"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

30 Jun 2011

waterfall card

As usual it was my Thursday Crafty Friends group meeting today. We had fun making a waterfall or flip flap card. I haven't made one before so it was interesting to make.

What I still don't do is plan the project beforehand . I just turn up with some card and some embellishments and make it up as I go along. I really ought to plan the card in advance because I'm sure the projects would turn out a lot better if I did.

Its a short blog today because I'm meeting friends n a moment. We're going out for a meal.
 I'm starving so I'm going now (!!)........

29 Jun 2011

More tags

 I worked on my tool box again this evening. I finished the inside of the tags I made yesterday and made a new one. I started to decorate the outside of the box. I also inserted a piece of card I'd concertinaed to help the tags sit nicely inside the box. I may do a few more tags and decorate the sides of the box and it should be finished.

I won't do that tomorrow because it the Thursday Crafty Friends group. We're suppose to be making waterfall cards. That should  be interesting.
I had another go at trying to fix the error on my Craft Robo software but no luck there. I'll just use it on my Mac for the time being. ..... I'm determined not to let it beat me so I'll have to try some Silhouette websites to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

I must go and get my thing ready for tomorrow. Byeee for now!!!

28 Jun 2011

Quiet night

A quiet crafting time tonight. I just decorated a few tags.
  I did a few like mini cards and two like proper tags.
The back of the 'saw' tag, with the block background,  is plain black with 4 long staples at the corners to form a frame for photos.
I stamped some measuring tape down the side of the tag then added the cut out tape.
The drill is also a tag. I punch holes on two pieces of card adhered them back to back and added the drill. The screw driver and measuring tapes are open tags, I haven't done anything to the inside yet.
My brother has been renovating his house and its taking him years!! I'll give the box to him so he can put the photos of his house. One day he'll finish it... I hope.
I had another go on my PC tonight to see if I could solve the error on it but there is definitely something wrong. I even uninstalled the software and installed the newer version but it made no difference.

I'm going off to the Silhouette forum to see if any experts can help me out. Wish me luck!!!

Give me a Mac everytime!!

Ooohhh! what a frustrating evening I've had. All I wanted to do was to print and cut some tools for my album and the infuriating PC (Windows)  connected to my Silhouette kept cutting them out of line or wouldn't recognise the registration marks and not cut at all.... I must have spent an hour and had numerous attempts with no luck........arrgghhhh!!!

I decided to go and fetch my Apple Mac laptop from downstairs, hooked it up to the Silhouette and it cut everything first time... I wish I'd used the Mac first. At least I have cut out some shapes.   I lost all heart by that time so I left the tool box stuff for another day. I think I'll just adhere the shapes to tags rather than try to convert the shapes into tags.... if that makes sense.

I moved onto a challenge I wanted to submit. Its a card that had to have stamped text an embellishment and a sentiment in a prescribed layout. Oh yes it also had to have ribbon puckered up across the card. I had 3 sheets of 8x8 patterned paper of the same design. I cut out the bear from two sheets and created some decoupage. I covered the bear with sticky notes then stamped the background with a rubber stamp. I ruched some purple organza ribbon and adhered it to the card. I then added the layers for the bear. I added a sentiment and a butterfly to finish off. Now I'm off to  submit it to The Scrappers Sanctuary forum.

Tootle Hooo for now!!

26 Jun 2011

Tool box

I've had a very very lazy day....... and definitely no washing up. I left that to my children to do....... that's why my kitchen is still a mess !!

I started my next project this evening. I want to adopt the handbag theme to a more masculine item and decided to make a tool box album. I used my Silhouette SD to cut out a template of a tool box from card. I don't have any wood effect card so I bought some vinyl at my local DIY store. I cut  enough to fit onto the cutting mat. I haven't used vinyl on my cutting machine before so it was a bit of a gamble. It cut so well I shall use it again.

