"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Dec 2011

Xbox 360 file

I've just been playing with my Cameo software and made a replica of an Xbox 360 controller.

If anyone wants it they can download it here
Just scroll down a little bit when you get to the page.
Now its time for a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys lol hic....


30 Dec 2011


I've spent the last few days visiting my hubby in hospital. He's had a stroke. Luckily its a mild one and I'm sure he'll make a full recovery. He'll be in hospital a few more days so my days are taken up driving to and from hospital.

Tonight I needed some serious relax time so I did a page of journaling. I cut 1inch squares of scrap paper and adhered them to my page. I drew faux cross stitches between the squares. I then cut a paper pocket and cut the edge with a Fiskars edge punch  and folded it over so form the top of the pocket. I used a white Pentel hybrid pen to draw the "running  stitches" and also edged the butterflies with the white pen.
Next  I cut two 3 x 4 inch tags and cut the corners with the  scallop corner chomper. Again I drew stitches along the edge then wrote my thoughts and popped them into the pocket.
I bought some ribbon doilies  today and was going to put one on the pocket but I've mislaid them somewhere. I'll look for them tomorrow.
If I have time tomorrow I'll start taking my Christmas decrations down. Christmas is well and truly over here.....


29 Dec 2011

No crafting today

A long visit to hospital  put paid to any crafting today. It wasn't me but a close family member. They will be OK, thank goodness, but I didn't get home until 11.15pm. So, crafting will have to wait. Family is more important.


26 Dec 2011

The end of the year

I hope you all had a great Christmas. It comes and goes far too quickly.  I feel like a stuffed turkey since I've eaten so much!!!
No time  to relax though. Its my daughter, mother in law and hubby's birthdays in the next  few weeks so I've had to make a start on their cards.
My daughter's is on New Years Eve so I did her's first. I can't post a picture yet because  she reads my blogs. Sorry Ali you'll have to wait to see it too!!!

I then started on my mother in law's card. She is keen on knitting and  is  a hive of industry making the most gorgeous scarves so I did a knitting themed card. I folded some A4 purple  linen textured card stock from my stash.
I used my Cameo to create the  lattice "knitted scarf" and the needles. I adhered the needles with some foam pads to give dimension.  I made  some home made bakers twine and wrapped it around the needle  create a border around the card.  I adhered some pink beads around the twine and on the lattice.
Next, I used my Cameo to write the Happy Birthday and cut it out. I edged the title with some white gel pen stitching and finished it off with some beads on the curly parts of the letters. I want to complete the card by adding some fringing to the bottom of the scarf but I'll have to go shopping to see if I can get some fringed ribbon for that.

You can find out how to make your own bakers twine in the tutorial section of my blog.
I've left the hardest card to last. I need some ideas for hubby's card. He likes his guitar but I've already done a music card before. Why are men so hard to buy and make for?? lolol


24 Dec 2011

3D girl finished

Don't you just love being woken up at 4.30 am by your drunken son who has lost his keys and wants to be let in?  I couldn't get back to sleep grrrrrrr!! I decided to paint my 3D girl rather than lie in bed  trying to chase an elusive sleep.
I used orange acrylic paint for her Jacket, her hair was brown and as you can see her skirt was green.
Once the paint was dry I gave her a coat of glossy Mod Podge to seal the paint. Voila there she is!! Its Christmas eve  and my son  made a lovely dinner for the family and I'm feeling very stuffed.
I hope you all have a Happy Craftmas , and a Merry Christmas !!!


22 Dec 2011

She girl 3D

I've felt a lot better today. That tickling cough of mine  seems to be responding to the latest cough medicine. I can definitely recommend Benylin for Tickly coughs! I can also recommend hot apple juice and gingerbread or Cinnamon syrup to warm the throat and chest... or even better substitute cider for the apple juice.

