"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

30 May 2011

Finished the Album

At last!  It's done..... I've finished it!

I had another productive evening making the last 6 tags. Even though there are only a few z-fold pages its amazing how many tags there are. Most of tonight's tags were matted and layered then embellished with ribbon, snap fasteners and peel offs. Left is the pictures of tonight's tags. The top left was spritzed with home made shimmer mist. I guess that'll be my next tutorial. Not tonight though!!!

 Below are the pictures of the finished album with tags inserted.

Front Cover
page 1

Page 2
Page 3

Page 4
Side view

I had another fight with the pin flair and I lost..again. I managed to break the nozzle of the syringe and ended up with glue everywhere. I think I'll just use a lollypop (popsicle) stick to add the pinflair from now on!!

Tomorrow I'll start getting things ready for my local crop on Wednesday. It'll be a class on making a squash circle album.  I'm a slow worker and I although I really enjoy the classes  the pace is just a bit too fast for me. That will be my next project.. to get that finished.

29 May 2011


I've had a very productive day. I've started sorting my craft room. I'm moving my work stuff into my daughter's room (she moved out last year) to make that more like a study and then I can spread my things out in my  craft room. I've got to get some storage shelves to organise my stuff into a more methodical system. It will take a while to complete because I have a lot of work resources to sort out first.

I've made 6 tags this evening, 2 large and 4 small ones. I've added photo mats and some journalling bits too.

The top left picture has a bird pattern on the reverse side so I added the bird to the journalling side. This will go inside the patchwork page. The bottom right has been distressed then matted with some gingham patterned paper then stamped. I've edged the page with some drawn lines.

The smaller ones are a mixture of adhering a layer of paper onto card and embossing them or adding some embellishments.  I've added glossy accents to the lady on the top left tag.They are better than my first attempt.... well I think so ha ha!  The glue and accents are still drying.

I should be able to do some more tags tomorrow and that will mean the album will finally be finished... phew!!!

28 May 2011


Bubble keeps asking me to show my craft disasters. So I'm going to be very brave and post two of my latest ones!!
This one on the left is my latest disaster. This happened when I was  at the Crafty Friends group meeting on Thursday. It's suppose to be a tag that I embossed. As you can see some of the embossing is missing, its all out of line and if you look closely you can see where the ink and embossing smudged and speckled. LOL. needless to say its going to be in the bin by the morning!

This one is the card I was making and didn't like. I threw it in the bin but rescued it today to show Bubble how bad it is. There is a gap on the right hand side of the card and the mica powder forming the clouds has rubbed off. I just don't like the whole layout of the card. That's why I put it in the bin. lol

Please note how clean my work sheet is   ........  am definitely catching this cleaning bug. I even cleaned the stains and glue off my worksheet and cutting boards today!
>> takes my temperature ............... I think I better to to bed before this cleaning bug  gets worse!!!

Blogger playing up!

Where have my lovely followers list gone? and the comments have been on and off!!

I'm sorry if you've been trying to post comments and the blogger isn't working . The fault is out of my control. Hopefully it'll be sorted out soon.

Thank you so much for those who have successfully got their comments posted. I really appreciate your feedback. >>> smiles

Very Worried!

Its Saturday and what have I done most of the day?........ clean my ovens!
I had a new cooker last December and this new one has two ovens and both have had food spilled onto the floor and they were not cleaned up as soon as the spills happened. The spills had baked on hard. That's what happens when your grown up children decide to cook... grrrrr.

Despite all of that I actually enjoyed cleaning the cooker ....... now I'm worried........ supposing this becomes addictive? I could end up doing this very often and even start enjoying washing up .... oooohhhhh!!!  just the thought of it makes me feel faint!!

Is there a cure for this?  .... Thank goodness there is... its called crafting!  yay!!!
I started treatment straight away!

This afternoon I made some letters to go on the cover of my mini album. My friend Nikki showed me how to make them.  I've used this technique before on my recycled album.

I didn't let the ink dry thoroughly so the letters smudged a bit but I actually  like the way they turned out. The album has some red in it so the letters will match. I used a zig zag stitch font so the edges of the letters are not meant to be smooth. The glossy accent hasn't dried  completely  either so the letters will become clearer once it does as you can see from the picture above.

I've added a tutorial on how to make them in the tutorial section.

27 May 2011

Craft collages

Should I admit that I succumbed to doing the housework today?  hmmm,  yes I'm afraid I did. However I'm pleased to say that the thick layers of dust have gone and the carpets are clean.