The vinyl is sticky backed so it was fairly easy to layer it onto the card. I then made a handle and folded the card onto the box shape.
I used the Silhouette software to draw and cut some tops of screws. I adhered them to the sides and handle of my tool box. I covered the screws with Glossy Accents to give it some dimension. I'll add more to the box later. I'm not sure how best to do the tools. I might do them the same way as the contents of the handbag. Alternately, I think I'll add the 'tools' as decoration to the tags. Hmmm, I might just do a mixture of both.. the box may be more interesting that way?
That's a task for tomorrow.....

25 Jun 2011

Exploding box

Its been a good day today. I removed the rest of my work resources and put them in the other room, now I have a lot more space for my craft stuff. I spent a while reorganising  my craft room. It is so much better with equipment put on the shelves rather than under my table. My big shot is now on top of a book case so its accessible all the time.
I've finally finished my exploding box Yay!!  I must say a huge thank you to Daphne for showing us how to make one at our Crafty Friends group. I always find it amazing how several people are doing the same project at the same time but they all turn out so different!

My box  turned out better than I expected. I know it's not perfect but that's the thing with doing something for the first time, its a learning experience. I know how to improve it the next time I make one.
I'm particularly pleased with the centre of the box. I cut a strip of acetate and curved it above the flower, adhered butterflies onto the acetate so they look as if they're hovering above the flower.

24 Jun 2011

Busy busy busy

I haven't done any crafting today. I just haven't had the time to do it.
I work in the morning and after work  drove the 100 miles to visit my mother. She was in good spirits today. I decorated her nails and chatted for a few hours. Then it was time to drive back home. It's been raining all day today and I absolutely hate driving in the rain on the busy motorway.

No sooner had I arrived home it was time to go to a music performance in our local hall. We saw Woody Mann, a blues guitarist. He was excellent. Afterwards we  joined a group of friends for some refreshment at a local pub. Needless to say it was late when we finally got home!

Oh boy I am a tired bunny now!! bed here I come!! nite folks!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

23 Jun 2011

Midnight Tango

I've just got home after watching Midnight Tango at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff. It was fantastic!!!! The athleticism of the dancers  and the speed in which they danced was amazing. If it ever comes to a theatre near you go and see it.

This afternoon  my Crafty Friends group made exploding boxes. I did quite well until I got to the lid and, I don't know how but despite measuring carefully  my lid was far too big for the box. I made another lid which was then too small .... sooo frustrating. I was more successful on my 3rd attempt phew!! I ran out of time so I haven't finished yet.  I'll finish it off on the weekend. No picture until I finish it!

As promised I've added the  tutorial on making your own stamps to the tutorial section.

 In April I submitted a photograph to my local Tourist Information Centre competition. I heard tonight that I've won!!
This is the photo that won the competition. Its a view from my garden.
I've never won anything before so I'm absolutely  thrilled!!

22 Jun 2011

Sorting out

This evening has been busy putting my new book case together. Now I can move my work resources to the other room which should create some space in my craft room. I moved a lot of books, folders and boxes but I still have some more to move tomorrow.

Crafting was a bit of a mixture of starting a new card for my son's birthday. I've made a similar card before. This time I coloured the collar and stripes and cuff. I embossed the tie and added some brads and buttons to the collar and cuff. I made a little handkerchief for the pocket.  I decoupaged the collar and tie to add some dimension. I added some peel offs to finish the card.

I added some more things to the full page layout I did a few days ago. I actually added some journalling.... nice change for me!

I then took a pair of scissors to a cheap pair of flip flops to see what I could make out of them.
I got the idea from my friend Nikki, her blog is listed below (http://nikkisscrapbookingandaltering.blogspot.com)
but I have seen the idea from a number of sites on the internet. The flip flops  were only £1.50 for the pair. I used the patterned soles to make stamps.    Hmmmmm is one flip flip a flip or a flop? lol  Anyway I used just one flip flop. I made a flower stamp from one piece.

I made a square background stamp from another section.