I've managed to get my mojo back this evening, I decided to go back to the She Art course and have a  go at the 3D girl. I used Das which is an air drying clay. I rolled the clay into a cone shape for the body. I rolled her head into a ball and made a hole in the base of the ball to fit on top of the body. I rolled out two thin "sausages" for her arms and molded them onto the body. I wrapped the spare piece around her neck to form the collar of her jacket. I pushed the middle of her body in slightly to form a waist and run a tool around to make the bottom of her  jacket. I scratched lines over the jacket to make a texture. Her skirt was made by pressing in the end of a icing nozzle into the clay to create  rows of star shaped patterns.
Her hair was made by rolling out the clay and using a plastic knife to form lines in the clay. I then laid them on top of her head. Once it was firm I run ver her hair agin with a knife to add some more lines.
Now I have to wait for her to dry properly before I can paint her. I haven't done any "pottery" since I was a teenager so I'm pretty pleased with this first attempt.  I hope I have the patience to wait for her to dry fully before I grab my paint brush!!! LOL

20 Dec 2011

another page

 I had a lovely lunch with two friends I haven't seen for a wile. One had the same cold as me so we shared moans which was comforting lol! It was great catching up on gossip and news of  other friends. The food was yummy too so I had a very pleasant afternoon.
Gosh I'm really struggling to get crafting again today. I haven't done the name tags as I'd planned. Instead I did another page in my journal. Its nothing exciting, just a Christmas tree surrounded by words.
I covered the background with yellow acrylic paint. I cut out sections of tree with my Cameo and also the Christmas 2011 words. I adhered them to the page with Mod Podge and  left them to dry. I drew over the tree with Pitt pens to give the tree sections some interest and added some sequins,. I added some words that I've been thinking about this Christmas so far. I'll add other words later on as they come to me.
I finished off with drawing some holly leaves on diagonal corners. Its a bit plain but I cant think of anything else to put on it.
Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Mother in law so I might pop into the craft sop close to where see lives and see if that can inspire me.....


19 Dec 2011


I think my cold is hanging on and making me feel a bit down. I seem to have lost my mojo over the last few days.  With so much to get ready for Christmas I've struggled to craft at all.
I haven't managed to do much journaling recently so I did a page tonight. It was quite a simple page. I coloured the page with blue and dark red acrylic paint scraping the paint with an old loyalty card.  Once it was dry I stippled white paint through a stencil I'd made with my Studio software and cut with my Silhouette. Once that was dry I drew circles in between the squares, I then wrote  in a few squares and framed them with a pigment ink pen. 
 Tomorrow I'll make some place name for the Christmas dinner table. It'll be quick and easy to do... I hope !!
I'm going to meet a friend for lunch so hopefully my cold will get better on a full tum!!Anyone got any good ways of getting rid of this tickly cough??

16 Dec 2011


Today I started wrapping my Christmas presents. It went well until I discovered two presents had broken even though they were covered in bubble wrap. They were made of glass so I guess I should have been more careful how I stored them at home. I can' say what they are just in case the family read my blog... I know some do!! Then I lost a present. I've hunted high and low for it but I can't find it.... so annoying.
I'll have to go and buy more now. I bet I'd find the lost one if I went out and bought another one..... grrrr!!!!
Tonight I completed my fairy. I just painted and stamped the background and used patterned tissue paper for her dress. I added glitter to make a fringe and  give her skirt some more dimension. I finished it off with some lace rub ons. Her shoes are two punched butterflies.
I adhered leaf skeletons for her wings and painted over them with metallic acrylic paint and some more rub ons. I created her hair by mixing moulding paste with paint and used a cocktail stick to make curly patterns on it. I think her hair is a bit big it was difficult to remove the paste so I left it. She's a fairy so she can have big hair.... well.... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
I did attempt to draw a face but it just didn't go with her hair  so I rubbed it out lol. Some buterfly embellishments completed the canvas.
She didn't turn out a bit like I'd planned but that's ok, I just went with the flow ....... that's what I like about crafting, you never really know what  its going to be like until its finished


15 Dec 2011


I'm back again. I  still have my cold but my painful throat has improved a lot today. I'm over the worst of it thank goodness.
I have managed to put up my Christmas decorations. I do have a thing about Christmas trees. I did have 3 but I gave one to my daughter for her new home. This is the one in my hall. The one in the lounge is a bit lopsided at the moment. I need to get a new stand for it. 
Tonight I started a new mixed media canvas. I'm going to create a fairy. I've done the background with different shades of green, blue and purple. I haven't taken a photo of it because its still drying... and to be honest its not that interesting to look at yet lol. 
Instead I'll post the photo of the bow maker my kind hubby has made for me.  I did ask him to take photos at the different stages of making but he forgot.
It was easy to make and very inexpensive as he had scraps of wood  in the garage. He simply drilled some holes in a block of wood and cut up some doweling rod to make the pegs. The pegs are removable in order to make what ever size bow I want.  He did a brilliant job.