I've spent most of the day with my mother in law. We were cruising the garden centres looking for some new lining for the hanging baskets. Mother in law is going to make them for me.

 I haven't done any crafting as such. I did play about with some photo software I have on my laptop. I haven't used it for a while so I thought I'd have a go at doing a collage. I used all my craft photos to make the collage so I guess I can call it doing a little bit of craft work. The software is called "Shape Collage" and can make collages of all kinds of different shapes. I just luuuurrrrvvvvve the craft photo pictures!

26 May 2011

Crafty Friends

Every Thursday I meet up with some friends and we tend to do crafting where we learn new, or experiment with,  techniques and resources. Most of the ladies do card making but a few of us are mainly scrappers. Today we helped a new friend to our group how to heat emboss.... mmm truthfully it was my  friend Nikki who helped the new member of our group. Nikki has taught me so much about crafting and her work is stunning. She is a great inspiration.

What did I learn today?
I learned that I can't chat and stamp and emboss at the same time!  My attention was more on the chat than the crafting lol

I tried to make a start on the tags for my album. I covered a tag with paper and stamped some sewing patterns onto it then embossed the pattern. I didn't do a good job. I had ink  marks from the edge of the stamps and I forgot my embossing buddy so had specks of embossing powder everywhere.  No I'm not going to show a picture of it on here!! It looked awful!!  I haven't thrown  this one in the bin ...yet.... but I'm very tempted.

Next time I'll concentrate on my task rather than on the chat!! lol

25 May 2011

Meeting Friends

Definitely no washing up tonight!! I'm going out for a meal with friends. It'll be great to catch up with the news and gossip.

Here is one of the pots I planted yesterday. I didn't realise, when I bought the plants, the flowers match the cup and saucer. The plants are a bit wilted because they've been repotted. I'm pretty chuffed (pleased) with it!!
In the winter I can bring it in and put house plants in it. It would look great in the kitchen
What do you think of it? ..... keep it clean lol !!!!

24 May 2011

Bakers Twine

It's been a busy day today. I came home from work and had to do some admin work and that took longer than I expected. Then I went to the local  garden centre and bought some flowers for my new flower pots. They're in the shape of  large cups and saucers. I planted them up and I think they look lovely. It was very windy so the plants didn't look their best so I'll wait until tomorrow to take a photo.

I've had a break from scrap booking today but still wanted to do some kind of crafting.  I've noticed that bakers twine is very much in vogue at the moment.  I thought I'd have a go at making some. I used string and a red Promarker. I wrapped the string around a card then drew stripes of red across the string and left it to dry.  I was quite pleased with the first attempt. I'll try it with some other colours as well tomorrow.

There are a few changes I would make. I wouldn't do as many stripes and possibly use a finer cotton thread. I'll add more details and pictures in the tutorial section.

Now I have to think of a project where I can use this twine. lol

Sewing Album

 Woohoo I can finally see the makings of an album.It didn't take me long.

I made a pin cushion from tumble dryer sheets and covered in red voile. I added some pins and needle. The rest of the page was stamped and I added a dress brad. The back of that page was decorated with paper. I made a paper dress and adhered it to the page. I've the sides open  so I can     add a shaped tag later.

Once I finished the last page, I  bound the pages and covers together. I decorated the binding with ribbon and some charms. I have a few more to add but I'll wait until I do the tags just in came I need the charms as pulls for the tags.  I must remember to add some wording to the album as well. I tend not to journal but it is something I should start doing. Journalling does add interest to an album. More pictures can be viewed here :

The rest of my evening has been spent trying to organise my ribbons. I did have then quite tidy but, as I've collected some more the ribbon, draw just exploded into a tangle of colours.  I must say  that decorating an album with ribbons is a good way of getting rid of scraps. Here is a picture of how I tend to keep my ribbon tidy. Wrap them around dolly pegs and secure with elastic bands. They don't unravel even in the drawer.

22 May 2011

Another page and Tutorial

I'm feeling a lot better today. That tummy bug lasted two days in the end. I felt tired today but otherwise back to normal. I did do some ironing .... well I had to ...... I'd run out of jumpers for work lol

I got round to doing some scrap booking  tonight.. I started the final page for my mini album. This one seemed to come near completion a lot quicker than the others. I covered all the sides with paper and decorated the top side. I made a pin cushion from card and material and stamped the rest of the page. I haven't taken a photo because I've got some things on top of the page pressing it down while the glue dries. I should be able to finish the page tomorrow.

