.
I've learned to leave a project for a while and  go back to it later then you can decided if it needs things altered, added and tweak it in places.

I'm pretty pleased with this project so far simply because there were less mistakes than usual ! lol
Its my brother's birthday in a few days time so I want to make a card for him tomorrow......

18 Jul 2011


A good day at work today. I'm part of a team of specialists  that visits all the schools across the whole county so  I don't get to see all my colleagues very often. Our staff meetings are a great time to catch up with those colleagues who cover the other end of the county.

Its been  a very relaxing session in my craft room tonight. I've carried on doing my 'home' album. As you can see by the title of this post I've done letter 'E' tonight. Oh.....doh!! ..... Ok,...... Its the back of letter M and the front of letter 'E' lol.

The topper was decorated with pieces of ribbon that I adhered to the corners. I then made faux stitching around the edge. I printed out some words about children and coloured it with distress ink (antique linen). I edged it with a Martha Stewart punch.That was then added to the topper.
 The "E" page I added pictures of my children. I edged one mat with red distress ink. The layer was edged with yellow paper lace and put at a jaunty angle. The "E" was covered in lace to hide a mistake. ( I told you I was tempting fate  yesterday!!). I wrote the children's names and birthdays in embossing ink, covered in embossing powder and heated. When I brushed over the names afterwards I smudged one of the names. It hadn't heated through so I had to cover it with paper lace and start again.  I think it looks ok... ish. I'm not that happy with the writing but my handwriting is awful at the best of times.
 Next I moved onto the back page. This was for my dogs. Sadly both of them have passed away now but we have such loving memories of them. Cara, the dog on the left died last February and  the house still seems strange without her. Oscar, died a few years ago and we still miss him too.
For this page I made a pocket with the dogs on the front. I made two tags that have the dogs names and a verse about having dogs. I simply added some flowers and butterflies.

While I was waiting for my dinner to cook I played with my CraftRobo software and made a cutting file. I was pretty pleased with it because I'm still learning how to design things for myself. I don't think I can post files in a blog other wise I would, but if you want it I have uploaded it to the Craft Robo template forum on the UKScrappers website.
The link is below.

17 Jul 2011


I've had a good today. I did loads of work getting reports and info  ready for a meeting tomorrow. I didn't feel so guilty crafting after having worked so hard ;-)

I  sorted and printed some photos for my home album and also some from the fancy dress party I went to last weekend. I made the copies for my two friends. I'll give the photos to them tomorrow.

I did a bit more of my home album. I've decorated the O and the M.
The paper is from the "My Mind's Eye, Totally Girl" collection.

The 'O' was decorated with some roses and corner embellishments. I matted and layered the photo of my home and adhered it between the corner embellishments. I twisted some roses together and used silicone gel to fix it to the card, A red butterfly covered the base.

The "M" was decorated by edging the page with peel offs. The photograph was matted and edged with paper lace. Then two heart brads were placed on two corners. A heart frame was placed over the picture. The opposite page was decorated with a heart that said "Home is where the heart is". I adhered a heart button to the top of the heart. The  page and the heart were edged with red distress ink. A Gold charm attached to the rings finishes the page off.

Hmmm.... would I be tempting fate if I said my crafting went well without any mistakes??? Perhaps I'll say nothing lol!

14 Jul 2011

Home album

Its been a good crafting day. I finished off my slider card at the Crafty Friends group.
Afterwards I went up to the local school craft and food fair..... Mencap had a stall there. I  saw my daughter's photos and efforts helping the clients to make cards. They were really lovely.

This evening I started covering my "home' album. I covered both sides of the pages and added some two acetate pages as well. I decorated the front of the "H" with paper lace  a butterfly and some keys as you can see in the picture. I also drew some faux stitching around the edge.
The picture doesn't show the colour of the papers well. Its a range of pastel green with some light mustard and pink bits in it. The "O" page has some fake writing on it. I've got a memory like a sieve, I  can't remember the make of the paper but I'll add then in my next post. ... If I remember to do it!!!!

I didn't make a mess of the cutting out tonight or the sticking down so I guess I must be improving!!! hehehe!!

13 Jul 2011

More charms

I'm back!  I managed to spend half an hour crafting and I'm pleased with the results. Practice definitely improves my skills.

 I made two more moulds and charms. This time I pushed the real charms deeper into the mould so the putty overlapped the charm slightly.  That made it muh easier to fill the mould  without it spilling outside the shape. I used a button and a rose charm from a bracelet to make the impressions. They are above the moulds in the picture.