Oh its so good to be back crafting at last......tomorrow I hope to get on with my fairy..... Yay!!!!.

11 Dec 2011


No crafting this weekend. I have a most rotten cold and haven't felt like crafting. I did manage to put up my Christmas tree today but the rest will have to wait for a few days!!


10 Dec 2011

completed layout...

Unfortunately my son needing medical attention prevented me from doing any scrapping last night. Some hot water from his car radiator splashed in his eye. Given it had chemicals in it we thought it best to check him out at the hospital. He is fine except for a sore eye. Its much improved today.

Anyway, I had been to my friend Nikki's house in the afternoon and worked a bit more on my page. I added some gems and punched out circles to decorate the tree. I also added and hid some magnets to close the "present".

Tonight I finished it off as much as I could without the picture. I used some ribbon, wax and seal to do the clasp on the front. I then added a mat and frame on the main page. I embellished it with holly leaves and sequin berries.

Next I'll have to take a nice christmassy photo to put in the frame.....


7 Dec 2011


 Its been a fun evening scrapping at the Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop.
We did a Christmas themed full page layout. Even though it was a fairly easy page to do I didn't have time to finish it.  For some reason everyone packed up early so I had to do the same.

We had to double  mat the base and then create a flap that should look like a present. I use my new bow maker to make the two bows adhered to the "present".

My hubby very kindly made me a lovely bow maker using a piece of wood and some doweling pegs. He did a great job.

I still have to add some magnets to the inside f the flap to act as a closure.

Inside the flap id a dimensional Christmas tree. I think I'll redo that bit because the pieces don't look right. As you can see I used two different colour papers to build the tree. I still have to decorate the tree with embellishments and  add a photo mat and photo on the left side. I still haven't decided what photo to put on it so I might just leave it and take a nice photo this Christmas.

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow so we might finish our pages then (except my photo).


6 Dec 2011


A short crafting session tonight.
I carried on making a few more of the reindeer cards.. this time without any bloopers and one other card.
I cut out a stocking with mirri card. I used my cameo to cut out the filigree stocking shape and adhered it to the card. I cut out some holly leaves from coloured paper and adhered those on top. I then added some glitter berries. A few peel off stars and greeting finished it off.

What I haven't done is made cards to fit specif sized envelopes so I need to find or make some envelopes to fit my cards. .t...... I hope I can get some to fit, I really don't fancy making envelopes!!!
It's Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop tomorrow evening .. we're doing a full page layout . I haven't done one for ages so I'm looking forward to it. Yayyyyy!!


4 Dec 2011

Smudges! I was trying to make

What a frustrating evening crafting tonight. I think all the bloopers I should have had over the last few weeks have all happened in one evening!

It took me four attempts to make these two cards. I downloaded the file from Ukscrappers. First I didn't check the settings on my Cameo and the pearlised card didn't cut properly. That one went in the bin because I tried to cut it again and the cut lines were not in the same place as the first. 

Silly me made another mistake with the settings and as a result one side of a card  was cut too short. I did manage to rescue that one by adding  some mirri card as a border inside the card. ( The left hand card in the picture.)

The next one I cut was great .... but.......  I decided to colour the reindeers with Distress ink which worked well .... but..... I forgot to clean up the ink on my work mat and when I turned the card over to adhere some mirri card inside I ended up with great brown smudges all over the cream card. It looked like I'd dropped it in the mud... arggghhhhhh!!  I also smudged all the glitter on the baubles hanging from the reindeer's antlers, I couldn't rescue it so it joined the 1st one in the bin. I was beginning to give up the will to live by this point!!! lol.
However ...my 4th and final attempt work out well. I cut out the file and backed the lattice with gold holographic card. I coloured the baubles with a red Promarker and added red glitter. I did think about edging the circle with peel off s but I thought it best to leave it while the going was good!!!
Oops I almost forgot .....  I must go and do my homework for my evening class tomorrow!!