I also  took pictures for my next tutorial. That will be on how to make your own embossing buddies. I'll try and get this tutorial onto the page tonight so keep an eye out in the tutorial section.

At this moment I'm trying to persuade my hubby that he would really love to go and make me a cup of tea! If I keep asking him nicely he might even get the choccy biscuits!!!

21 May 2011

Card for a change

Ohh dear me... I had a bad tummy yesterday.. it was my own fault for eating a whole (large) pack of those chewy fruit flavoured sweets when I was driving down the motorway to visit my mum. On the way home I stopped at the services and had a very large mug of hot chocolate with cream on the top.
I started to have tummy cramps and feel sick.  I had to go to bed when I got home. That'll teach me to be greedy!!!
Today I decided to make a card rather than continue with my album. My nephew is moving house shortly and I needed a card to send him and his family.

This is what I made. I just matted and layered some shapes cut out of patterned paper. I stamped the chandelier and adhered a cat embellishment.  I just need to add "New Home" ... and yes it is made to be lopsided. lol

19 May 2011

Hair cut

I spent the afternoon having my hair cut.  The hairdresser is brilliant but he does take a long time making sure its cut well. He cut a few inches off and added a lot more layers. I think he did a good job.

After that I spent a few hours visiting my mother in law. I've been very lucky having such a lovely mother in law. She is a lovely lady. She's coming to stay with us for a few days next week. It's such a shame I'll be working when she's here.  She has offered to do my ironing for me so at last it may get  all done!!

No crafting today because it was late when I finally got home. I did stop off in a store near my mother in law and bought a few flowery embellishments and some magnetic sheets  to store my small cutting dies.

I feel like doing something with a more delicate theme for one of my next projects. I also want to make another handbag/purse album for my other friend. I have got an idea beginning to take shape for that one so I expect I'll do that next.   I don't like leaving anything half finished so  I must get this project finished first.

18 May 2011

Covers almost done

I've had a good evening crafting.  I find it so relaxing and frustrating.
A while ago, I bought some measuring tape ribbon for this project. I've had it hanging about my craft table for weeks. Could I find it tonight? hmm... eventually. The good thing was while I was hunting the ribbon I tidied my ribbon draw looking for it and I found the mat scraper, for the Craft Robo, that I'd lost.
Am I the only crafter that is constantly losing things?? lol

I did the covers for my mini album tonight.  The picture shows the outside of the front and inside of the back covers.
 I covered cardboard with blue paper then layered with the ladies paper. I sewed two charms to the measuring tape then adhered it onto the cover. I made two felt flowers.. one with pearls and a button and the other with a snap fastener in the centres. I added glossy accents to some parts of the ladies' dresses.

I used my binder before adding the flowers because I realised the card would be too thick to fit into the bind it all with the flowers added. I made that mistake on previous projects.

I feel it's beginning to  come together at last. I must remember to add the wording soon. I'm two minds whether I should  do one more page then make a start on the tags. The album with fill up when I add the tags so adding another page might make the album too bulky. Actually I'll do the tags first and if it looks OK I'll do another page.

17 May 2011


I didn't sleep very well last night and I've had a very noisy day. I travel around schools supporting pupils. Every school I went to, today, was noisy and I had difficulty finding a quiet area to teach the children. My usual spots were being used by children/staff doing extra activities. I had a headache by the time I came home.

This means I haven't been in the mood to do any crafting this evening. Hmmmm  I haven't done anything this evening lol. I haven't moved off my chair. I have watched my favourite TV programme. ... CSI. I haven't seen it for a while so it was a nice to catch up on the series.

Oh dear, the ironing is still there. hahaha

16 May 2011

Page 2 complete

I've finally completed page 2 of my mini album.
I layered some patterned paper and decorated the edges with faux chain stitch. I did this by stamping with red pigment ink and embossed with claret embossing powder.

I adhered the cotton reels using foam pads. I've left the top and side open for tags or photo's. I then stamped the wording and the thimbles . Lastly I added the edging that will go into my bind it all.

I don't know why but this album seems to be taking me such a long time to finish. I guess it's because there are several sides that need covering/decorating on each page, I'm not sure whether to do the album covers next or make another page. I'll decide that tomorrow when I see how creative I feel

I learned something useful tonight. The Stayzon stamp cleaner is great for getting stains off a work mat and acrylic blocks. I dropped my Stayzon ink pad and it landed, ink side down, on my cutting mat. I tried my wet wipes and ... no it didn't come off...... I tried the Stayzon cleaner and it was great. I tried it on my acrylic block and the marks came off so easily. They are now like new woohooo!!