The final piece I threaded some string through it and will be using it as a piercing mat. The string is to hang the "piercing mat " near my table for easy access. I forgot to take  photo of it so I'll add that to my tutorial. Now I have to think of what to do with the other flip flop... any ideas????
I'll add how I made these in the tutorial section but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

21 Jun 2011

Girly cards

Thank goodness the abdomen pain has finally gone.  Life can get back to normal now.
I made two cards this evening. Both are for friends with birthdays next month. One has  a big 6-0 birthday but I'm not sure if the other one is having a big 5-0 or not so I left that one as ageless.

I designed both cards on my Craft Robo Silhouette SD software. I used the machine to cut out the card.

I covered butterflies  with UTEE and adhered them to the cards when set. I also used alcohol inks to colour some acetate and punched out some more butterflies. To give them some dimension I adhered the acetate butterflies to the ones that had been set with UTEE. The letters and numbers look slightly out of line in the picture but they do close in line and don't show the pink inside.

This other card was decorated with cut out flowers that had also been dipped in UTEE. I added yellow pearl seeds and glitter to the centre of the flowers. The flowers are a lot lighter in real life. The background printed out a bit darker than I expected even though I used pearlised paper. To brighten things up  I punched out some yellow butterflies.

Next it will be the cards for the males........

20 Jun 2011


Sadly diverticulitis has kept me away from  crafting over the last few days. The pain has kept me from doing anything. The pain is beginning to subside so hopefully I'll be back crafting in the next few days.
I have several birthdays coming up in July so I'll  have to get cracking on some cards for both males and females.

18 Jun 2011

Cool Dude

Wow,  the weeks seem to fly by faster and faster, I can't believe its half way through June already!

 As I'm fairly new to scrapbooking I'm still making layouts of the family when they were younger.  This afternoon I went looking for the photographs of my son that I wanted to use in a full page layout.  He was skating and skateboarding when he was a teenager. He lived and almost slept in those skates!  I hunted high and low for these photographs and as usual they were in the last box in the cupboard. It was so lovely looking through the photos. It brought back so many happy memories of when the children were small and of the friends and family especially those who are no longer with us.

I scanned the pictures into the computer and printed out another set. I always do this so I don't ruin the originals. I then spent the evening doing my layout. I really enjoy doing full page layouts when I haven't done some for a while.
I used  triple layers of patterned paper.  I roughly cut the centre from two layers and distressed the edges curling them up where I could. I adhered them to the base layer. I added the cut out figures of my son and then added some chipboard embellishments.
I'm not good at remembering the makes and designs of paper. I tend to choose by what I like when I see it, especially if its on offer in the sales.

I tidied my paper draw while I was  choosing the paper. Why is it that my paper wouldn't fit back into the drawer? The paper and drawer were the same size and I'd even taken out a few sheets but the rest wouldn't go back in properly!!  argghhh!!

16 Jun 2011


Its been a quiet crafting day today despite meeting with the Crafty Friends group. We were suppose to be making embellishments but I forgot to take my beads etc.

I covered some butterflies with UTEE and decorated some split pins to make my own brads (How to make the brads is in the tutorial section of my blog page). The butterflies were made from the Marianne range of die cuts  They looked nice with a shine to them. I'm going to keep them for next week to decorate an exploding box we're going to make. I've always wanted to make one so I'm looking forward to it!

I'm not going to craft this evening, I need an early night because my mojo has deserted me! I'll feel more creative after a good night sleep!!

15 Jun 2011

two projects from one.

I've had a good day. Work went well and was interesting. My pupils did a great job  designing their own mind maps. They exceeded my expectations which is always rewarding. I get a real buzz to see the delight on their faces when they know they've done well.

It was fabulous meeting up with a friend for a coffee after work. We caught up on news and gossip.  So many people I know are pregnant at the moment. This means lots of cards need to be made soon!!
Tonight I tried to do something with the texture card I made yesterday.
I cut the card in half. The first piece I made into a topper. I matted the textured piece onto some matte gold card. I adhered the flower and leaves I made on Sunday. I added a smaller flower to the centre and some pins decorated with some beads. I finished it off with some beads I made from perfect pearls. This pictures shows the texture quite well...  the glue is still wet so that is why there are white blobs on this one. It should dry clear soon..... I hope.
The second piece I added to one of my album tags.  I adhered it to the tag and added an embellishment I had coated with UTEE.  A simple addition tot he tag but it has totally changed the look. 