  I filled the moulds with clear UTEE. Once set and removed from the mould I decorated them. The rose was coloured with cranberry and gold  and the button with sky and silver alcohol inks. I think these are much better than the first ones. I'll adjust my tutorial to take these into account.

I then rummaged through my paper draw and chose the paper I want to use for my Home album. I['ve chosen a greenish theme. I'll start that tomorrow.

Reports argh!!!!

Gosh, I can't believe its Wednesday. This week has absolutely flown by. I've ben too busy to do any crafting at all. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.

I've been up to my ears in reports, assessments and meetings this week. Finally I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Reports are written, assessments are done and written up. They've been sorted and  into envelopes (for parents) and wallets (for the teachers) and I've started handing them out. I've dealt with 7 schools this year so I must make sure the right letters go to the right schools. I specialise in Specific Learning Difficulties including dyslexia . I go around the schools supporting children with SpLD.

Its times like this I enjoy my work. Its so lovely to see the childrens faces when I tell them how much they've  improved. It makes the job so worth while.

I'm  watching "Lewis" on the telly, afterwards I hope to do a little bit of crafting before bed. I might try and make some more charms.
I'm torn between two ideas for my next project. I bought one of those chipboard albums that says home and fancy decorating that with pictures of my home ( Doh! what else would I put in an album saying home????  dippy isn't in it!!!!).

Several of my friends have done the She Arts  eworkshop by Christy Tomlinson. I quite like to try that course too.  Typing this out has made my mind up.. I'll do the album first then the mixed media course once the summer break is here.... only a week to go!! yay!!

11 Jul 2011


Unfortunately work has to take priority tonight. I have to finish my reports  ready to post tomorrow. I have to do some assessments this week as well so I have to prepare for those too.

No crafting tonight, I won't have time. On the bright side only two weeks to the summer break then I will have more time to craft!!!

In the mean time, I've added another tutorial on how to make your own charms. Its in the tutorial section.

9 Jul 2011

Cha cha cha

I had a great time at my friend's 50th birthday party. We all dress up in the 1920's style. I wore a black flapper dress with the head band, beads and feather boa.  My friends place was decked out like an old fashion speak easy. It was really great fun!
This evening I've been playing around with some moulding material and UTEE to make some charms.
 I used 2 moulding putty to make the moulds.  I now know to be careful about my nails marking the mould before it sets. One charm was out of shape as a result.  The beauty of using UTEE was if the shape didn't turn out as you wanted it you could remelt it and try again.... which is what I did. When they were set I rubbed some mica powder over them. Next time I might try using alcohol inks to colour the charms and see how that turns out.
They turned out sort of OK for a first attempt but I will make better moulds next time and add some UTEE flex to make the UTE less brittle. The key snapped while I was looking at it. Ah well its now back in the melting pot.

After that I made a card for a challenge on the Scrapper Sanctuary forum. The criteria was to use red white and blue. I covered some card stock with patterned paper. I just edged some card with a Martha Stewart punch put a sentiment in the centre them made some flowers adhered those in two corners and then added these cute dolls. They're made of rafia and string.
I had a nice ending to a lovely day...

8 Jul 2011


No crafting tonight. I was too tired after driving down the motorway in the pouring rain.
I did go shopping on the way home from visiting my Mum. I bought a chipboard album base, some acrylic paint and a few embellishments at a craft shop near my mother in law's house. Sadly I didn't see any paper that really cried to me to be bought. I thought I was very restrained just buying a few things! That's not like me at all!!! lol

7 Jul 2011


Last night went well I think. It always amazes me how a group of people can be doing the same project but the finished item looks so different.
Only one lady managed to finish her project, and it was stunning. She had started preparing the paper at home so she was able to finish it with tags. I wish I'd taken a picture of it.
I was so tired when I got home I went straight to bed!

Today I've made three cards... well two and a half cards. At the crafty friends group I started making a slider card. As usual I made a few mistakes like covering both sides of a card when I should have covered one side of two pieces of card. I did rescue it by covering the other card. I now need to mount the slider part onto a card stock to finish it.

I decided to remake my friend's 50th birthday card. The original one looked too dark and drab. It didn't suit my friend's character, she is bubbly and full of laughter.  I used the same design with a brighter paper. I think it looks so much better now. Like before I cut out the design using my Silhouette SD. I decorated it with buttons and a decoupaged tag finished it off.