15 May 2011

No Ironing

Hmmm...  I didn't do any ironing today... dear me its beginning to mount up. I didn't do any crafting either. I had a visitor who stayed quite a while. I also had to complete some reports for work after they went.

I've only just finished those. It always surprises me how long each report takes to write. I'll do my crafting tomorrow.

Yesterday I  made two cotton reels from card for my Z fold mini. I cut out the basic shapes then layered them with corrogated card to look like cotton thread. I wrapped some gold thread around one reel and threaded it through a "needle" made of mirror card. I was pleased with that one. The other I left  white and didn't wrap thread around it.

I also attempted to make a card for my nephew. He and his wife are moving into a new home in a few weeks. I almost finished it then decided I didn't like it and threw it in the bin. It just didn't blend well. Ahh well!!  back to the drawing board!

14 May 2011

Make your own buttons

Hey ho the housework is done at last. ( I'll do the ironing tomorrow.. maybe hehe) Now I can get back to crafting lol.

I've added a new tutorial on how to make your own buttons. The link is on the right hand side of the page.

Now I'm off to try to design a cotton reel and pin cushion  on my CRS software. Wish me luck!!

Ship Ahoy!

I decided to try a full layout today as a break from my mini album. I've had an idea in my mind for some time to record a day when my hubby and I took my eldest son sailing around Poole harbour.  My then youngest child spend the whole time snuggled in my arms but the other son thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. This was a long time ago and I wasn't into scrapbooking in those days.
It was lovely doing this page as it brought back so many happy memories. My children are all grown up now.... sighs. Where does the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago when they were babies.

I used my Craft Robo Silhouette to print and cut the galleon, I ripped two different papers from my stash plus a white piece paper which I'd distressed with Tim Holtz distress inks ( broken glass- Blue)  for the sea. The rest were stick on embellishments. I think this is one of the quickest layouts I've done. I'm usually a slow worker.

I don't do much journaling, I forget about it and by the time I remember  I find I haven't left any room on the page for it. I think it's something I must try and start doing.  I'll have to stick a Post It! note on my board in front of my table to remind me!

13 May 2011

Glitter glitter everywhere!

Blogger was offline  yesterday so I decided to tidy my craft corner a little bit.  I wish I hadn't....  I lifted a pot of very fine glitter and the lid wasn't on properly.. whoosh I spilled the glitter everywhere!!  many of you know it sticks to everything. It took ages to sweep up and vacuum up!! Clumsy isn't the word for me! I think I should have a separate page for my mishaps instead of my tutorials doh!!!!

Anyway..... as well as tidying I took the time to do a bit more of my z-fold mini album.
Inside first page

This is the finished first page. I'm not happy with the embossed scissors on the inside of the page so I might change that.
I edged the page with some dark red lace.  The left hand side of the page has been edged with a border and I'll be using that side to bind the pages together later.

The second page isn't finished yet but I'm pleased with how it's going so far.

 I backed the envelope with the patchwork paper  I made earlier. I then used a different dress form file and cut it out using my Craft Robo Silhouette (CRS). I gathered up a strip of material and wrapped it around the dummy, tied a ribbon around that and adhered it into place.

I made the buttons  using the paper left over scraps. I finished them off by threading through some ribbon.  I'll add how I made them to my tutorial section.
The right side of the card needs to have the edge border added which I'll do when I decorate the back of the page.
 Inside the gate fold I've backed the envelope with stripped paper and adhered the sewing machine I'd cut previously with my CRS. I drew a lie around the machine with my Promarkers just to define the machine a bit more. I edged the page with different lace and finished the page with some antique look buttons.  The flap was decorated with paper flowers I cut out from the paper. It came glossed and has a material look about them. I've left the top half of the flowers open to create a pocket. I intend to make and add some cotton reels and thread on the other flap. More to follow soon........

10 May 2011


I've realised that any projects or tutorials I put in my blogs will eventually disappear into the archives so I thought I'd add another page that has tutorials in it. I don't yet know how many tutorials there will be but at least they'll be easier to view on a separate page. 

I've added two tutorials so far. One on making your own brads  and the second on making your own embossing mat.

The link for this page is on the right hand side of this page and below the followers.

I am thinking of adding another page for projects but I won't do that yet. I have to figure out how to add another link first lol.

9 May 2011

Make your own brads

I like to find alternative ways of doing things. Brads can be very expensive and you can't always get the colours you want. Here is a way you can make your own. Buy some spit pins from a stationers, they cost less than brads:-

1. Heat the split pins with a heat gun. A few seconds is all that is needed but do use tweezers to hold the pin. It will get hot.