 I must start my next project soon, but it is fun trying out some new techniques too.

14 Jun 2011

Errr Ummm?

Last night I did indeed  watch a few tutorials on using alcohol inks. My friend posted a Utube  link in Facebook. I watched and tried it out.

I was rather ambitious as to what I put on the card to create  some texture  but  I am pleased with the result. It is just a plain rectangular card about 3 1/2 ins x 5 1/2 ins. I tried several attempts to take a photo of the whole card but it kept coming out rather blurred so I gave up!
 I have managed to take a close up so here it is. It does show the texture very well.

I made this by adhering ripped bits of cellotape, masking tape and fruit netting randomly to the card using PVA glue. I also added some safety pins and sequin waste. I covered the whole lot with a generous coating of PVA glue and left it to dry thoroughly. Once dry I put a coating of alcohol ink to finish the card. I used denim and raisin colours with a dash of copper.

Now my dilemma  is ..... uuuummmm .......what do I do with it???  Maybe  I should make another one and use them to cover an album? cut it into squares and use them like tiles and add an embellishment? It is quite grungy I suppose. Maybe  make it into a tag of some kind??

Suggestions  would be most welcome!!

13 Jun 2011

Alcohol Inks

What a mixed day I've had!!

To start with I ripped my trousers (large hole down the side seam)  on the way to work and had to go back home to get changed. I parked in the school grounds but found myself blocked in by a large lorry so I had to wait half an hour for them to move away, that made me late for my next school .... I just sooooo hate being late!

Luckily from then on the day just got better and better. I had ordered a pile of craft things over the last month and everything arrived today. My 2 orders of alcohol inks arrived so I now have a good range of colours as well as  mixatives, pads and blending solution AND glossy papers.

That's not all, the pressies kept arriving today!..... I'd bought a Xyron magic Sticker maker from Ebay (had it dirt cheap!!)  and I'd ordered another ATG glue glider (for narrow tape) they also came today.

A while ago I did try out both the stix2 Glider Pro and the ATG. I've found the ATG to be much more economical than the other so I've now got two...
one for wide tape and one for narrow. It just saves having to swap the tape from one to the other all the time.
Needless to say I've been like a child at Christmas not knowing what toy to play with first... hehehe! So what did I do?
I finished my sunburst mini album by adding some new embellishments for the tag pulls. I submitted this left tag, to a forum, as part of a mixed media challenge.

I made another card for another category . This time it was a word challenge.I kept it simple and matted some paper onto brown card then added lettering  and embellishments.

Lastly I had a little play with my new alcohol inks. I don't think I did it properly but it was fun.

I'm going off to watch a few tutorials on how to use alcohol inks.

N.B. One thing I have learned already is the following warning:-

NEVER ever mix alcohol ink with anything and use it in a mister - the spray can be hazardous to your eyes and lungs... Stick with paint or glaze mixed with water... or perfect pearls and water... or even the distress re-inkers... but not alcohol inks.

I have found some videos on how to make your own alcohol inks. I've added them to the tutorial section.

12 Jun 2011


I haven't done a lot of crafting today because I had a visitor here most of the day.

I did have time to experiment with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE). I wanted to make some glazed flowers. I cut some  pieces from the Tim Holtz Tatty Flowers die.  I made a large  and a medium flower. I decided the large flower was too big to use  for a first attempt because I didn't want to waste the UTEE if it wasn't going to be successful. I don't have a melting pot so I used  a small (teflon) saucepan to melt  the granules. I dipped the flower pieces into the melted liquid and left them to cool on some greaseproof paper. Once cool I assembled the flower and used my heat gun to remelt the UTEE so the flower pieces stuck together. I  used paper that had cream and pink  roses design on it. Purely by accident the centre of the rose pattern was centred on the flower piece. It turned out pretty good for the first attempt. I loved the way the paper became translucent and how the flower looked as if it had been made from glass.. ...cuteeeeeee!!