3 Dec 2011

Angels and more angels!

 It seems this week's theme is angels! As well as making the cards with angels on them yesterday, tonight I painted another angel to go with the one I made earlier in the week.
The background was prepared in the same way as the other canvas except I used different stamp.. one with stars and one with hearts. I also used  different stencil to apply with the moulding paste. The stencil was Creative expressions snowflake mica mask. I think I preferred the other one for showing a pattern but it was fine for what I wanted.  Oh ... I stamped a Christmas tree in the corner. I didn't colour it because I just wanted a hint of a tree. The canvas would look over crowded if I coloured it.
This time I gave her a green sweater, again made from felt. I drew in the pattern on the jacket because it looked a bit plain.
The skirt is done in exactly the same way as the other angel.

As before I gave her a collar of beads and her "brooch is just a group of beads. I gave her a different  hairstyle and added some "slides" made from long beads to tie the sides back. I gave her a hairband which doubles as a halo. Her hair is too big but that's OK.  I can live with that. I finished it off by sprinkling some very fine glitter lightly over the whole thing so it sparkles as you move the canvas.
Because the canvases are only 4x6 inches I needed to make another one so they can be hung as a pair.
These canvases have got me into the Christmas spirit a bit more. I must get on and make some  more cards to send.

I've started my Christmas shopping..... have you??? What's on your Christmas list??


Angel cards

I thought I'd get into the Christmas spirit at last. I hope you like the festive layout!!

I didn't have time to post yesterday so here it is now!
I made simple angel cards. I made a few mistakes cutting out the cards on my Cameo because I didn't check my settings. It didn't cut the whole design out so I rescued the bits and layered them onto different mirri card.
 As you can see I cut the design using holographic mirri card and then adhered them onto gold and silver card.  Unfortunately I can't remember where I got the file from as I downloaded it last year.
I'm going to add some wording to the bottom of the silver and blue card but I had to go out and ran out of time.
I 'll finish it later .....


29 Nov 2011

Girl 3

 I finally finished my third girl. I used a small 4x6 inch canvas.

She is a modern Christmas angel or if you prefer a winter fairy. Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick up the subtle colours in the background.  I stamped the background with red and yellow Stazon. I edged and stenciled the frame with white moulding paste and sprinkled on some course and fine glitter. Near the end I used  my new Ranger silver paint dauber to edge the frame. It came out thicker than I expected but I like the effect. I also adhered some stars around the canvas.

 Her skirt is similar to the SheArt 2 course and is made up of old Christmas cards. Her jacket is made from felt as is her "brooch". The collar is made up of small beads.  I had a bit of a problem with her collar... I was inpatient and touched them to see if the glue was dry and they ended up stuck to my fingers instead. They didn't go back as well as the original by hey ho......... or should it be ho, ho, ho?!!!

Her wings are a butterfly trimmed down to fit. I daubbed gold and silver paint to colour the wings and again I sprinkled some glitter on her wings. Her hair band is made up of yellow and green caviar beads. I was hoping it would give a halo effect but it didn't work out. Still, her hair looks fine. I'm not sure that I want to add a face to this one. I'm scared I'll spoil it and a lot of work has gone into this canvas. Hmmmmm ......I think I'll leave her face blank. Stop while the going is good is my motto for this one! LOL

The whole painting was spritzed with Ranger sunflower shimmer mist  which gives the background a gold sheen as you turn the canvas. I did try to add some rub ons but they wouldn't rub off the backing sheet for some reason.

The canvas should look a bit better when all the adhesives and seals are completely dry.