2. While the brad is hot dip it into your embossing folder, You can use coloured or clear powder.

 3. Melt the powder with the heat gun.

If you don't want to add glitter now is the time to stop and let the brad cool.

4. Dip the brad into the glitter and heat again to set the glitter into the melted embossing powder. You can melt another layer of embossing powder if you are using course glitter or you want to add more glitter.

The finished brads. 

These  brads were decorated by using only coloured embossing powder.

The top brad is made using blue embossing powder and pale blue glitter. The others have clear embossing powder so the colours come purely from the glitter.

  The green brad is different because seed beads were used instead of glitter. It worked just as well as the glitter.

These next brads were made by my daughter. She experimented with them by using pigment ink  first and then dipping in  embossing powder  and heating. They look great don't they?

I like the idea of being able to customise the brads to suit whatever project I'm doing.

I always thought my craft table was tidy but I've changed my mind now I've seen it in the pictures lol!!!

8 May 2011

Making flowers


I've been making flowers this weekend. I joined the felt flower class at the crop on Saturday. It was a lot more interesting that I thought it would be. I was surprised how pretty they looked and how easy they were to make.

 I adhered mine to my z fold envelope page 1 as you can see here.  I figured as I had to sew the layers together it would go with my page. I'll take more pictures of the album as I finish each page.

On my way home today I stopped off at a Craft shop, called Paper Arts, in Stroud because they had an open day. I made a paper flower  and spritzed it with cosmic shimmers. It's the first time I've used the shimmers. I was loving the bright colours.

I usually make my own shimmers by mixing  a little metallic acrylic paint with water and it works fine for me and is less expensive. Just squirt about a tablespoon full into a spray bottle and add water. Give it a good shake and away you go! Try it and let me know what you think.

Weekend fun

Although this blog is dated the 8th, its actually late Saturday night.
Oh what great fun I've had with the Moxley massive scrapbooking group today. I must say a huge thank you to the ladies for making me feel so welcome. They are such a friendly group. What did I do at the crop? Hmm apart from laugh, chat, and make friends I started page 2 of the Z fold envelope mini album.we also had a class on how to make felt flowers. I adhered the one I made to page 1 of my album. Pictures will follow when I get home. I hope all you scrappers out there have had a great National Scrapping Day today. I know I did!

6 May 2011

A weekend crafting with my friend.

I had a great time at my crop on Wednesday. As I thought I was tired after it but it was a pleasant relaxed tired until I got messages about Facebook! I spent ages trying to remove spam posts.

I used my new ATG at he crop and I was surprised how light and easy it was to use. I think I'm begining to prefer it to the Glider Pro. So the current score is ATG 1- Glider Pro 0.

I've  arrived at my friend Helen's place. The journey didn't take as long as I expected so we've had an extra hour chatting and catching up on family news.

We're both excited about crafting tomorrow. She won't admit it but I think she's just as much of a gadget junkie as I am lol. Helen's got more into jewellery making recently but is looking forward to getting back to scrapbooking. I think I may have influenced her into trying mini albums.  Look out Moxley Crop I hope you'll be ready for us tomorrow!!!

5 May 2011

Facebook Spam

Just thought I'd let Facebook users know that there is a spam going around. The link is "see who views your profile". It hacks into your friends lists and posts a link saying its from you.  It messes up your computer. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!!

As I'm here I'll let you know how tonight's crop went. It was great. I only managed to do one page and I still need to add embellishments etc. but it was fun.  I won't  finish this page until Saturday because I'm working tomorrow morning then I'm doing a 200 mile round trip to see  my mum. After work Friday I'll be going to spend the weekend with my friend Helen, she is the person who started me scrapbooking.

It's going to be a busy weekend crafting. We'll be going to the her local crop in the Midlands. I'm so looking forward to it, I definitely won't have time to do the washing up !!!

4 May 2011


I thought I'd post now because I'll be too tired after the crop. I love going to the crops but I often come away feeling over loaded with tips, ideas, and just tired from concentrating. I'm really looking forward to this crop because my very talented friend Nikki is leading the class.

What good timing! I ordered a ATG glue dispenser last week and the tapes and ATG arrived today. Just in time for tonights crop. Yay!!!! I have loaded the tape but I'm not sure I've done it correctly. I'll soon find out. Knowing me, I'm bound to end up wrapped in tape!!!!