I only made one flower because of the limited time I had to play with it. I'll certainly be making some more. I think an online order for a proper melting pot is going to be made veryyyyy soon!!!

11 Jun 2011

99% there

I've been a busy bunny today. I cleaned the house from top to bottom...... not my favourite activity but the house does look a lot better for it.

I have been crafting too!! How many hours are there in a day?? lol I completed the decorating of the tags for my  my album. I mainly stippled some acrylic paint as backgrounds, embossed and adhered some embellishments. I used UTEE to make an embellishment from a radio. That hangs loosely from the tag. I think the kite is my favourite. I stamped the clouds with Versamark. I made the smaller kites using some plumbers ducting tape. The large kite is a bought one.

I just need to add something at the top of the tags for pulling. I need to give this some thought. I don't want to put anything heavy or the tags will droop.

As well  as the tags I decorated a tin can for a challenge on one of the forums I belong to. I've only just started submitting challenges. I'm not convinced my work is good enough yet!!
I embossed some duck tape and wrapped it around the can. I cut some tatty flowers out of an aluminum can and adhered them to the top. I then decorated it with brads and ribbon.
All I have to do now is submit it to the challenge. Wish me luck!!

9 Jun 2011


It's Thursday and this afternoon is The Crafty Ladies Group. Only three of us turned up today so we just did our own thing. I chatted ...as usual ....... and did a little bit more on my tags. We shared some stamps and played a bit with heat embossing. It's so lovely to chat with friends and share ideas and help each other. I gained some ideas for some of my other tags.

After coffee with friends, I had a little browse in my local art shop. I bought some glossy paper in the sale... I think I should have bought some more while they were half price... maybe I'll pop back and get some tomorrow.  I also bought a couple of embellishments for my tags, you can see the square ones on the middle tag.

This evening, I had the idea of trying to emboss some plumbers duct tape. It worked a treat. I stippled it with a bit of copper acryllic paint to age it. I stuck in diagonally across the tag and adhered the new embellishments.

The left tag is the back of a tag I did previously. I just adhered a mat and threaded silver embroidery thread through the eyelets and tied a knot.

The right hand thread is the back of another tag I did yesterday. The tag was stamped with Versamark and black Stayzon ink. The centre radio was also embossed with silver powder. I've also stamped a smaller tag that I'll have hanging loosely from the top. I'll fix that later.

I doubt I'll get any crafting done  tomorrow. I'm going to spend the day with my Mam. I hope the weather is nice so I can take her out shopping or down to the beach

8 Jun 2011

Mixed media

 I thoroughly enjoyed trying out the mixed media tags yesterday. I had another go today, this is really stretching my comfort zone!

I only made 2 new ones and completed the back of the penny farthing tag.
What did I do to finish these tags? I kept the grey tag simple. I simply added a patterned mat and glossy accented the pale square and popped a tree charm on the top. I finished it off with eyelets at the corners.

The middle tag was splattered with pewter acrylic pain. Stamped with a musical background and the old fashioned record player.

The right hand tag was more complicated and more mixed media in theme. I painted it with Gesso then adhered a layer of newspaper with Mod Podge and another layer of Gesso. I then used a stencil to dab on some acrylic paint.  I stopped at that point.I think the hardest  part is knowing when to stop adding or changing things. One step too far can ruin a project.

I've had a busy week and my sleep patterns have been all over the place.  Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. Going to bed early will help......

7 Jun 2011

Out of my comfort zone.

I started my new project tonight.  This sunburst album is inspired by Laura Dennison of Follow The Paper Trail. I love this kind of album because it doesn't take long to complete. Its an album I have made before but this time I  decided to give it a more masculine feel. I completed the album fairly quickly. I put the cover on too but haven't finished decorating it yet.

I started making a couple of the tags. I've just used two colour  card stock for the tags, greyish blue and red. 