28 Nov 2011

Multi tasking

Its been a busy evening crafting. I started by preparing the canvas for my next girl. I simply adhered some background paper and left it to go and make a stencil to use on the background.
While I was at the computer I downloaded a file from Penny Duncan and started making a Christmas tree tag. I cut 2 sets of the pieces with my Cameo. I distressed the edges of each piece with Ranger inks. I chose alternate patterns and embossed each piece. with a polka dot folder. I  then mounted the pieces onto the base shapes using foam pads.  These were then adhered to the base card again with foam pads to give dimension. I tried to use white pigment ink to whiten the edges of the "leaves but it wasn't very successful so I went over them again with perfect pearls. I didn't use the same paper or embossing folder's as Penny, I just used what I had in my stash. You can see her tutorial here.
 You can download her cutting and PDF files on her blog which is listed on the blogs I follow.
After that was finished I went back to the canvas and just stamped a little bit of the background. I'll do the rest tomorrow.... or maybe not I have to go to my evening class after work so perhaps I'll do it Tuesday


26 Nov 2011

Girl 2

Its been a great day today. The best news was my son had an interview (one of many) for a job a few weeks ago and the company phoned him today offering him the job and asking him to start on Monday. He's been unemployed for almost three years so the news has delighted the whole family.
We rushed into town and bought him some new clothes so he's looking the part on Monday.
Today,  I painted and decorated my second girl. The background is as usual ... a mixture of paper, acrylic paint and stamping. Her hair is coloured with Pitt pens and I gave her copper highlights using a Quickie glue pen and some copper coloured glitter. The headband is rub ons and the flower is tiny beads adhered on using clear glue.
I was nervous drawing her face because I didn't want it to be out of proportion.I think her face is OK. I did make a mistake when I used rub ons. Some of the pattern adhered to her face and I couldn't get it all off.

I made her dress from patterned paper and gave the neck an asymmetrical design.  I enhanced the pattern by adhering micro beads, small beads and glitter over the flowers in the pattern.
 I filled in the centre of the flowers with glossy accents to add to the dimension. The glue and glossy accents are not dry yet but they will dry clear so that should improve the finished painting.

The butterfly was also covered with glitter and different shaped and coloured beads so there as more detail to the pattern.

The hardest part of doing this  girl was waiting for the glue to dry. I was very good and didn't give in to the temptation to carry on before the glitter was dry. I think having to go shopping while the glitter was drying helped!! I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to seal it all with Mod Podge.

25 Nov 2011

Girl 1

I had a great time doing my girl 1.  I used a small 4 x6 inch canvas.
I was pleased with her features  even though her eyes are out of proportion and I didn't get the shading  around the nose right. I tried to give dimension to her hair buy mixing the paint with moulding paste and spread it on using a stencil... I ended up with brown paste everywhere ... it was all over my hands, work sheet, everything I seemed to touch got the paste on it. I didn't know such a small amount of thick paint could spread so far!!!!! 
I'm way behind with the  course. This is the only girl I've done so far. I have watched some more videos so I must get on and do some more girls soon!

lil bags

Oh boy! what a week most of which has been spent in bed. I feel sorry for my son because it was his birthday on Monday and both myself and hubby were ill. Still we made up for it yesterday when the whole family came to the house and we ordered a take away. I couldn't eat much but he enjoyed it which was the main thing. I'm feeling a lot better and got back to crafting today.
I'm not going to bother with Christmas crackers this year. I decided to make little gift bags to put a little something in for the Christmas table.
I cut the templates out with my Cameo then glued the sides and bottom to make the bags. I used Kraft card stock for the bags. I then cut  2 1/2 inch squares of dark red paper from bits of scraps I had left over from another project and adhered them to the fronts of the bags.
Next I cut 2 inch squares out of gold mirri card and embossed teach one I adhered them diagonally on top of the red paper using foam pads to give them dimension. I stamped holly leaves onto more scraps of (green) patterned paper and cut the leaves out. I adhered the leaves to the mirri card with more foam pads. I punched out circles of red mirri card and adhered them to the top of the leaves with Pinflair (silicone gel). I tried using small red buttons but I preferred the card "berries". I finished the bags off with some raffia tied through the handles. I made 8 bags in total.Now I've got to find little things to go inside the bags. Thank goodness the bags are small so only little things will fit inside them!!

I watched the She ART 2 videos so I hope to make a start on that in the next few days too. I'll have to make some more cards too.  All of a sudden there's a lot of crafting to be done!!!!

For you non Brits I'll explain what are Christmas crackers. The crackers are a tube shaped object made from card and paper. Its a tradition in the UK to have them at  Christmas dinner. Two people pull the tube apart and the cracker gives a snap sound. Inside is a little gift, a paper hat and a joke. They are normally brightly  decorated.