I already have a Stix2 glue glider pro and its very good. The only complaint I have with it is that the tape doesn't seem to last long. perhaps I'm using it to generously?  Anyway it'll be interesting to compare the two.

What does everyone  else prefer to use? ATG or Pro or something else?

3 May 2011

Battle of the Pinflair!!

Silly me decided to reload my syringe with Pinflair (silicone) glue. I haven't used this product for long but I should have known better. There was still some glue in the syringe and I squeezed some more from the tube into the syringe. Of course its very gloopy( sticky, thick) and didn't go down the tube. I tried to use the plunger but it created an air bubble I couldn't get rid of.  The more I fiddled with it the more mess I made!! Ahh well I have a strange looking syringe of glue now. I can safely say Pinflair won that battle!!! lol.

Besides the glue I got a few things ready for my crop tomorrow. I made a patch work from card and used my sewing machine to zig-zag stitch it to make it look more authentic. The stitching didn't show up that well but its ok for what I need.I'll use it as a mat for one of the flaps.

I used my silhouette to cut out a sewing machine from mirror card, a zip and the taylor's dummy. I also made a border to fold over the edges of the envelopes. I adhered the zip to some patterned paper and then matted it onto card.  I'll use that as a pocket on one of the pages. I used an embossing folder to decorate the sewing machine.

I covered the dummy with corrugated card and wrapped a measuring tape around it.

I guess you can tell the what the theme of my Z fold album is going to be lol.

2 May 2011

Getting Ready

I relented and did some housework and gardening today. I have spent a short time getting my things ready for the Pink Scrappers crop on Wednesday.  I eventually found another cutting file for the taylors dummy and it does look good once its cut out.

One of my faults is I don't completely plan my designs out before hand. I just let my thoughts lead the way as I go along which usually results in me having to rescue some mistake or other. I've sort of planned this mini album out but I keep changing my mind. I'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
Here is a fun mini album I made last week. It was inspired by Laura of Follow the Paper trail. She is so talented isn't she? 
The pockets are cut and folded from two 12 by 12 double sided papers. The Tags are cut and decorated using a variety of techniques from dry and heat embossing
as well as stamping.

Sooo sweet!

Aww bless my gorgeous hubby, he's been surfing the net and downloading some wonderful papers and resources for me.  Crafting is not one of his interests but he has given me a lot of support. How sweet is that? I think I'll go and give him a huge thank you hug.


Why is it that thing you want disappears just at the time you need it?

I've had a cutting  file, in the shape of a taylor's dummy, in my folder since January.  I planned to use it for a new project I'll be starting at Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop on Wednesday.  I decided to get things ready and cut out the files I need for my album. Can I find that file? nooooo I can't!! I've hunted through my pc .. no sign of it.. I looked on line and yes I found it but it won't let me download it arrrgghhhh!!!

If anyone has this file I'd be very grateful if they can pass it on to me. I'll be eternally in your debt!! Its a free download from Silhouetteamerica blog and is called    dress_form_wheart_C02780_1   A free download of the week in January. Any file that has a taylor's dummy/dress form. would be useful.

1 May 2011

Recycled Mini Album

Gee what a lazy day I'm having!I need to get myself off this chair soon. I should go and clear away the kitchen .............humphhhh ........... but I also need to do some crafting. Now which to do first? ... kitchen or crafting? .......no competition! Where's my scissors and glue.... heeheee.

 In the mean time below is the other loo roll mini album I'm making. It's work in progress because I'm using the tags to record the new techniques I'm learning at "The Crafty Friend's" off line group.What a lovely group of ladies they are so helpful and talented.

This album has been made from recycled materials. The silver flower on the front cover is made from a drinks can and die cut with Tim Holtz tatty Flowers. I made the top right page by ironing  a few layers of plastic bag. The "ribbon" is the net that fruit is packed in.

Black and red

The cover
 I haven't done any crafting today but here is another of my recent projects. My challenge was to limit the colours and use toilet tissue rolls. This is the second loo roll album I've attempted and I was pleased with this one. The other one is totally different  and I may add that one later. I think I'm still experimenting to find my style!
Sample of some of the pages

 I flattened then covered the rolls and embellished with flowers, ribbons etc. As you can see I stuck to red, black and cream colour scheme.
Another page

I added pockets and flaps to add interest.
The tags were decorated and will be used for photos and journaling. I'm waiting delivery of a new journaling stamp  so I can finish this off. Hope it comes soon ;-)

The tags were stamped, embossed and embellished as the photo shows.