Only the middle tag is totally finished. I decided to have a try at mixed media work. I haven't really tried this before so I was a bit out of my comfort zone.  The middle tag was covered with Gesso, stamped with Mimento  black ink. I then added another coat of Gesso. The cogs smudged a bit as I painted but I liked that because it faded the pattern into the background. I then stamped and gold embossed another set of cogs on top of the dried Gesso. Oh yes! the sprinkles of embossing powder was deliberate this time!! It was a challenge but I enjoyed trying it out. I was pleased with the result.

The other two are simpler. I stamped a word background then some clocks on the top. The penny Farthing bikes had an accident (typical me!!!)  which I had to disguise. I dropped the ink pad and it landed on the tag when I was inking up the stamp. It left a line so I added some more lines to hide the mistake. I've put Gesso on the back of the middle tag and also on the back of the Penny Farthing tag. I want to add some news paper on top of the Gesso and maybe add some distress ink to finish it off.

I'm quite excited about carrying on these tags and trying out some more new techniques.........I've got a large pot of Gesso to use up!!!!

Some of the alcohol inks I ordered arrived today. They were the Mixatives (metallic ones). I need the rest to arrive soon because I want to try them on one of the tags... not that I'm impatient or anything lol!!

6 Jun 2011

Battle of the magnets!!

Woohooo!!!!!!  Ive finished my 2nd project within a week, that's a record for me!! I decided not to make the compact and lip gloss tags for the handbag. Instead I made a bottle of "perfume" because the concertina centre seemed pretty full as it was. I cut out the gold filigree pattern with my Silhouette and adhered it to the folded bottle shape. I made a "cap from mirri card. That slides off to unfold the bottle. I left them blank so that photos can be added. I used Stix2 Micro dot sheets to adhere the filigree to the card.
Its a sheet of very tiny dots. You press your shape to the sheet and the dots come away with the card. Its very tidy and easy to use.

The last thing I did was add magnetic discs to the top of the handbag as a closure. Wow!  how strong are those small discs??? I tried to stick them down with Pinflair and every time the two sides of the bag came near each other the discs would come away and cling to each other. I had to try to prize the two little discs apart again and stick them back down... again!!  As usual I ended up covered in Pinflair.  Ah ha!!! I say, I won this battle because, as I type, the discs are drying each in their own bed of Pinflair either side of the bag... Yay!!!! I haven't added a photo of the bag becaue the glue is still drying. I might add it tomorrow.

Now what's the next project I wonder??...........  hmmm???   .................... you'll have to wait and see!!!

5 Jun 2011

On a roll!

I've had a very productive evening crafting. I've really got on well with the contents for my handbag/purse album. Its taken shape very quickly. I guess that's because I already had the templates for the contents on my Silhouette SD cutting machine so I didn't have to design them again just resize them. I made a pair of specs and case, key cards, wallet and mobile phone. All of which will be photo mats and journaling cards.
I added a diary to the contents this time. I still have to make the compact and lip gloss. I'm not sure if I'll do these, I might see if I can design a brush instead just t make it different from the first bag I made. That'll have to wait until tomorrow.

While I was making the mobile phone I got fed up of trying to pick up the gems and glue them onto the phone. I  was sure there was a less fiddly way of doing it.  I remembered I'd thrown some old pens into the bin. I got a couple out and experimented with the pens and some sticky tac. What a surprise I did manage to design and make a "pick up" pen!! Whooo hoooo!  It made adding the gems soooo  much quicker and easier than doing it by hand!!
 See my tutorials to see how I made it!

4 Jun 2011

Can't wait

I thoroughly enjoyed that drive down the motorway on Friday. I caught the sun on my arms and chest ..... unfortunately I also have a white stripe acros my chest where the seat belt went!!!

I've been watching some Utube videos and you know what it's like, one video follows onto another and I started watching some people use alcohol inks. I don't have any so I've ordered some. I can't wait for them to arrive then I can learn how to use them.

I have ordered another ATG glue dispenser so I can have one with thin tape and one with wider tape. I'm suing it a lot more than my Glider pro for the simple reason that the tape is lasting longer in the ATG. It works out cheaper to replace the tapes because they go further. I can't wait for that to arrive too!!