Another friend is also going to the fancy dress party and she has been panicking about getting a costume and card. I hired the dress (1920's style) and made a card for her to give to our friend. I hope she likes it. I matted some patterned paper onto ivory linen cardstock. I embossed some vellum and layered that on top. I cut out a cocktail glass and turned it into a shaker by filling the "glass" with pearl beads. I cut out a semi circle and drew shapes to resemble a lemon. I cut out a straw,  the number 50 and added them to the glass.  I cut out lettering saying "happy 50th birthday" and the lady's name. I adhered those to the cardstock to finish the card.

I don't know what project to do next so I've bought some moulding putty to see what I come up with. I might just play about and see what embellishments I can make with it.

6 Jul 2011


Guess who fell asleep in her chair last night?? me!! I started watching  utube tutorials and the next thing I knew was waking up with a stiff neck. I just went off to bed and slept all night. I even overslept this morning. I rushed off to work with no breakfast or drink but I did get there on time. Goodness knows why I was so tired because it hasn't been a particularly heavy week.

Tonight is the Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop. I'm taking the class this  evening. I've got to show the ladies how to make a concertina card. I've made two and another one which is still in bits to show how it all fits together.  I'll let you know how I get on later.......

4 Jul 2011

Bits and Pieces

 I didn't work on a project today. I fiddled about with a few things.
I used my melt pot to melt some UTEE and dip some flowers.  I also managed a blooper. I managed to melt the pot in which the embossing powder was stored. I was trying to use my heat gun to melt the excess UTEE off the flowers. The pot was a bit too close to the heat gun and I didn't notice until it was too late.  I guess it gives an appropriate meaning to melt pot!! I've had to find another to store my Embossing powder.

A friend gave me an unfinished scrapbook a while ago and I hadn't done anything with it until today. I didn't do a lot just made and added two identical toppers  and a flower I'd glazed.
 That was all that was needed to finish it. I matted and layers some embossed mirri card with some paper and wrapped some ribbon and threaded an embellishment.  The paper flower and leaves  were dipped in UTEE then adhered it to the page. I finished it off with a button. I've only just noticed that the button is not centred properly grrrrr another blooper!!!

3 Jul 2011


I've had a very pleasant day today. This morning I met a friend and we went shopping at our local market. I bought a 15 cm metal ruler and a metal set square which I found very useful while crafting this evening.
In the afternoon I did some gardening. I'm being invaded by some creeper  that is choking all my plants. No matter how much weeding I do I can't seem to get rid of it. Anyway, it was a good excuse to get out in the sun and  boy,  it was very hot and sunny today.
 Soooooo... did I do any crafting today??? .......yes I did!

I've been asked to teach the scrap booking crop next Wednesday. This is such an honour for me given I haven't been scrapping for long.
I have to show the crop how to do a concertina album. I've made two before which I have posted on here before. I needed to do a partial one  to show the ladies the different stages of making it. The album in these pictures hasn't been fully assembled as a result. I covered the  front and back of the album with paper and added a bit of lace. I want to add some more things but will do that after the class. I folded the paper to create the pages but I will dismantle it for the class... Oh gosh its only two days away and I'm started to feel nervous about it now.............

2 Jul 2011

Sunny Day

It's been such a lovely day with the sun shining and the music from the town folk festival drifting across the river. It was too nice to stay in crafting. Ohhh goodness!  Did I really say that?? lol

I have been doing a little bit this evening. I made my brother's birthday card. He officially becomes an old age pensioner in three weeks time so despite being extremely fit and active I thought I'd make him an old man card hahaha! I made it an easel card.
I folded the front of the card and adhered some backing paper. I stamped, cut out the shirt and waist coat and coloured it with Promarkers. I used peel off to form the clock chain and some glitter to give the pocket watch some dimensions. I adhered some buttons then matted the shirt onto some brown card. I printed out some slippers and cut them out. I added them to the card base with foam pads to create a stop for the card. I decoupaged the note on the waistcoat pocket and the card was finished.

I must start getting ready for the next scrapbooking crop early because I am to take the class. We're going to be making a concertina album. I've made two albums as examples but I need to make another without sticking the pieces together to show how the album fits together. I'll make a start tomorrow.....

1 Jul 2011

July already

Wow! I can't believe we're already into July! This year is going so fast.
It's been a wonderful week. My son passed his university degree with a 2-1. I'm so so proud of him.

I didn't do any crafting today because I went out again! Hubby and I went for a meal with friends then we went to our local acoustic music club to listen to a duet called Mike Dawes and Amy Turk. They were awesome. She plays the harp and he plays the guitar. The combination of sounds was amazing.
If you'd like to see and hear them go to their website  http://www.mikedawesamyturk.com/  they are well worth listening to.

Hopefully I'll get down to crafting tomorrow.....