In the meantime I've started my new project. I'm making another handbag/purse album for another friend.  Yesterday I made the "bag" from crocodile look paper and lined it with patterned card stock. I added concertina folded card to hold the items.
I split an old necklace and fixed them to the bag as handles. I added a Buckle and strap to decorate the bag. The 'buckle is a pull ring from a can of drink.

The next stage will be to make the contents and add a clasp/closure of some kind.

3 Jun 2011

Shimmer Mist

 I spent this afternoon visiting my mother. She was very sleepy but we did enjoy some time sitting out in the warm sun. The breeze made it very pleasant. I have a soft top car and it was so enthralling driving down the motorway with the wind blowing in my hair. Unfortunately I forgot to tie my hair back so it was very tangled by the time I got to the end of my journey. Brushing the tangles out was a bit painful though lol!
On the way home I stopped off at a retail park and bought a few crafty things  e.g. gesso and a new red colour acrylic paint to make some new shimmer mist. Some friends suggested adding PVA glue and mica powder so I experimented with that when I got home.

The new red colour (on the left of the picture) looked more like a brick red rather than a bright red. The other colours I'd made a ages ago and are more of a pastel shade. I liked them all. I don't know if the picture truly shows the shimmer but I like the effect in real life.
See my tutorial to see how I made them.
An example of the shimmer was on one of my tags for the z fold album. Its the pink scalloped one with the snap fasteners around the edge.

2 Jun 2011

Crafty Ladies

I had a great time this afternoon. We experimented with different ways of dry embossing. Two of the ladies used a Fiskars embossing board. I haven't seen one  before but it looked OK. I tend to emboss on my big shot using folders.

Today I used some stencils and an embossing board. We tried different papers/cards as well. I made two cards with totally different looks. It was a nice change from scrapping.

The black card was from the Coordination Pack... it has a linen affect on the black and plain green on the front. I embossed the butterfly using a board ( crafters companion ultimate pro) then sanded the embossed part to show the colour through. I then ripped around the butterfly and layered it onto the black card. I had put some green card in a strip under the butterfly. I cut out a smaller green butterfly and adhered to the top. I used the Tim Holtz distress tool to rough up the edges of the card. I'm not sure whether I like the black card..... There's something nice about the card but I don't really know who it would be suitable for.

The pink and grey card was made with pearlescent card. I embossed the corners using an embossing board (Ultimate pro). I then used a stencil to emboss the gift. I used distress ink to colour the ribbon and dots. I adhered the gift to the card with foam pads. I made an extra tag and added that to the card with foam pads. I finished the card with ribbon.

The day is completed with a long walk with my daughter along the river bank. We must have walked at least 3 miles. The sun was shining and it was so warm. Very enjoyable.

1 Jun 2011

Fab Night

What a fab session we all had at the Pink Scrappers this evening. It was a smaller group than usual because it is the school holidays and people were away.

Guess what? I didn't make any mistakes making it. That's a first for me lol!!!
I actually managed to finish the project in the one session as well !! I do need to add a few more embellishments and some pictures but that is all.

Getting ready

Wow, its seems strange not having to work on the Z fold project. I enjoyed doing it but it did take me absolutely ages to complete. Believe it or not I am speeding up. I only started doing scrap booking properly last August and looking back on some of my projects I can see some progression and improvements. As a working girl I don't always have as much time as I would like  to spend crafting.
 I have to do a load of reports between now and July so my craft projects are going to take me some time.

Talking projects .... no sooner do I finish one project then its time to prepare for the next one.
Time to go and cut out the circles I need for the Wednesday Crop.I don't have a circle cutter for the size I need so I'm going to do it on my  Silhouette SD machine.  At least I'll know all the the circles are  the right size. I must do some spare ones because I'm bound to make a mistake! I realised I don't have much green in my projects so I'm going to try to use some papers with green in them.

If you are in or near Chepstow Wednesday evening feel free to come and join us- Chepstow Pink Scrappers. We meet at the Rugby Club at 7.30pm.